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Are aliens really out there? Find out in the UK premiere of UFO UK: New Evidence on Monday 14 March at 8pm. You've heard tales of little green men from other planets, but these are normally consigned to urban legends and sci-fi fables. However, a dossier of files released by the Ministry of Defence last year proves just how seriously some of these close encounters are taken by the government.

Since August 2010, these previously classified 'UFO files' have been in the public domain -- and they reveal some startling goings-on in the skies above Britain. There's Winston Churchill's wartime cover-up, the alleged UFO crash in a remote part of Wales and the East Anglian sighting that left police, coastguard and radar operators scratching their heads. Among the many other reports brought to light are the hushed-up camera recording of a UFO over Scotland and the bizarre experience of a Boeing 737 jet pilot flying above Manchester.

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History Channel After Armageddon : What To Expect and How To Survive

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What have past acts of destruction taught us about what will happen to mankind after the apocalypse? Is it inevitable that disaster will someday strike America on an unprecedented level? How has history prepared us? History's most dramatic events-Hiroshima, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and others-are examined and analyzed with hard data gathered from their massive aftereffects. The disappearance of water and food supplies,The effects of deteriorated sanitation and health care on the remaining population, and the increased use of violence as a means of survival -all illustrate how societies have responded and survived in AFTER ARMAGEDDON

FAIR USE NOTICE: These pages/video may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, POLITICAL, HUMAN RIGHTS, economic, DEMOCRACY, scientific, MORAL, ETHICAL, and SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational.

6/29/2011 -- HAARP ring FREQUENCY EXPLOSION across midwest

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I don't quite know what these "frequency explosions" mean... possibly severe weather @ the center of these "explosions" within 24-48 hours... we shall have to keep an eye on these locations for the next 2 days from now... 1000am CST 6/29/2011 ----

here are the sites to watch :






 Britain faces tidal wave threat

Britain may be threatened by a monster wave that is predicted to devastate the coasts of Florida and Brazil following a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands, scientists said today.
The mega-tsunami generated by part of a mountain twice the size of the Isle of Man falling into the sea would be the biggest ever recorded in history.
Today scientists warned that the UK would probably not escape the disaster unscathed.
A weaker, but still hugely destructive, wave was likely to hit Britain's Atlantic coastline.
Travelling at speeds of up to 500mph, the tsunami would be an unstoppable force.
Its first target was expected to be the West Saharan coast of Morocco, where the wave would measure an awesome 330ft from crest to trough.
But the built up coastal areas of Florida, Brazil and the Caribbean were expected to suffer the greatest destruction, according to a new forecast by Dr Simon Day, of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre at University College London.
Here, the wave would reach heights of 130ft to 164ft - higher than Nelson's column - and travel four or five miles inland, flattening everything in its path.
Previous research by Dr Day predicted that a future eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano was likely to cause the western flank of the mountain to slide into the sea.
The energy released by the collapse would be equal to the electricity consumption of the entire US in six months.
Working with Dr Steven Ward, from the University of California, Dr Day has now produced a new model which predicts more accurately how big the tsunami will be and where it will strike.
Immediately after the landslide, a dome of water almost 3,000ft high and several miles wide will form, only to collapse and rebound.
Propelled by a series of crests and troughs, the tsunami would travel a distance of almost 155 miles in just 10 minutes, the model predicts.
Racing at the speed of a jet aircraft, it would reach Florida and the Caribbean in eight or nine hours.
A wall of water 164ft high would smash into the coasts of Florida and the Caribbean islands, the forecast predicts. The northern coast of Brazil would be hit by a wave more than 130ft high.
Europe would not escape the devastation, according to the computer model. A smaller, but still "substantial" tsunami wave, was expected to pound the Atlantic coasts of Britain, Spain, Portugal and France.
Dr Day said: "The collapse will occur during some future eruption after days or weeks of precursory deformation and earthquakes.
"An effective earthquake monitoring system could provide advanced warning of a likely collapse and allow early emergency management organisations a valuable window of time in which to plan and respond.
"Eruptions of Cumbre Vieja occur at intervals of decades to a century orso and there may be a number of eruptions before its collapse. Although the year to year probability of a collapse is therefore low, the resulting tsunami would be a major disaster with indirect effects around the world.
"Cumbre Vieja needs to monitored closely for any signs of impending volcanic activity and for the deformation that would precede collapse."
Accurate estimates of the scale of economic loss caused by the tsunami are yet to be made, but they are expected to amount to many trillions of US dollars.

