The Nephilim, Anunnaki and Summerian TRUTH

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MIRRORED from www.youtube.com/user/NibiruExposedReturns


M9.3 Solar Flare / Solar Watch July 30 , 2011

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STRONG FLARE: AR11261 unleashed a brief but strong M9-class solar flare on July 30th at 0209 UT. Because of its brevity, the eruption probably did not hurl a substantial CME toward Earth, but this is not yet a firm conclusion

Three big sunspot groups are rotating across the Earth-facing side of the sun. One of them, AR1261, is morphing into a circular ring. The magnetic field of this shape-shifting sunspot is crackling with C- and M-class solar flares, including a powerful M9-blast to begin the day on July 30th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more such flares during the next 24 hours.

AF Radio Truthergirls Canada with Scott (BUG) Earth Changes

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part 1 From American Freedom Radio Canada earth changes Post Glacial Rebound Effect chemtrails nuclear power worlds biggest lie! Clean Energy


Colette Baron-Reid :: Chinese Face Reading ::

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http://colettebaronreid.com Colette gets her face read by "Jean Haner", an expert in the field of "Chinese face reading". Jean does a "face reading" that is very informative and extremely educational just to watch. See how you can put this to use in your life.

The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading!


From Jene's blog

July 6th, 2011
Your Four Gates
I just spoke with a woman who said as soon as she turned 50 her life seemed to have taken an emotional downturn, and she asked me if the reason could be read on her face.
In fact, along with revealing your inner nature, your face is also considered to be a map of your journey through life. You can read the experiences of each year and each decade overall. It’s the transitions between each decade that are the most powerful times, and so this is one reason why she noticed a distinct difference in her experience at this point.
But it’s also believed there are four different stages in life that are particularly important – these are called “The Four Gates” – and she’d just passed through one of them. These are special passages in life, times when you make a powerful transition, and when your attention is drawn to life choices and direction. Each gate introduces you to a time when there will be a new focus and each has some specific “homework” you’ll do in that time period.
The first gate marks the time when you enter the decade of your 40’s, and it’s located at the top of your nose, in the area between your eyes. Your 40’s is a time when you naturally begin to feel strongly about living more authentically, when you sense it’s time to finally stand in your power. You may feel driven to find work that’s more meaningful to you, and to have relationships that support you for who you really are.
The second gate is the transition to the 50’s, where this woman now stands, and is represented on your face by your philtrum, the groove between your nose and upper lip. Here your attention takes another powerful turn.
The theme of the 50’s is about looking at how you don’t yet feel fulfilled in life, how you haven’t yet gotten what you wanted, and you’re especially compelled to look at the balance of giving and receiving in your life. This often means confronting how you may have been over-giving.
Often by the time women reach their 50’s, they’ve developing a pattern of taking care of everyone else before themselves. If they’re wives and mothers, this is an easy rut to fall into, but even if they’re single, our culture supports women being the caregivers in all aspects of life, so they may be too other-directed and have neglected the importance of their own self-care.
The decade of the 50’s can bring up feelings of anguish about how you wanted more in life, and even anger about your current circumstances. The homework for this time of life is to look at how it may have been appropriate to be a “giver” in the past, but you’ve gone too far down that road, or times have changed.
You’re also required to look at how you may have developed a pattern of negative thinking, a belief that because you’re been disappointed in the past, you will continue to be. Any negative affirmations will of course simply continue to create your future based on your past.
The basic cure for this dilemma of the 50’s is to get selfish! The work is to look at what you haven’t yet received, and to go out and get it; to put yourself at the top of your “to-do” list. The lesson is also to pay attention to enjoying life, to relish what you’ve received so far rather than feel bad about what’s missing.
And lastly, it’s to honestly examine how you may have developed a pattern of expecting that you’ll be let down or not get what you need. Are you receptive to life loving you or are you so stuck in feeling disappointed that you’ve shut down and can’t even recognize opportunities to receive?
If there are any scars or markings in your philtrum, this can indicate that the year you turn 50 is an especially difficult transition. The decade of the 50’s overall is represented by your mouth, and it can actually be helpful to pay attention to how you’re holding your mouth as you go through your day. Occasionally check in to see if you feel any tension there, and if so, consciously relax your mouth, even creating a little smile. This actually helps to rebuild your receptivity and contributes to bringing your life back into balance.
