Sorry for not updating sooner ... the images and annualysis of Elenin photos has been time consuming ... plus trying to make new contacts has taken its toll on my time here :(
ELEnin: What are they? And what is the "Jupiter" sized Planet that is following them?
April 25, 2011
Most of you more than likely heard the show where my husband Bob was invited to call in during the last half hour and spoke about what we knew at that time about what we believed was Elenin, and its possible history.
Events have been moving hard and fast ever since that show, and more and more photos/images of Elenin, and its traveling companions have been hitting the internet.
Leonid Elenin has had his web site www.spaceobs.org swamped with questions ever since!
And I am sorry to say, he is very dismissive of the claims and annualized images showing other objects coming with, or behind "His" comet. And he is starting to complain about people doctoring his images, to show objects that were never there in the first place. And while he did not mention any names … I want to say right here … no trickery or photo-shopping was involved in the enlargement & enhancing of either his photos, or anyone else's photos to obtain what you are about to see.
There are several web sites that are hosting photos of Elenin; from various Astronomers from around the globe … here are a few links
  1. www.aerith.net/comet/catalog/2010X1/pictures.html
  2. gustavomuler.fotografiaastronomica.com/www/images/cometas/C1010X1/
  3. severastro.narod.ru/sla/com/2001-2010/2010/c2010x1/c2010x1.htm
  4. www.amication.de/Bernhards_Comet_Project/indexd.htm
Let's start with the photos and Photo Analysis. Here is the first photo we found of Elenin
xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/906694764/name/C2010X1-110307-J47c.jpg A nice photo taken by Gustavo Muler … here is an enhancement of the center image xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/2005807719/name/elenincore02.jpg and another xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1205462251/name/Snap_2011_04_08_15h47m06s_010.jpg . This last enhancement brought out at least 13 objects that were tightly orbiting the center mass … they are indicated by the dark-blue dots very close in to the central mass.
Comets do not have objects orbiting them!
Then we discovered an article from the online EU web site dated Mar 1st, 2011 www.eutimes.net/2011/03/russian-warning-issued-over-controlled-comet-headed-towards-earth/ titled "Russian Warning Issued over Controlled Comet headed towards Earth" And this quote from the article "Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov's report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in "direct contact" with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun."
A Jupiter sized Planet that is in direct contact with Elenin that is also headed in towards our Sun … WOW!
So the search began for more photos. We found this photo/image showing two objects traveling together xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/31007477/sn/1775043639/name/C2010X1_FTN_20110103-web.jpg which led to more questions … this looks strangely familiar? And a little digging came up with these images from Google/Sky from 2007
Remember the first few enhancements, and the weird small smiley-face on it? They are a direct match! Just from a different angle, and distance!
Onward with photo analysis … what would we find next on the photos?
As it turned out, quite a bit … but you will find the results hard to believe.
Enhancing the two objects that looked like eyes revealed this image
which took us completely by surprise! Here is another enhancement
Some kind of buildings, with what looks like a force field … right out of Star Trek … protecting them!
Here is another image of just one of the two objects
and you can still make out the 13 objects hanging close to the central mass.
OK, on ward to the Jupiter sized Planet that is following Elenin.
We found quite a few photos showing this object as well!
The last few enhancements also looked familiar … until we dug up what has always been called a "Hoax" … leaked photos from the US South Pole Telescope in 2008.
And their counter parts from the StarViewerTeam from Madrid Spain
Marshall Masters www.yowusa.com also had a video made recently to describe the 2008 leaked images youtu.be/ZE5jurtddUg
And, would you know it … these images looked strangely like a Microsoft PowerPoint work file that StarViewerTeam created in 2009 depicting what NASA was calling G1.9
A Brown Dwarf Star about the size of Jupiter, with 6 Planets and many large Moons … that normally sits just outside of our Solar System's Ort Cloud, but once every 26,000 years or so, enters our Solar System.
And if you look very carefully at the images … you will notice that StarViewerTeam high-lighted the 6th planet, and followed it month by month … they firmly believe it is "Nibiru" … the Planet of the Crossing!
So, the ancient Sumerian's just might have written the truth … Nibiru did cross over into our Solar System as they told. But, if they were correct about Nibiru, were they also correct about the "Annunaki" who they said lived on Nibiru?
So, from the photos and images presented here, we have three large objects heading towards our Earth, and if JPL/NASA can be believed, they will be coming close to our Earth from September through November of this year. With their closest approach happening in October of this year. Less than 6 months away!
The photos and images also show a very large object following a month or more right behind the first two. From the images, all three objects are moving at about the same speed … that is why there is no blurring of the BDS in the images.
As more and more images are posted, we will be annualizing them, and will be posting the enhancements.
Robert & Amy Evans