Is the Massive Puerto Rico Trench Awakening?  Tue Jun 28 20:58

by Zen Gardner
"What Puerto Rico Trench?"  Exactly.
The arrows in the map above show the direction the underlying Caribbean tectonic plates are moving, with the resultant build-up of pressure releasing into a myrid of earthquakes in the region over the years. Puerto Rico is the smaller green island in the middle, with the Dominican Republic the larger island to the left. The string of other Caribbean islands is buried under the earthquake markers that flow down the page to the lower right.
You can see the Puerto Rico Trench wraps around the entire zone.
A few little known facts came to the fore as I was researching this area after spotting the recent increase in seismic activity in the Caribbean region.
1. The Puerto Rico Trench is the biggest and deepest such trench in the entire Atlantic ocean.
2. This trench is capable of producing 8.0 earthquakes and above.
3. The risk of a major quake, underwater landslide and mega tsunami are as great as that of the Seattle area. In fact, one recent risk assessment put it at 35 to 55%!
4. The zone hasn't ruptured in over 200 years and that has geologists seriously concerned.
In other words, something major will happen. No one knows when, but it will happen, as it has in the past there.
Add that to the fact that 35 million people live in surrounding low lying areas and you have a monumental disaster just waiting to happen.

But Why No Warning?

What struck is that in everything I'm reading, it's admitted this risk is huge but it's hardly known in the area. Even Wikipedia admits:
Knowledge of the earthquake and tsunami risks has not been widespread among the general public of the islands located near the trench.
Why? Would it negatively impact the local economy, much like the idiot mayor's development worries in the movie Jaws? Are there really such people in charge?
Well, look at the Gulf oil disaster and Fukushima for starters. I don't think the concern is anyone's health or well being - it's preserving the status quo while the disasters take their toll as quietly as possible.
Remember--it's not crisis prevention, it's crisis management.

Here's the Recent Activity In the Area

Here's where it first caught my eye--what was that all about in the Caribbean down there? See that faultline between the massive North and South American continents?
Map showing earthquakes

Now here's a close-up:

10-degree map showing recent earthquakes

There are 25 earthquakes in the past week. The blue dots are in the past 24 hours.

The Big Picture

Now consider a few factors and you'll want to warn everyone you can in the region.
1. Seismic activity worldwide is up 6 times what it was last year and we're only half way into the year.
2. The current solar maximum cycle will continue to escalate until 2013 so we have some serious bombardment  ahead.
3. Comet, asteroid, planetoid and/or dwarf star arrivals and other celestial events and alignments are in the very near future.
4. Extremely powerful technology is now in the hands of mad scientists and manipulators who are making war on the planet. HAARP and other similar atmospheric heater arrays are capable of creating and/or exasperating already "poised" situations at any time to suit their purposes.
5. The Ring of Fire as well as the New Madrid Fault are active and poised for much greater movement which will cause a domino effect.
6. The Puerto Rico Trench is a unique geological formation due to major plate subduction.

Oceanic crust is formed at an oceanic ridge, while the lithosphere is subducted back into the asthenosphere at trenches.
7. The Caribbean plate joins the North and South American plates, both of which are moving. Something will eventually give.

All That To Say...

We live in wild times and we cannot be ignorant of the world around us and the potential for disaster. We must not live in fear, but we must be awake and aware.
In light of this information, I would suggest anyone knowing anyone or even any news outlets in the Caribbean region to send them this article, or your own personal warning and concern. They've obviously not been warned.
This goes for anyone in seismically active areas. Many people, including myself, have moved to "higher ground" and take these things seriously. At the least have emergency supplies and plans always ready. We're in for a bumpy ride no matter where we are.
"Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

We Need To Stay Tuned and Continue to Inform

The Powers That Be are not about informing or empowering the people, as you have probably learned. There are wonderful groups trying to help people take real threats like these seriously, but it's in spite of the government, not because of them.
If people realize they need to stay conscious and informed on their own and not expect the media to tell you what to do, they can stay a step ahead, or at least know how to read the signs of the times and react in a conscious way.
Whatever you do, don't follow Hollywood's pre-programmed panic conditioning. Keep fear out of the equation in whatever you do, think or plan. The Universe, God or whatever you want to call it, is in control - we just need to be attuned to where It wants us to be and do our part to keep the awakening happening. Love will always find a way.
Love, Zen
For more on current current crises see: Ft. Calhoun: A Nightmare Scenario