Your 50’s can be a powerful time of finally receiving the life you deserve. This is what I shared with my friend, and I know she left that conversation seeing her experience in an entirely different light.
The third gate in life is the passage to the 60’s and this transition is represented by the area on your chin, directly under your lower lip. The 60’s is a time when people can feel revitalized and with a renewed purpose in life, especially if they’ve done their homework in the 50’s. It’s not uncommon for a horizontal wrinkle to mark the face here, and this can indicate an important break with the past as they move into this decade.
The fourth gate is the transition to the 70’s and is positioned at the very bottom of the chin. As you enter this stage of life, your focus turns to refining your vision for the future, working on any unresolved issues, examining what you can let go of in order to move into the future free and clear.
When you learn face reading, you can finally decipher your personal owner’s manual to your life. The information is all there – in that reflection in the mirror!
May 1st, 2011
Should I Date Someone Who Looks Like Me?
They say opposites attract, but there’s a new dating website that claims to be able to find you true love by matching you with someone who has a face that looks like yours. The theory is that the more you look like someone, the greater the chances of success for your relationship with them. They claim that studies on celebrities’ faces show that the ones who have happy marriages tend to look alike. If you consider this within the context of Chinese face reading, which teaches that every feature on your face has specific meanings and messages, you might think this could make sense. If your date’s features are similar to yours, then wouldn’t it be true that you’d be very similar in personality and therefore compatible?
Well, first, we all know human beings are not that simple! We each have a gloriously intricate pattern of temperament, beliefs, talents and foibles! But also, it seems a bit silly to assume that a successful relationship can only happen with someone who’s as much like us as possible. So this got me to thinking about what relationships might be like if people shared certain similar features….
Ears that stick out: If you have two people with ears that stick out from the sides of their heads, this means you have two very willful and independent personalities! So here you have two non-conformists, who may share some similar behaviors, values and perceptions about the outside world, but at home together, this could at times turn into a nightmare of each resisting what the other wants them to do!
Arched eyebrows: Brows that look like upside-down V’s indicate that person will be quick to react. They can be spontaneous, which is lovely, but they also may be too impulsive at times. When upset, they’re often emotionally reactive – if you say something to upset them, they can immediately bristle or challenge you. At the extreme, they can be very excitable emotionally, and that can make for fireworks in a relationship, in good ways but also bad!
Nose bump: A nose that has a boney bump on the bridge (usually about 1/4 to 1/3 from the top of the nose) signifies the potential to be quite controlling. It usually derives from a very high level of personal sensitivity, which makes this person more aware of little details than other people, and more bothered if something is “off.”
It can be a real challenge to move through life seeing all the little mistakes others have made and missed. So the result often is this person feels a need to make sure the mistakes don’t happen, out of a desire to prevent stress to their own system! This can mean they always seem to be butting in to tell you how to do something, or you get the feeling they never trust you to do anything right. Put two people with nose bumps together in relationship and you can have two controllers driving each other crazy!
Visible nostrils: One way the more superstitious form of Chinese face reading refers to the nose is as “the moneybox.” They say that the nostrils show how easily a person spends money. If you ever look at someone straight on at eye level (not looking up at them or down at them) and you can see directly into their nostrils, this means they spend money easily. Though this may sound a bit farfetched, I do find this tends to be true! So if you have two people in relationship who both have visible nostrils, there’s a better chance they’ll love to spend and will end up with money problems, certainly not the most optimistic trend if you’re hoping for a successful partnering.
Round face: People with round faces often excel in really enjoying all the pleasures of life here on earth. They love the company of family and friends, wonderful meals together, a cozy and comfy home, and relaxing on a big cushy couch with their feet up. They’re not much inclined toward exercise, and so if you put two of these people together, you’ll find they tend to influence each other – to just cuddle together in front of the TV, snacks in hand, and over time, put on weight. They may actually have a good relationship in certain ways because they can get in the same rut together, but worst case, can develop health problems due to poor diet choices and lack of exercise.
It’s definitely important to understand what messages your date’s face reveals, but maybe you should beware if they look too much like you!