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" that normally sits just outside of our Solar System's Ort Cloud, but once every 26,000 years or so,"

It normally sits outside the solar system, but once every 26,000 years or so just decides to enter our solar system? Right?

Less than six months huh? Good thing that Jesus is returning on May 21st, so that doesn't blow his entrance. You would hate to see Jesus upstaged by a comet, a brown dwarf, or Nibiru. And then we have Dec 21, 2012 after all of that? Man what an exciting few months ahead of us, eh?
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straycat - cynicism is the lowest form of wit, and i dont see u doing much to help. Quite the reverse in fact.
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We can always count on straycat (aka paid disinfo agent #4) to comment on how ridiculous everything is even though he himself has NO idea either.
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@Lawlie - I'm sorry, but your comment violated our terms of service (for profanity). If you want it seen, keep it clean! Thanks!
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If its Nibiru, as told to us by the Sumerians, then how would they know about it if it only comes by every 26000 years? The Sumerians didn't exist that far back.
If you read Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky, he tells us, based on the ancient accounts, that the object in question has an orbit of 3500 years or so...it doesn't sit beyond the ort cloud and then just decide to move in one day.
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Hi butlincat, i think you`ll find cynicism is`nt a form of wit at all, and that the saying is, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. It seems to me that the people who study this kind of thing are actually quite bright, it`s a shame they don`t spend THEIR time doing something that might "help".
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Sad thing is that NASA can't show us one photo from the hubble of Elenin. Last time I checked NASA worked for the people...... Guess thats not the case anymore! The 12 ependent banks that run the federal reserve are the enemy,fucking paying interest on money that should be printed for the people by the people not a 12 bank side business can you see how the debt will never end.......Federal reserve don't want the debt to end!!!
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The western White House is being set up in Denver..Your leader Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama, Senatorial and Congressional members, including 70 Democrat members of the Socialist Party of American..will be saved in a tunnel under the Denver airport. They will be the leaders of the New World.

You voted for these anti-American, criminal's,but you will not invited..
So long sucker's
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Pretty stupid to put a shelter in newly formed mountain ranges. They're are the first to pop during earthquakes and eruptions.

Old mountain formations are the most safe. Flatlands with rock strata even moreso. Oh well. Die and learn I guess.
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You guys need to read into this stuff :: http://www.soulunited.org/projects/cosmogenesis/
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i think that this is not a hoax because the google search results are pretty weird. something is most defintly not right if i google (in my country) either nibiru , planet x or elenin and always end up with extremist sites of the so called 'sceptics scene' as the top search results but given their the rank on alexa.com , their pageimp and the incoming links to those sites they should be nowhere near the first results. nearly every single site on the next 4 pages behind them is far higher ranked.

even if i google elenin not a single real scientific site is on the first page but tons of extreme 'sceptics'.
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Alex Jones told to prepare for this and to donate to his site. Word is he has an ark to save humanity.
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Hmm, wonders if your use of the word "enhancement' equates with photoshop.
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Hmm, wonders if your use of the word "enhancement' equates with photoshop.
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What is most annoying to me, is that we live on Earth, and we sit here as its Lord and Master, in the futile belief that we cannot be touched by "outside interference." The Universe is a rather large place, full of very big moving objects. Comet Elenin, Nibiru, it does not matter what is heading our way. It also does not matter if it is being guided by an unknown force. There is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. As a World, we lack the ability to change its path, so if you were a World leader, and you knew that a Planet killer size object was going to, or could hit Earth, would you create mass hysteria and tell everyone, with months to go before impact. I wouldn't. And listening to the people that post on here, hoping that we will be saved by Aliens! It appears now that we have had contact with Extra-terrestrials, but in our ignorance, or lack of understanding, we were unable to talk back to them.
I am not going to prepare for the worst, because I don't know what is going to happen, I hope that nothing will happen, but if it does, I think that we will just have to accept our fate
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"straycat - cynicism is the lowest form of wit, and i dont see u doing much to help."