Prodigal Plankton Returns to the Atlantic


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Gray Whale Spotted on Wrong Side of World
Prodigal Plankton Returns to the Atlantic
Is the Massive Puerto Rico Trench Awakening?
Scientists Warn Of Massive Tidal Wave From Canary Island Volcano
Climate Security 2030 is The 2011 Report NOW BBC News out of Washington DC MUST SEE
DVD is for sale now. it will provide a $5 donation for every sale to the Underground, and Robs Radio Show. to help cover costs as a alternative media source. / helping get out the info. to people not on YT. Love Scott (BUG)
Mr. Owen BDS CAS CFDA Opportunity Number Comp. ID Grants.gov # Date/Time Received Status Status Date Submission Name
15.807 10HQPA0001 10HQPA0001 GRANT10318874 14-May-09 12:34:54 AM Validated 14-May-09 02:55:37 AM expanding ocean and earthquake impacts from post glacial rebound effect.
Airplanes Crash Skyquakes NASA FACT! Moon Will Go! Post Glacial Rebound & More info
Alternative view: The earths oceans are sinking. Due to this heavy loading of new water into Geo fragile zones. Fault zones. Thus causing sea floor sinking. Just as the other regions of the world are rebounding up. "As stated in this article".[12] thus these islands are not getting flooded by sea level rise, as much as these islands are sinking. The water table adjusts to the area. As earthquakes even out the ocean floor deformation[13].
by Scott (BUG)

Post Glacial Rebound is The White Horse going out conquering and to conquer. It is pushing the ocean floor down.
11k subs Fatal Sea Floor Sinking Volcanos, Japan Earthquakes PGRE Tea Party, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hziqAwoVV_w
Mankind is toast FACT!! Post Glacial Rebound Effect National Geo News!!
Earth's Bulging Waistline Blamed on Glaciers, OceansJohn Roach
for National Geographic News
Scientists have identified a few suspects behind the Earth's sudden weight gain around the Equator: glacial melt and shifting ocean mass.
"It is quite striking that we are able to explain the [change] with oceans and glaciers," said Jean Dickey, a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
Both El Niño and PDO involve a periodic warming of ocean currents. El Niño effects are concentrated primarily in the southern oceans, while PDO is observed in the northern.

Dickey's team created a computer model of the pressure exerted by the oceans on the Earth in the years before and after the El Niño and PDO events and found a pronounced shift in oceanic mass towards the Equator, said Dickey
england bend track debut unreleased artist "new england"

Kieran Mulvaney
Analysis by Kieran Mulvaney Sun Jun 26, 2011 03:50 PM ET (3) Comments | Leave a Comment
Last year, it was a gray whale.
BLOG: Gray Whale Spotted on Wrong Side of World
No gray whale had been recorded in the North Atlantic since at least the 18th century, when whalers may have driven them to extinction in the region. So when one showed up in the Mediterranean last May, it not unreasonably generated a lot of attention, as well as (also not unreasonably) speculation about how it got there.
The most likely and generally accepted explanation was that it was a solitary sentinel of climate change: that an ice-free Northwest Passage had enabled the whale, which had swum north from its breeding grounds in the Pacific to its feeding grounds north of Alaska, to swim steadily east until emerging, doubtless confused and disoriented, in the eastern hemisphere.
WIDE ANGLE: Animal Migration
Now, scientists have revealed, it wasn't such a solitary sentinel after all. Another long-lost marine species has returned to Atlantic waters from which it long ago departed - although this species is considerably smaller than a gray whale.
Much smaller, in fact.
According to researchers with the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, a species of plankton called Neodenticula seminae is an Atlantic resident again, 800,000 years after it became extinct in the ocean. And whereas last year's gray whale was a one-off occurrence, the microscopic plant has been documented with sufficient frequency over the last several years to determine that the species has indeed returned. As with the lost whale, the plankton's arrival has been facilitated, the researchers say, by melting polar ice providing an easier passage for transport from one ocean basin to the other.
The discovery is among several examples of global warming-induced changes in marine life in the Atlantic Ocean, according to Project CLAMER (Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystem Research), a consortium of 17 marine institutes in 10 European nations. The project is synthesizing the results of almost 300 EU-funded climate change-related research projects over 13 years in Europe's oceans and near-shore waters, as well as the Mediterranean, Baltic, and Black Seas. Among the other examples CLAMER has documented:

  • Jellyfish are increasing in the northeast Atlantic, often forming massive blooms. A venomous warm-water species, Pelagia noctiluca, dominates in many areas and outbreaks have become an annual event, forcing the closing of beaches. This form of jellyfish is a gluttonous predator of juvenile fish, so researchers consider its spread a harmful trend. Recently, the highly venomous Portuguese Man-of-War (Physalia physalis), a jellyfish-like subtropical creature, were found more regularly in northern Atlantic waters.

  • Off Northwest Europe, the warming trend has led to earlier spawning of cod, while phytoplankton have kept their traditional biological schedule. The result is a timing mismatch between the cod's larval production and its food supply.

  • Warmer temperatures and stratification of the water are allowing living and dead microscopic organic matter to form massive, mucous-like blobs in the Mediterranean Sea. This noxious material harbors bacteria and viruses that could kill fish.

  • In the North Sea, several fish species, including sea bass, mullet, solenette and scaldfish, are moving northward and increasing in numbers as the water warm. Overall, says Carlo Heip, Director General of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, studies show that the impacts of climate change on marine life composition in the Atlantic are likely to be mixed - some species could, in fact, thrive and parts of the ocean gain in biodiversity and productivity.
    "But most of the impacts are so clearly negative, and the scope of change so potentially huge that, taken together, they constitute brightly flashing warning signals," he says.
    Illustration of records of phytoplankton Neodenticula seminae courtesy of the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS)

  • Mason Shriner claims to be Lucifer

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    Morals and Dogma, where you will discover the source of "LIGHT" that Masons seek. Albert Pike (master mason and KKK member) wrote:

    ... Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splen dors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! for traditions are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations. . .

    Manly P. Hall (the masons boy) clarified Albert Pike's statement when he wrote:

    When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seeth ing energies of Lucifer are in his hands. . . "


    Vampires and Werewolves Real or Fake - The Prophecy Club.avi

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    how to download this video using aTube Catcher
    English video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxkZPFCUtoc
    Spanish video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsB__Zx6hlE

    Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 1 of 9 

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    Masonic Pyramid

    William Schnoebelen
    (Bill Schnoebelen)
    EX - Satanic Priest, Catholic Priest, Witch, Satanist,
    Ninety Degree Freemason, Vampire and more!
    (Note: The fact that I have this article on my website does not mean that Bill Schnoebelen agrees with the content of my website)
    Bill Schnoebelen lived on the dark side for many years. He was a 90 degree Freemason, a member of the Illuminati, a Satanic Priest, a Catholic Priest and even more. Then one day his monthly tithe check to the church of Satan came back from the bank with a note on the back - ``I'll be praying for you in Jesus' name ". Within a week he lost his demonic power. Later he became a Born Again Christian, and he now has his own ministry. Bill has been in ministry, mostly full-time, since 1986, and no one has yet been able to disprove any of the claims he has made about his admittedly rather bizarre history.
    Bill’s timeline is baffling or contradictory only to someone unfamiliar with the strange workings of the occult/magickal mind set and with the subtle power of Satan to deceive.
    Here is his timeline in brief:
    • Born: 1949 (raised Catholic)
    • Went through Catholic grade school and high school
    • Entered Minor Seminary at Loras College to be a priest: 1967
    • Introduced to the occult by a professor: late 1967
    • Got involved in Wicca: 1968
    • Made a Wiccan priest – first degree (Algard rite): 1968
    • Graduated from college and took a leave of absence from priesthood studies: 1971
    • Got a job teaching music in a Catholic high school in rural Iowa: 1971-1973
    • Met his priestess whom he would later marry (1972)
    • Ordained a Spiritualist minister in the Alliance of Divine Love: 1972
    • Flew to Boston to be made a priest in the Alexandrian rite of Wicca – February of 1973
    • Traveled to Arkansas to study under the Grand Master Druid of North America in the summer of 1973
    • Made a Druidic High Priest in July of 1973 – also had a witch handfasting to his wife at the same time in Zion State Park in Zion IL.
    • Fall of 1973, traveled to Boston MA to be made high priest (Third degree) in Alexandrian rite of Wicca
    • Winter of 1973, began covens in Dubuque and Davenport Iowa
    • Legally married by Spiritualist minister from Alliance of Divine Love: May of 1974
    • Moved to Milwaukee to teach large numbers of people witchcraft: August of 1974
    • Began involvement with Old Roman Catholic Church (ORCC) and studies for diaconate and priesthood in 1974-75
    • Also began studies in Blue Lodge Freemasonry and was finally made a Master Mason in 1977
    • About the same time (1975) as he got involved in the ORCC, he also became involved with Church of Satan – became a Second Degree Member (warlock)
    • During this same period, he went through York Rite Masonry and became a Knight Templar.
    • Later, in 1980, he went through Scottish Rite and became a 32nd degree Mason.
    • He was ordained a priest in the ORCC in Plainfield, IL at St. Paul’s Old Catholic church. The ordination certificate is reproduced in MORMONISM’S TEMPLE OF DOOM.
    • Through the Church of Satan, he became aware of more “hard core” Satanic groups and got involved with them – first the Order of the Black Ram (in Michigan) and later the Brotherhood in Chicago. This was when he began to practice some pretty heavy-duty sorcery.
      In 1977-78 he began to study with the Monastery of the Seven Rays and was ultimately consecrated a Gnostic bishop by its head (see below…). The certificate is reproduced in LUCIFER DETHRONED. As a bishop, he was also charismated into the Syrio-Jacobite Orthodox episcopacy.
      At the same time, Bill was initiated into the "Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Mitzraim Freemasonry" and raised to the 90th degree of that Masonic rite.  
    • In 1979 he was introduced to vampirism as part of his training in the dark arts and was initiated into the vampire cult in Chicago in the so-called Church of the Resurrection.
    • In 1980, he received a check back from the bank which he had sent to the Church of Satan for dues. A lady from the bank had written on the check, “I will be praying for you in Jesus’ name.” Within days, his life fell apart and he lost all his magical power. This crisis led us, ultimately to join the Mormon (LDS) Church…
    • In August of 1980, he and his wife, Sharon, were baptized LDS. He went through several church offices, including Elders’ Quorum President and Institute of Religion teacher.
    • In June of 1984, Bill became gloriously saved through the power of the TRUE Jesus Christ (NOT the LDS counterfeit)
    • In February of 1985, he formally left the LDS Church.
    • In July of 1986, he did his first public ministry at the Capstone Conference in Salt Lake City. That was the formal beginning of Bill’s ministry.
    bill schnoebelen timeline