Do Your Eyes Light Up?

January 1st, 2011
I’ve just returned from spending Christmas with my 93 year old mother and my heart is still full. My mother’s always been an amazing woman. When she was 89, I took her to one of the foremost acupuncturists in the world, and she was proclaimed to be a very rare case– a woman of that age whose spirit was still completely bright and vital.
Things have changed over the past year, and her spirit has dimmed considerably. She’s no longer able to live on her own, and is not often even fully conscious. But when she looks at me, there’s such light in her eyes, and such pure love, that I just feel totally cherished by her.
On my flight home, I was reading an interview with Oprah, where she talked about author Toni Morrison saying that what every child wants to know is, ‘Do your eyes light up when I enter the room?’ This is the gift my mother still gives me and I’m so very grateful.
When I was writing The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, I did a lot of research into the latest discoveries in our Western understanding of child development. I was surprised to learn that the most important thing a child needs from his or her parents is not heaps of praise, and not even frequent “I love you’s,” though of course those things are essential.
But in fact, the single most powerful predictor of a child’s happiness and success in life is how much they feel recognized and understood by their parents.  To me, this is what’s happening when a parent’s eyes light up at the sight of their child.
And I don’t think that need ends with childhood.  I think the people who we feel most connected with and loved by are the ones who recognize us for who we really are, without layers of judgment, and without conditional love, which has strings attached.
This isn’t always easy to achieve. We all have different personalities, different patterns of perception and behavior, and these can really affect our ability to feel that pure love for and acceptance of another person. We misunderstand why someone in our lives is behaving as they are, or has the needs that they do. And over the years, these tiny misperceptions can build on themselves, until that light in the eyes goes out.
My mother and I are not at all alike; in fact we’ve always been very different from each other. Face reading has helped me so much in understanding her as an adult, but also in looking back throughout my childhood to give me insights about why she was the kind of parent that she was, and why I had the experiences I did because of this.  It’s what has allowed me to stay as clear and free of unresolved issues as possible with her, and to just be fully present with her, with that beautiful light in her eyes, and the same reflected back in mine.
October 20th, 2010
Cheeks and Career Choices!
If you learn how to read faces, you’ll never be bored again – there’s such fascinating information available around you every day! Here are some thoughts about how just one feature can indicate potential career direction:
This fall, I spoke at an international conference for estheticians and spa professionals. As I gazed at the hundreds of faces around me, I suddenly noticed that nearly all of them had gigantic cheeks!
In face reading, each feature has many messages for you, about who you really are, what’s important to you, and your special patterns of perception of life. But a few of the things that cheeks represent made obvious sense in this situation:
One of the personality characteristics that prominent cheeks indicate is someone who naturally pays close attention to details, and has an inherent desire to create beauty in life.  So it’d certainly make sense that a person attracted to a career as an esthetician would have powerful cheeks!
In Chinese medicine, each feature also correlates to a specific organ system in the body.  (Face reading originated as a diagnostic tool for health purposes.) Interestingly, one of the things the cheeks relate to is the health of the skin – so again, we see how these cheeks would incline someone to be naturally attracted to a career doing detailed work to create beautiful skin!
But shortly after that conference, I attended another, this time about Buddhist psychology.  I found myself in a room surrounded by therapists and other healers interested in applying mindfulness techniques to help others achieve peace and balance in their lives. The focus was on powerful ways for people to observe their thoughts and feelings and start to take more responsibility for their choices in life.
And as I looked around, I realized that nearly everyone in the room had flat cheeks!  I had to laugh – one of the things that flat cheeks represent is someone who doesn’t want to have to take responsibility for another person’s work. It’s usually taken as a sign they’d not enjoy managing a staff, as they don’t like to constantly have to check up on people and remind them to do their jobs.
But another way flat cheeks can be interpreted is someone who’ll not want to boss another person around – that they want them to take responsibility for their own progress.  This is exactly the way these flat-cheeked therapists would be attracted to working with clients, and why they would be interested in this conference!
It’s amazing what you can discover in the faces around you if you just know what to look for!
June 15th, 2010
School of One!
As I worked on my new book, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, I observed so many times how a child’s true nature was misperceived by parents or teachers, how their spirit was already being diminished by the lack of recognition and support for what they personally needed in order to succeed in school.
Chinese face reading shows us how unique each child is in every way, and that includes his or her learning style at school. There are actually simple, effective things that can be done to accommodate a child’s specific needs for integrating information in the best possible way for them. In my book, I have sections for teachers that give them ideas for dealing with different personality types. Things as small as where a child sits in the room, the way they’re spoken to, even how often they can get up and move around can have a surprising impact on their ability to function well in school.
That’s why I was so happy to read an article in The Atlantic Magazine about “School of One” (see link below) that offers a wonderful new way of re-thinking our educational system so that every child’s personal needs are honored without making unreasonable demands on teachers. We can change our schools from the mass-production model!
My only quibble with this idea is that they think they need a mathematical algorithm for this system! If only they knew how to read the kids’ faces! That would give them the information they need to know how each child best integrates information, relates to the teacher, their flow through the day and more. Well, maybe eventually face reading will be an additional tool to make life easier for more educators and parents!
This article is available online at: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/07/the-littlest-schoolhouse/8132/ Let’s support innovation in our schools!