Help? Help what, or who, and how? What else can I do to counter this ridiculous fear mongering but laugh and point to fictions like Jesus is coming to take a few of us with him?
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I saw it.
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You guys actually believe this stuff? I'm sorry but i refuse to believe everything the human race has achieved will be destroyed by a rock from outer space... no Effing way
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Sounds like these are the same folks who warned us about Y2K.
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I have a question about a very strange object I see in in the second link (2,gustavomuler) in that link are multiple links to photos and videos of the comet. In index of images, for video of 20-Apr-2011 2:37 in that Video there is a small box near the top of the screen with the letters (D482 pelrina) about 2/3 of an inch to the left of that box is a large circular body and at the end of the video it jerks suddenly down and a little to the left. do you know what this is??
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Why would we be so foolish as to think that this brown dwarf enters our system every 26,000 years. We're entering it's space, it is well known that it takes us about 26,000 years to make a complete circle on our current track (give or take). I would ponder that the nibiru system isn't moving, but we are. It makes sense...it also makes sense that there had to be past advanced civilizations here on this planet or in this system, at the last passing. We, humans, man,...did not exist as we know it, the last time around...
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Folks, all you are seeing is digital noise. In the "enhanced" images you are taking a very small object imaged at the threshold of the detectors imaging ability and boosting it so that you can see individual pixels. You are also boosting the not inconsiderable noise (as you are at the detectors very limits), and the brighter and darker pixels which people are getting excited about are just noise.


Annonymous wrote 2 messages up: "I have a question about a very strange object I see in in the second link (2,gustavomuler) in that link are multiple links to photos and videos of the comet..."

That is this one yes?

That is the asteroid D482 pelrina, like Elenin it moves slowlt through the frames of the animation the "jerk" is the video loping back to the start where Pelrina is much further back. You can see the same thing happen with the image of Elenin on the bottom left.
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Robert and Amy Evens write:"And what is the "Jupiter" sized Planet that is following them?"

None of the images you present show a planet, Jupiter sized or otherwise. You are just seeing shadowing artifacts form the image analysis programs (slight misalignment of the images can cause wired 3D shadowing effects, I get this on my STEREO comet images quite often).

If there was a Jupiter sized object in the inner solar system, it would be easily visible to the unaided eye right now.

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Thank you for posting this, I did not hear the show you where talking about , a link would be great . I would like to have a vid made about all this I hope that is OK with you. I have sent this to many forums and others that I know that are trying to get the word out on this . I feel on it in Jan this year and have been trying to get all that I can on it . This thing is already making things happen on earth, people need to WAKE UP!!!!!
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Oh for got on Feb 13th 2011 CNN posted on the NEWS that there was a planet 4X the size of Jupiter that WISE pick up, it sat in the Oort cloud. 30 second clip. that was it nothing more ever said! HMMMMMMMM
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Anonymous wrote "CNN posted on the NEWS that there was a planet 4X the size of Jupiter that WISE pick up, it sat in the Oort cloud. 30 second clip. that was it nothing more ever said! "

No, it was reported that astronomers had suggested there *might* be a planet out there, and that WISE's cameras had the *potential* to detect it. Nothing has been found as yet. See


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Just buy a dobsonian 12" telescope, a beginners guide to the solar system, and then join a local star gazer group. This will help you understand what you see inthe night sky compared to the myths and cons of the Internet.

I own a 12" zhumell deluxe with numerous 2" eyepieces, if something that big was even as close as Neptune, I'd post the pictures and end all speculation.

Telescopes.com + 12" Dobsonian + a few eyepieces = >$1000

....you'll never regret owning such a great beginner scope, trust me, it's effin worth the adventure of YOUR life.

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