    Here is what happened in detail:
    First of all, this timeline has been published in brief (MORMONISM’S TEMPLE OF DOOM) in 1987, so it has been out there for some time for anyone to check out. That same book contained photocopies of most of Bill’s Masonic initiation certificates, his ordinations in the Old Catholic and LDS churches, his certificate from the Church of Wicca, his Shrine certificate, etc. He tried to be as up front as he could be with this, even 20 years ago. He knew that his story was a bit hard-to-believe and confusing.
    Bill Schnoebelen was born and raised Roman Catholic (1949 – 1968).
    Bill was introduced to the occult by a Catholic Priest at his college. He got disillusioned with the RCC with the changes of Vatican II and drifted into the occult and ultimately white witchcraft (1968). He was initiated that year as a priest of Wicca.
    He remained a Wiccan and eventually became a high priest (1973) in the Alexandrian rite in Boston MA. This was in Jim and Patricia Baker’s coven.
    Along the way, for legal purposes, he was ordained a spiritualist minister (1972) in the Alliance of Divine Love by Rev. Barbara Selwa. This gave him the right to receive donations, etc. She knew Sharon and Bill were Wiccans and had no problem with it. In fact, at that time another of her ministers was a Wiccan.
    In the summer of 1973, he and his priestess (soon to be wife - Sharon) went down to Arkansas to study under the “Grand Druid of North America” for 3 months of intense study. At the end of that time, they were made high priest and priestess in this tradition as well. (The “Grand Master Druid’s” name was Eli and his tradition was called Druidic Craft of the Wise or Mental Science Institute).
    Bill’s High Priest certificate reproduced in TEMPLE OF DOOM1. Eli died in the early eighties and as far as we can tell, his organization morphed into a Native American Cherokee group in the 1980’s whose remnants can be found at www.goodmedicinesociety.com/gmsflow.htm.
    To further complicate matters, both Bill and Sharon legally changed their names (for numerological and karmic reasons on Eli’s advice) back in 1973. Bill became Christopher P. Syn. (Documents of this name change are printed in TEMPLE OF DOOM2 ). He legally changed his name back in the late seventies at the request of his father and mother. Thus, many of his early documents from this period were in the Syn name (1973-79)
    Bill and Sharon moved to Milwaukee in 1974 at the request of a local occult bookstore owner because more than 80 people wanted them to train the locals as witches. While there they met an Old Catholic priest. Bill still had a yearning to be a Catholic priest, and was messed up enough theologically by now that he saw no conflict between being a Wiccan high priest and a candidate for the Catholic priesthood. In fact, they were taught that the two “priesthood lines” were complementary – like yin and yang (Alex Sanders, the head of the Alexandrian rite of Wicca and self-styled “King of the Witches,” was also an Old Catholic bishop.)
    From 75-76, Bill studied and was ordained to the Old Roman Catholic diaconate. He was ordained as an ORC deacon (document in TEMPLE OF DOOM with his signature 3) by Archbishop Francis Facione. He is still alive, and can be found at http://www.orccna.org/presidingbishop.htm
    Bill was ordained to the priesthood by Bishops Edward Stehlik and Julius Massey in Joliet, IL (Certificate and photos available). Both bishops happen to be deceased now, but he has the ordination document with their signatures. There are also photographs of the ceremony, taken at St. Paul’s Old Catholic Church in Joliet. These photos have since been publicly presented in one of Bill’s many videos, the new version of EXPOSING THE ILLUMINATI FROM WITHIN (2005).
    At the same time, on the advice of Eli, Bill began studying the Masonic degrees and was made a Master Mason (1977) – document in TEMPLE OF DOOM with Worshipful Master Richard Decker’s signature4.
    This is important to understand: Many of Bill’s spiritual teachers (both on this earth and supposed “spirit guides”5 ) were telling him that at the highest levels that Catholicism, Wicca and Freemasonry all blended together and he believed them, then and now; especially when Archbishop Cousins (Roman Catholic bishop of Milwaukee at that time) subsequently came out and publicly endorsed the Masons. (Bill explains how from a Biblical perspective all false religions come from the same source, the devil. Bill’s book, MASONRY BEYOND THE LIGHT, documents how most of the early Wiccan and occult leaders were also high-level Freemasons).
    Once a Mason, Bill was drawn into first soft-core and then hardcore Satanism. He had been previously told that before one could get into serious Satanism, one had to become a high level Mason. It is fairly commonly known that in order to be a satanic priest, one must first be a Catholic priest. This is not as uncommon as you might think.
    So, as hard as this might be to believe, Bill was simultaneously a Wiccan, a Freemason, an Old Catholic priest, and a Satanist (1976-80). You must understand that it is no great thing to become a high level Mason. All you have to do is plunk down your money and sit through a few weekends of excruciatingly boring rituals and you are a 32nd degree Mason (Scottish Rite). It takes about a month. Because Bill knew that high level Wiccans were also Masons, he saw no conflict there. Some of his brother Masons in Milwaukee (including a worshipful master of a lodge) was also occultists and Luciferians.
    As far as the Old Catholic priesthood and the other things, Bill had been led to believe that the pope was secretly a Luciferian and that high level Luciferians existed throughout the Catholic Church. This has since been confirmed by other sources6.