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Comet Elenin Matches 'Deep Impact' Events Happening Now

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Deep Impact (1998)

As a comet is on a collision course with earth, humans have to prepare for their survival. They randomly select eight hundred thousand people to be saved in order to keep the human race alive.

A teenage astronomer and his teacher discover an object amongst the stars at night. Little do they know that it's a comet on a direct collision course for earth. After the teacher dies in a car crash trying to report his findings the President announces the comet's existence. He also states that there is no need to panic, because NASA is going to send astronauts on the space mission, Messiah. Their mission is to destroy the comet before it gets too close to the earth. When Messiah backfires, the President announces that special caves will have to be built, and the government will have to have a lottery-of-fate to randomly select 800,000 ordinary American citizens to go along with 200,000 scientists, soldiers, and other officials. These 1,000,000 people will be set aside to save the population from extinction when the comet hits.

A young man who's part of his school's astronomy club sees something in the sky that is not known. So they take a picture of it and send it to their adviser who, upon seeing it, jumps into his car and crashes. A year later a reporter who's investigating why a member of the President's cabinet resigns when she goes to speak to him he says he wants to be with his family. Later she's brought before the President who asks her to keep what she knows under wraps for now. She convinces him to call a Press Conference so that he can tell everyone what's going on. Later at a Press Conference, the President announces that a year ago that two astronomers discovered something; a comet. And eventually that it's course will take it to earth but the problem is that the comet is so big that if it strikes it will cause what is known as an Extinction Level Event which will wipe out all life on the planet. And he announces that for sometime the government along with a few others have been building a vessel that will sent to intercept the comet. The reporter then asks the President if the reason why his Cabinet member resigned is because he doesn't believe the plan will work. The President assures them that they have thought it out carefully. In the meantime the young man who found the comet is being hailed as a hero. And the crew who's going to stop the comet makes their farewells to their families.


Ian Crane pt 1/11 Rik Clay, Integration, Conspiracy & Spirituality

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Ian Crane - Rik Clay, Integration, Conspiracy & Spirituality
September 11, 2008

We have Ian Crane back on the program for a two-hour special to discuss
the passing of Rik Clay, Integration, Information, Awakening, Spirituality,
Conspiracy and much more.

We begin to discuss Rik Clay, we talk about what we so far know happened to him and
how he passed away.
We talk about the rumors of Rik being murdered, we talk about paranoia and premature
conclusions in the "conspiracy movement".
We move on to discuss the importance of a careful approach to esoteric, occult and conspiratorial subject matters and the important of integration of knowledge about the conspiracy as well as the spiritual side to all of this.

Topics discussed: Transpersonal State, Awakening Process, Change, Research, Internet, Communication, Soul Returning, Healthy Balance, Messiah Complex, Midlife Opportunity, Drugs, Shamanic Journey, Alcohol, Spiritual Entities, Temporary possession, Geopolitics, The Journey vs. Speed, Gurdjieff, Terrence McKenna, Time wave Zero, Jose Arguelles, 2012, Jeff Stray, Destruction of Knowledge, Christianity, Renaissance and much more.







