‘the earth, viewed from above, resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin.” ~ Christopher Bird

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"...the idea of the earth as a geometric shape goes back in history at least to the Pythagorean school of thinking in ancient Greece. Its famous adherent, Plato, wrote that ‘the earth, viewed from above, resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin.” ~ Christopher Bird

Plato recognized the pattern of grids. He devised a theory regarding his belief that the earth's basic structure evolved from a simple geometric shape to more complex geometric shapes associated each shape with one of the elements, earth, fire, air, ether, and water. The earth's energy grid from the inception of its evolutionary course, has evolved through each of these shapes to what it is today. Each shape when superimposed, one upon the other,  creates a kind of all encompassing energy field that is the basis of  holding earth all together. The planetary energy grid operates through certain geometrical patterns that follow a specific symmetry. The grids meet at various intersecting points forming a matrix. These grid points can be found at some of the strongest power places on the planet. These shapes became known as the platonic solids and they are cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosohedron.

The same vibrating aether energy that shapes the atom also shapes the planets, the stars and all the rest of the universe in the very same way. The Platonic energy fields at the quantum level should therefore also be found at the macroscopic scale of our own planet Earth. The scale of the wavelengths may be different but the ratio of the interfering aether wavelengths are the same, the ratio is inherently fixed by the geometry of the Platonic solids. Another way of saying the same thing is that atoms, planets and stars are interconnected by the fractal patterns of the Platonic solids. The Platonic solids also create an energy matrix around the Earth that scientists now call the Earth Grid.
The Earth grid has been studied at length and it shows many amazing facts since it perfectly outlines the shapes of the continents, mountain ridges, tectonic cracks in the Earth’s crust, ridges at the bottom of the oceans, places of volcanoes, ocean current patterns. All of these geological effects and many more can be mapped onto the Earth grid. The grid pattern of the Earth is attributed to the torsion waves that rush into the Earth. Although torsion waves are very subtle, collectively they become very strong and are able to create real geological effects that are discernible in our Earth’s crust.

Many scientists have worked on the Earth grid model, but the first one was Ivan P. Sanderson. Sanderson was and eminent naturalist and scientist  who had never taken any active interest in the "occult" not because he actively disbelieved in it but because as he stated, "I have only one life to lead ... and I've been far too busy trying to catch up with the more pragmatic facts of it." Never-the-less, Sanderson ended up with a lifetime full of personal and worldly paradoxes that he felt very inclined to study.
Sanderson found what he calls the twelve ‘Devil’s Graveyards.’ These Graveyards exist around the world and are geometrically spaced from one another. They are triangular areas  where physical anomalies have been reported such as the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes for no apparent reason. The most famous of them is the Bermuda triangle and the  second best known is the  Devil’s Sea east of Japan. There have been many reports of time and space dilation that were accompanied by loss of compass, altimeters, artificial horizon, loss of radio contact and other strange phenomena that many airplane pilots experienced while flying over the Bermuda triangle. There have been reports of planes that after arrival seemed to have traveled through a different time zone since all watches on board were late by exactly the same time! Sanderson noticed that there are five ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ in the Northern Hemisphere, five in the Southern Hemisphere and two at the poles, twelve in total forming the exact vertices of the icosahedron.
The Devil’s Graveyards are all situated on the vertices of the icosahedron of the Earth grid. In these places abnormal aether vortexes can occur during rare interplanetary alignments taking place within our Solar System.

Vortices in the Tropic of Cancer
Vortices in the Tropic of Capricorn
Mohenjo Daro, site of the Rama Empire
The Devil’s Sea (Dragon’s Triangle)
Hamakulia, near Hawaii, the scene of high volcanic     activity
The Bermuda Triangle
The Algerian megalithic ruins
The North Pole
The Zimbabwe Megaliths
Wharton Basin, the site of the Wallaby Fracture Zone
The edge of the Hebrides Trench near the Fiji Islands
Easter Island Colossi
The South Atlantic Anomaly
The South Pole

Out of curiosity, I did a little comparison study with a map of areas known to have had "sea monster" sightings including beached specimens. See what you think.
OK, enough of that nonsense...
As with all things there is a balance so there are also positive vortices around the world.

Himalayas/China (31.72N/103.2E) :
Tibet, in the Himalaya mountains, has always been viewed as a focus of meditative energy. Tibet it is actually West of the Vortex at 32N/103E in Chengtu, China. It is interesting to note that the China Pyramids lie just northeast.
Egypt (32N/31E):
The sphinx and the pyramids have always been a focus of energy attention and we now understand that the pyramid shape focuses energy and enhances things in a good way. Was the original intention of building the pyramids to focus vortex energy?

Findhorn, Scotland (58N/4.8W):
Scotland has always been a focus of research on the Celtic Druids and Sacred Geometry. Ley Lines that converge on in this area have been studied at great length. Findhorn itself appears to be the actual center of the Vortex. Sites of interest include the Callendish Megaliths, Maes Howe, Ring of Bodgar and Loch Ness.

Kiev, in Ukraine (of the former Soviet Union) (51.6N/31.2E):
Kiev has been a major Religious Site for the Eastern Orthodox church. The Vortex is just North of Kiev and South of Gomel (near Chernobyl). Hrushiv (S.W. of Vortex) has been the site for two apparitions of the Virgin Mary (1914 & 1987). The 1987 apparition was one year to the minute after the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Buffalo Lake, Alberta, Canada (52.6N/112.8W):
In Alberta, Canada, Buffalo Lake is considered by Indians to be a major concentration of Medicine Wheels.

Hudson Bay (58.3N/76.8E):
Hudson Bay, in Canada, is the source of the Magnetic North Pole. The Chubb meteor crater, Ugansk Bay, and an Eskimo Art complex are also present here.

Midway Island (30N/175.2E):
Midway Island is considered a focus of energy and is still under observation.

Astrology uses what is known as an astrological geodetic grid and there are many types of grids that have no absolute astrological connections but who knows what the future will bring. Please note that I am not speaking of the rare planetary alignments mentioned previously but rather set planetary connections that the Graveyards exhibit as a common unchanging factor. What I did notice was a strong connection to the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune by rulership in a seven (58.3 %)  of the Twelve Devil's Graveyards. The odd occurrences and disappearances that have occurred in these areas are certainly very Neptunian in nature!

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The narrator is very excited in this video but he does a really good job!

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