    In 1978 Bill was consecrated a bishop in the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis - Gnostic Catholic Church (another branch of Old Catholicism) by Archbishop Michael Bertiaux. His consecration papers have been published in the original French in LUCIFER DETHRONED7. At the same time, Bill was made a Magister Templi (Master of the Temple) and had the 90th degree of Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (Egyptian) conferred.
    You can find Michael Bertiaux on the web. He is still alive and still involved in Gnosticism and other forms of hardcore occult evil like voodoo. See www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/8522/bertiaux.html
    However, by the “Augustinian principle” (Good Roman Catholic doctrine) Bill’s consecration was "completely valid, if illicit" by Roman standards. He has a letter to that effect from Franz Cardinal Seper8 .
    Therefore, during this time Bill was functioning as:
    1) A Wiccan high priest,
    2) An Old Catholic priest at a small Old Catholic parish in Milwaukee,
    3) A Freemason and
    4) A Satanist.
    Bill did not publicly officiate as a bishop, though, but only did so privately (1978-80). One would be amazed to know how many Roman Catholic priests are secretly involved in the occult, witchcraft or even Satanism. It is tragic.
    During this period, Bill and Sharon also began a brief period of relationship with the Church and School of Wicca and Gavin and Yvonne Frost (see certificate from their school 9). They had asked Bill, as a high priest from another tradition, to audit their correspondence course and see what he thought. Bill never became formally involved with them, though.
    In 1980, in spiritual desperation (as recounted elsewhere), Bill prayed to Lucifer for a sign and got Mormon missionaries at his door. Having been told by both Eli and Gavin Frost (another prominent Wiccan author and co-head of the Church of Wicca) to join the Mormons if they had trouble, both Bil land Sharon joined the LDS church in 8/1980 (baptismal certificate in TEMPLE OF DOOM10).
    At that point, Bill ceased practicing Satanism, stopped celebrating Mass as a Catholic priest, and began to cut back his involvement a little into Freemasonry. As his LDS (Mormon) church obligations increased, his Masonic involvement decreased somewhat. But he felt he could not, in good conscience, be a Mormon and also be a Satanist or a Catholic priest (since Mormons believe both to be evil and apostate). Bill was ordained an LDS elder in May of 1981 (certificate in same book 11).
    After discussion with his LDS bishop, Bill remained in the seminary (hence the confusion about getting a Catholic degree while being a Mormon). However, he cut short his M. Div. Program and got a Masters in Theological Studies (a two year degree instead of a three year degree). Bill’s Mormon bishop thought it might be helpful for him to complete the degree, even though he did not believe in Catholic theology any longer.
    From 1980-84, Bill functioned as a reasonably normal Mormon elder, except for still practicing Wicca, because he had been given to understand that the leaders of the LDS church were secretly doing the same. Bill went through the temple with his wife, Sharon (see temple “recommend” in book – the document that lets you into the secret temple rituals12 ). The temple rites at that time and temple architecture confirmed that the LDS church was highly occult and Masonic.
    In June of 1984, Bill became Born Again. He remained a Mormon for about ten months, trying to figure out if that was the right thing to do. Finally he left in the spring of 1985.
    Many people believe that all this is impossible for one person to do, but once it is explained in the way it happened, it is not so unmanageable or impossible to follow.
    You just have to be a little crazy like Bill was (what do you expect, he was serving the father of lies???).
    To address some other issues which have been raised by different people on the internet, here are some other beliefs and comments of Bill Schnoebelen:
    1) In Bill’s book, WICCA, he addressed very clearly what a “witch” is.
    2) Paganism IS virtually the same as witchcraft. Any Wiccan (of any type that he knows of) will say that. Wicca is a part of Paganism. Many would say that the Wiccans are the priesthood of Paganism (at least in Europe and the US). By definition, a Pagan is someone who does not believe in the God of the Bible. Christians, Jews and Muslims are not considered pagan. Everyone else is. Very few Witches believe in the God of the Bible.
    3) Bill has “believed” in UFOs and studied them since he was a teenager (1960’s) and has studied them to a high degree over the decades. Involvement with them was part of what drew him towards more occult ways of thinking.
    4) Millions of Catholics are “not saved” in the Biblical sense. Bill was no different.
    5) Yes, Bill became a witch while at Loras College (Catholic). In fact, it was a Catholic professor at Loras who first told him the idea that Jesus himself had studied the occult. Bill would hardly be the first college student to be led off the “straight and narrow path” by a radical professor. It was commonplace during his time in college (1967-71).
    6) Bill joined Masonry precisely because he thought it WAS a pagan, occult institution (and it is!) That is perfectly straightforward. He joined it because he had been led to believe by his teachers and his studies that it was a well-spring of occult and esoteric knowledge and power, even though most Masons do not know this. Bill had no “mercenary motives.” He never expected to get a better job or anything. Nor did he. In fact, for most of his Masonic experience, Bill was working a low level job at a scrap yard foundry running a furnace.