Rik Clay & 2012- RIP 1/9

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Rik Clay exposes 2012, then mysteriously dies...

Big thanks to FelipeSparx29

Rik Clay Foundation


Rik Clay

When a big force and character passes away, the initial effects are devastating.  At first you mourn the loss and even reproach yourself then, as time passes, you look to the future, focussing on the positive elements.  What have we lost?  What can we learn? Richard John Clay, born 5th August 1982 in Scunthorpe, UK, was a musician, graphic designer, web designer, writer, researcher and charismatic genius whose mission was to bring fairness, abundance and joy to all human beings. At school in Scunthorpe he achieved top grades in nearly everything he did. It was during this time, whilst studying for his “A” levels, that Rik found his passion for music
Attending Leeds Metropolitan University from 2001 to 2004, graduating with a 2/1 degree in Multi Media Technology, Rik subsequently went on to work in graphic / web design for a number of companies.
At the age of 16 he founded the band FULC, who, over the course of their youthful development went on to become a highly respected rock band. Between the years 2001 and 2005 FULC released 4 records – “Void” EP ( 2001 ), “The Fallen” EP ( 2002 ), “Biting Insomnia” Album ( 2003 ), “Embrace.Destroy” Mini Album ( 2005 ) – all critically acclaimed nationally in the UK Rock Press. FULC toured the UK relentlessly for 4 years and toured Germany in 2005 to support the release of the records there.
Rik joined rock band Ten Seconds of Chaos between 2006 and 2007 and started his solo project Somewhere Not Here during 2006.
In July 2006 Rik met his life partner Mick Bullock and together they began an escalating campaign of travel and research.  He developed interests in a great number of fascinating fields, including crop circles and sacred geometry, Reiki and Shamanism, free energy research, ancient mythology and Pyramidology, the global consciousness and the noosphere, reincarnation theory, 2012 and the Mayans, precession of the equinoxes, talismans, synchronicity, telepathy, holographic universal theory, and all things esoteric.
Between September 2006 and May 2008 his journey took him to Spain, Italy, Egypt, Malta, Wales, Poland, The Netherlands, France and Mexico.  The extreme wealth of information and wisdom that ensued precipitated the Cosmic Mind Blog, which allowed Rik to spread his knowledge and findings to people all over the world.  After 3 months the blog had attracted a regular readership in excess of 30,000 people and his growing popularity led him to give interviews on Red Ice Creations Radio.
Sadly for all of us, the sheer speed and intensity of the research eventually caused him to experience a sudden internal episode which stripped away his bounding energy and insight.  A day less than 11 weeks later, on 28th August 2008, at the age of 26, Rik ended his own life in Ilkley. Whilst we will never really know what took Rik to his final decision, those closest to him have been able to put together a few pieces of the puzzle that help in understanding where his mind was.
Rik's ashes are scattered upon Ilkley Moor, overlooking the town above Rocky Valley, at grid ref 126464.
At the Rik Clay Foundation, for those of us who remain on the Earthly plane, we intend to continue his legacy by consolidating and promoting projects which emulate his ideals.  We wish to sow the seeds in vision of a holistic society and culture to nourish all human beings with health and abundance.


Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (Full video)

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7/17/2011 -- prepare now - Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States -- plate slippage soon

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I do not say this lightly.... BE PREPARED for a large quake in the Caribbean earthquake in the near term... next few weeks to a month at the most. 6.0 or greater... along the southern plate boundry east from mexico to Puerto Rico.

have a plan in place for escape to higher ground in case a tsunami is generated by the plate slippage that is happening worldwide.


Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch July 18th 2011

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This is a Planetary Alignment Earthquake watch video, program used in this Heliocentric visual representation is solar system scope.

Several Key significant alignments play a major role on this day with Saturn-Mercury-Venus + Venus-Sun-Pluto + Mars-Sun-Mercury + Mars-Jupiter-Uranus. These significant alignments could produce a significant 7.5 magnitude earthquake on this date or could trigger a significant solar event on July 19-20 time frame. This Date could also produce a significant volcanic eruption.