    7) As mentioned above, Bill was saved in June 1984, but remained in the LDS church through spring of 1985 (struggling with what the Lord wanted him to do), so technically, he was in the church from 8/80 through February or March 1985.
    8) It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Catholic theological education in this nation that they had no classes on false religions, Mormons, cults, the occult or Freemasonry. At least if they did, Bill had never heard of them either at his college or seminary. Most mainline churches are not strong on apologetics, even to this day.
    9) Bill believed, (and saw much to convince him that he was right, that the LDS church was run by witches or at least occultists. Thus, he saw no problem in continuing to practice Wicca, even though he had stopped the Catholicism and the Satanism.
    10) About Palladium Masonry, Bill does not know if what Leo Taxil wrote was a hoax or not. He was not there in the 19th century, and respectfully – no one else was either. What Bill testifies is that he was definitely inducted into a form of Palladium Masonry by a fellow named David DePaul (craft name: Orius) who claimed to have a warrant from Europe to do it. It may have been a fraud, but Bill would have no way of knowing that.
    11) Bill did not discuss his involvement with esoteric Masonry with his brother Masons in the Wisconsin Blue Lodge because he had been sworn under oath not to do so.
    12) Bill never claimed to have been “saved by Jesus” when joining the Masons. He told them he was attending the Episcopal church at the time, as part of his training in Old Catholicism.
    13) Bill spent about 7 years in the Church of Satan simultaneously with all these other things, as mentioned above (roughly 1975 – 1981 – probably closer to six years).
    14) As a witch, Bill had studied Herbology for many years. Bill received his certificate in Nutritional Herbology from the School of Natural Healing (Utah) and a copy of it can be emailed to anyone who wishes to see it. Bill received his N.D. degree from Trinity College of Natural Healing in Indiana. Bill is also certified by the Certified Natural Health Professionals organization in Warsaw, IN. He never claimed to have a four year post graduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine. There are numerous ways in this country (thank goodness for that freedom) that one can become an N.D.
    15) Bill has been introduced as a “voodoo high priest” (which he was) by the Prophecy Club since the mid 1990’s and probably earlier than that by other organizations. This is hardly a new claim. It is ten years old. Bill was taught voodoo by the same fellow mentioned above, Michael Bertiaux.
    15) According to Masons, the 'Palladium Masonry' Schnoebelen claims to have joined is a hoax and never actually existed[http://www.masonicinfo.com/schnoebelen.htm].
    The fact is that on the 20th of May, 1737, there was constituted in France the Order of the Palladium, or Sovereign Council of Wisdom, which, after the manner of the androgyne lodges then springing into existence, initiated women under the title of Companions of Penelope. The ritual of this order was published by the Masonic archæologist Ragon, so that there can be no doubt of its existence. At the same time, so far as I am aware, there are few materials forthcoming for its history. In some way which remains wholly untraceable this order is inferred to have been connected by more than its name with the legendary Palladium of the Knights Templars, well known under the title of Baphomet. In any case it failed to spread, and it is uncertain whether the New and Reformed Palladium, also an androgyne order, with which we shall presently be concerned, is a metamorphosis or reconstruction of the original institution, but a connection of some kind is affirmed. [http://www.sacred-texts.com/evil/dwf/dwf04.htm Devil Worship In France II - The Mask of Masonry]
    16) Bill Schnoebelen claims he was a 90th degree mason. Many Masonic members say that the highest masonic degree is the 33rd degree and that Schnoebelen's claim is false.
    Here is a quote from Bill himself, from '''Interview with an ExVampire: A True Story'' www.exvampire.com: " I went through the typical Blue Lodge degrees. Went through York rite all the way up to the ninth Templar Commandery. I Went through the Scottish rite all the way up to 32nd degree. And at that time then I was considered worthy to get into what is called esoteric Freemasonry which most American Masons don’t even know exists. And in that organization I was admitted into the Rite of Memphis Mitzraim Rite of Memphis Misraim and I went up to 90th degree which a lot of Masons if they even hear that, their false teeth will fall out of their heads. Rite of Memphis Mitzraim can be seen at http://www.iss-ic-memphis-misraim.com/english.html

    (Note: All google videos have been reduced to low resolution)
    "Interview with an Ex-Vampire". Part 1 of a 9 hours DVD Series.

    bill schnoebelen
    "Interview with an Ex-Vampire"
    (Yes, the front & back cover are photos of Bill when he was a real vampire)
    9 HOURS of interviews of Bill Schnoebelen
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    Bill claims to have made it as far as the Ordo Templi Orlientis in the above diagram. Certainly someone this high up in this theoretical compartmentalized system of control would be instantly killed if they were to become disloyal. This is exactly where the skepticism of Bill is rooted.