Research has found a possible relationship with Patrick Geryl's 30th July 2010 sun spot theory as Earth is moving through the same alignment (Neptune-Mercury), I believe this could somehow disturb the 3D translation which could trigger a similar solar disturbance as recorded on Aug 1st, 2010.

This is my own analysis using Heliocentric Imagery, geocentric portrait and harmonic translations to predict possible effects here on earth.

Results will be annotated as the end of this video

Solar System Scope Website
Swiss Ephemeris Information
Google Earth
Patrick Geryl's website Information
Nasa Solar Tsunami Information Aug 1st,2010
On August 1st, 2010 almost the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more.
The resulting CME hit Earth's magnetic field on August 3rd at 1740 UT. The impact sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm that lasted nearly 12 hours--time enough for auroras to spread all the way from Europe to North America.

Intro music used is royalty free and created by Kevin MacLeod

The use of images and voice from this video may NOT be used by another party

Volcano / Earthquake Watch July 18-23, 2011

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Significant coronal hole in the Southern hemisphere(CH466) on the solar corona could be an indication of one or two powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake(s) during this watch period. Targeting areas 7-10° and 11-15° South Latitude and a region across the equator of main area of focus for this watch.
Plotted areas of risk for possible significant events are as follows:

7-10° Solomon Islands Region or Papua New Guinea.(Potential 6.8 Magnitude)
11-15°Santa Cruz Islands Region or Vanuatu.(Potential 7.0 Magnitude)
(Manaro Vui volcano also called Ambae or Aoba could be at risk for further activity during this watch)
July 18th Planetary Alignment Video

The area of Honshu-Japan could be at risk of a significant aftershock during this watch also as the large coronal fissure does span across its latitude, also the region of New Zealand could also recieve 5.5 - 5.8 magnitude earthquake during this watch due to a "magnetic filament scar region" across its latitude of 43 degrees South Latitude. The equator region could also have an event around 6.0 in Magnitude, possible areas as mentioned in the video are Papua Indonesia or Molukka Sea regions.

Ionospheric/OLR anomaly's indicate regions of Marianna Islands, Volcano Islands have increased readings and could produce a significant earthquake during this watch period, Also Above Taiwan to Ruyuku Islands and Panama also are showing ongoing anomalies, with Siberia-Russia showing a new strong reading this update.

Excellent information websites for solar watchers and researchers
Intro music used is royalty free and created by Kevin MacLeod
The spinning world globe at the start of the video is a free program called Earthquake3D
The use of images and voice from this video may NOT be used by another party and this video will not mirrored under any circumstances as annotations will be added to the video during each and every watch.


Bio-Engineered Bactria Used In Weather Modification? Bacteria Play Role in Weather Events?

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Researchers have discovered a high concentration of bacteria in the center of hailstones, suggesting that airborne microorganisms may be responsible for that and other weather events.
They reported their findings May 24, 2011 at the 111th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in New Orleans.
"Bacteria have been found within the embryo, the first part of a hailstone to develop. The embryo is a snapshot of what was involved with the event that initiated growth of the hailstone," says Alexander Michaud of Montana State University in Bozeman, who presented the research.
Michaud and his colleagues analyzed hailstones over 5 centimeters in diameter that were collected on the University campus after a storm in June 2010. The large hailstones were seperated into 4 layers and the meltwater from each layer was analyzed. The number of culturable bacteria was found to be highest in the inner cores of the hailstone...............






FAIR USE NOTICE: These pages/video may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, POLITICAL, HUMAN RIGHTS, economic, DEMOCRACY, scientific, MORAL, ETHICAL, and SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational.

Comet Elenin "Astronomy" from Francis @ ThePerfectMinds

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UPDATE: 6:31 CDT 15:01 is 3:33:33 +1 (interesting)

UPDATE: 4:25 CDT "It's there three days LATER!" lol (Later is the correct way to say it.)

This is fifteen minutes of me talking and drawing about how I see the comet and why things are they way they are. Ask questions in the comment section to have me cover them in my next "Astronomy" video.

Global Rent A Scope Network of robotic telescopes anyone can learn with.


I invite you to learn more about me at

http://www.facebook.com/fuzzywashere (2700 friends)
http://www.twitter.com/awewriter (14th in Houston by followers 9300.)
http://www;youtube.com/user/ThePerfectMinds (1100 SUB this channel)

I ask for donations to support my scope time in increments of $1. I sell original artwork of the comet too. If you want to help out, I would welcome any help I can get and am willing to paint you a picture upon request. Send requests through Paypal to powerfitz@powerfitz.com. Ask for an invoice for a painting and I will send an invoice and get to painting right away.

C/2010 X01 "rainbow COmet" is for sale now $30.

Asteroid 2005 YU55 Obama speech on 11-9-11 have preppers resetting FEMA SHTF doomsday clock ActontheActor

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Asteroid 2005 YU55 Obama speech on 11-9-11 have preppers resetting FEMA SHTF doomsday clock

The NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) announced yesterday that an asteroid measuring 400 meters in diameter will pass the Earth within the orbit of the moon in November 8.

"On November 8, asteroid 2005 YU55 will fly past Earth and at its closest approach point will be about 325,000 kilometers away (0.0022 AU)," said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office at the JPL in Pasadena, Los Angeles.


WHY! River in Costa Rica disappears following earthquake swarm 4,700+ EQ's

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July 13, 2011 -- COSTA RICA -- Today at approximately 2:11pm in the afternoon, Upala was rattled by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake that shook products off store shelves and rattled off home furnishings. No immediate damages were reported however later in the afternoon something strange was discovered as a result. While reporting on the earthquake in Upala today, a local news station discovered that a district near the epicenter was missing a river. That's right...A RIVER. Apparently in the moments following the earthquake, a community stood watch as their river disappeared into the Earth. As of this writing it is still unknown exactly which community this occurred in however once we have the name we will update this article. The affected citizens were interviewed and expressed concern for the loss of this substantial water supply to the area. Not only will this affect humans but also the livestock raised in the area. Additionally there was also a 4.8 earthquake registered in Guanacaste near Santa Rosa de Bagaces today. OVSICORI, the nation's seismic activity center, has recorded over 4789 tremors in Costa Rica exceeding 1.0 on the Richter Scale. With all this Earth movement and record rainfall, this is creating concern for areas along the Pacific Coast from landslides. What is on the minds of many Ticos is whether or not this spike in activity is any indication of something bigger to come. Could this be the "big one" Costa Rica has been expecting?

Vanishing Lakes: New Zealand reservoir mysteriously disappears during quake
March 8, 2011 -- HUNTSBURY, NZ -- 36 million liters of water mysteriously disappeared from a reservoir in Huntsbury New Zealand following the February 22nd 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch.
These events have occurred in the past and are now happening with greater frequency as geological forces under the ground continue to erode substrata. Our planet is undergoing massive change beneath our feet. This geological deformation will only accelerate and become more widespread with time as the pace of earthchanges intensify. -The Extinction Protocol
Post-glacial rebound (or Glacial Isostatic Adjustment) produces measurable effects on: (i) Vertical Crustal Motion, (ii) Global sea levels, (iii) Horizontal Crustal Motion, (iv) Gravity field, (v) Earth's rotational motion and (vi) State of stress and earthquakes. Studies of Glacial rebound give us information about the flow law of mantle rocks and also past ice sheet history. The former is important to the study of Mantle Convection, Plate Tectonics and the thermal evolution of the Earth. The latter is important to the study of Glaciology, Paleoclimate and changes in Global Sea Level. Understanding postglacial rebound is also important to our ability to monitor recent global change.
To form the ice sheets of the last Ice Age, water is taken from the oceans through evaporation, condensation as snow and then deposited as ice in high latitudes. Thus global sea level would fall during glaciation.
The ice sheets at the last Glacial Maximum were so massive that global sea level fell by about 120 metres. Thus continental shelves were exposed and many islands became connected with the continents through dry land. This was the case between the British Isles and Europe, or between Taiwan, the Indonesian islands and Asia. ]
Alternative view: The earths oceans are sinking. Due to this heavy loading of new water into Geo fragile zones. Fault zones. Thus causing sea floor sinking. Just as the other regions of the world are rebounding up. "As stated in this article".[12] thus these islands are not getting flooded by sea level rise, as much as these islands are sinking. The water table adjusts to the area. As earthquakes even out the ocean floor deformation[13]. This will also cause sink holes in areas as the earth has greater storms moving this water around inland which means earthquakes from the new weight in that area.
by Scott of the fam. Owen (BUG)

世界各地で大地の中に消えていく「川の水」 2011年07月14日


(訳者注) 昨年、中国で「一晩の間に池の水が消えた」という中国紙の報道をご紹介したことがありました。

中国湖北省で突如として小屋と養殖池が完全に消失する事件が発生 (2010年07月17日)








▲ 突然水が消え、岩と川底が露出したスロベニアのイスカの川から中継するテレビのニュースリポーター。



ちなみに、最初にご紹介するコスタリカのニュースは昨日 7月13日のものなのですが、当地では地震が増えているようで、記事中に「マグニチュード1.0以上の地震の数が 4,789回に達している」という記述があり、どの時期を起点とした回数かが不明なのですが、かなりの数の群発地震となっているようです。






コスタリカ 2011.07.13

5.3 Earthquake in Upala Alajuela
Costarica News 2011.07.13


7月13日午後2時11分頃、コスタリカのウパラを震源とするマグニチュード 5.3の地震があった。商店などで棚から物が落ちる程度の被害があっただけで、特に人的被害は報告されていない。




コスタリカ周辺では、現在でも地震が続いており、本震以降、マグニチュード1.0以上の地震の数は 4789回に達している。



ニュージーランド 2011.03.08

Where has all Huntsbury's water gone? Crisis ongoing in New Zealand(ニュース動画)




スロベニア 2010.09.08

Iska Disappears With Sonic Detonation


(訳者注) 地質的イベントも確かに加速している気配は感じますが、どのような原理なのかということにも興味があります。何しろ、どれも「一瞬で大量の水が消える」という現象に近く、どうやって水が吸い込まれているのか知りたいです。


[管理人より] 普段は翻訳記事ばかりですので、よろしければ、過去記事の、

なぜ私はこのブログを書いているのか (2010年09月30日)

「In Deep の意味」、「 23 の意味」、そして「悪魔」 (2011年01月29日)




Vanishing Lakes: New Zealand reservoir mysteriously disappears during quake

Vanishing Lakes: New Zealand reservoir mysteriously disappears during quake

March 8, 2011HUNTSBURY, NZ – 36 million liters of water mysteriously disappeared from a reservoir in Huntsbury New Zealand following the February 22nd 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch.
These events have occurred in the past and are now happening with greater frequency as geological forces under the ground continue to erode substrata. Our planet is undergoing massive change beneath our feet. This geological deformation will only accelerate and become more widespread with time as the pace of earthchanges intensify.  -The Extinction Protocol
Disappearing lake phenomenon increasing: An entire lake disappeared overnight in the Nizhny Novgorod region, south of Moscow, in 2005. The lake is believed to have drained through a fault or fissure.  See Russia.  2004 in Missouri. In 2007, an entire lake disappeared in Chile from likely another fault rupture during a quake. See Chile.  In one of the strangest incidents of all, in September 0f 2010 the Iska River in Slovenia mysteriously disappeared overnight after residents near the river reported hearing a mysterious sonic boom and tremors. See Slovenia.  (Video)
Thanks Jamie/L for the contribution
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  1. nadia says:
    yes more and more disasters and weird things are happening all over, I believe we are not safe any where in this world. peace
  2. Alien13 says:
    After the catostrophic Japan earthquake supposedly left a huge tear in the earth’s crust (50′ wide and 150′ long). What could this mean for our oceans?
    • The sea-floor is spreading and volcanic activity is increasing in the world’s oceans. 80% of all volcanism takes place in the ocean. Thermal expansion, exagerated Pacific oscillations and more hypoxic zones will be the result.
  3. James says:
    I believe it’s a symbolic meaning to Revelation 12:16 in the Bible
    KJV Prophetic
  4. FRED STUART says:
    I was in Costa Rica during the earthquakes…..47km from epicenter….hardly felt anything…THANK GOD.