Email from Don Nicoloff documenting Goldman Sachs short puts on TransOcean stock

The following is a copy of an email message from Don Nicoloff of Direct Light Productions, in answer to a request from A. True Ott to provide substantiation for our story: "No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico"


In response to my question about his usage below, Don Nicoloff wrote:
In answer to your question about the "DVD," it stands for "Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst," aka the remnant of the Nazis' underground "Abwehr" (S.S.) stationed at the Dachau concentration camp. Think of "Operation Paperclip."
The Dachau DVD is the equivalent of the CIA's black-ops division, Russia's GRU, and Israel's Sayaret Maktal. All three agencies work together and are major components of the congressional/military/industrial complex in their respective countries and wherever else they operate. They are funded by drug smuggling, bank fraud, and international Ponzi schemes.


From: donnicoloff@...
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 11:04:39 -0400
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Subject: Re: need references if possible Fw: No Joke: Goldman Sachs Shorted Gulf Of Mexico

Hi, True.... First of all, I heard a FOX news report on mainstream radio (WTAM) allude to the e-mails which disclosed GS's short-put options on WTAM-1100 AM about an hour prior to Monday night's show. The article was forwarded to me by Christopher Holmes, Ph.D. during the show. I read the "(SATIRE)" claim next to the title, though I strongly suspect that the insertion was intended to downplay the whole affair.
Then there is Chris Story's piece on the matter (the entire article is worth reading), where he originally disclosed the overseas puts which began the day before the event. Similar puts were made prior to the Iceland volcanic explosion. Trust me---that was a 'Reptilian' event which involved nukes and excessive amounts of sulphur.

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Just as our suspicions from the outset over the Polish air catastrophe at Smolensk proved to be justified, so do we and many others smell a giant rat concerning the explosion and fire at the BP oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. And the face of the rat bears an uncanny resemblance to the ugly physiognomy of George Bush Sr.

UPDATE, 3RD MAY 2010: Anecdotal evidence is indeed emerging pointing to sabotage. The lack of the usual press-frenzy interviews with survivors is also suspicious. But the main reason that we suspect sabotage is that this operation has coincided with key developments behind the scenes involving the British which has severely inconvenienced the evil American criminal kleptocracy. Seen in that light, this is a blatant sabotage operation tantamount to an act of war against the UK perpetrated as a revenge attack for the basest of motives. Unfortunately at this juncture we can't elaborate on what has been going on behind the scenes, but you can draw your own conclusions.

Further indications that this is a deliberate, malicious revenge operation against British interests (a very dangerous departure, if true, as there is such a phenomenon as 'tit for tat') are evident in the harsh, mafioso-style language emerging from the throats of US officials. 

For instance, Mr Kenneth Salazar, US Interior Secretary (i.e., the 'Minister of the Interior') is reported as having stated on 2nd May: 'Our job basically is to keep the boot on the neck of [BP] to carry out the responsibilities they have both under the law and contractually to move forward and stop this spill', even though it was almost certrainly a consequence of a revenge sabotage and provocation operation perpetrated by disaffected rogue revolutionary cadres within the US structures working to the CIA/DVD agenda.

For starters, the cement casing that blew up was installed by the corrupt Cheney-CIA operation called Halliburton. Apparently this is the second time in a year that a Halliburton casing has failed catastrophically on an oil rig.

It may be recalled from our earlier coverage that Halliburton operates a huge parasitical buying and ordering department within the Central Intelligence Agency and a parallel parasitical department inside the Pentagon, and that both these entities scam the opposite host on a routine basis, at the expense of the US taxpayer. Whether this unbelievable duplicated CIA scandal was investigated and wound up after we and others exposed it [see report dated 26th May 2008, excerpted below: ARCHIVE], we don't know. What we do recall is it became the subject of a Grand Jury investigation.

Horror stories associated with this colossal corruption op. included the faulty Halliburton gun manufactured in Saudi Arabia that routinely exploded and killed the gunner, which Halliburton continued selling long after the accidents in question (plus the despicably amoral cover-up of the reason for the gun operators' deaths); and the notorious delivery of 1,000 toasters which could be bought for $19.99 at any hardware store, but which Halliburton invoiced to the Pentagon for $1,891 a piece, on the spurious pretext that they were manufactured from a special metal.

Now the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico at 10:pm CST on 20th April 2010, was 'Deepwater Horizon' owned by Transocean Limited, based in Zug, Switzerland, with its principal office located in HOUSTON, Texas, and other offices in Zug and Vernier, Switzerland, and in George Town, Cayman Islands. Zug is where Marc Rich, real name HANS BRAND, the long-range Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) operative and East-West intermediary, is based.

The explosion occurred on the very same day that Transocean shares started trading in Europe, as is confirmed by the following Press Release dated 20th April 2010:

[SDA Note: This link apparently has been removed, dumping to an index of 2010 press releases now devoid of the April 20 listing.]

'ZUG, SWITZERLAND, Apr 20, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Transocean Ltd. (NYSE: RIG) (SIX: RIGN), the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, announced that its shares will begin trading on SIX Swiss Exchange ("SIX") today under the symbol (RIGN). Transocean's shares also trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol (RIG)'.

Following this sabotage, Barack Obama reversed course on offshore drilling, BARELY THREE WEEKS after he had publicly announced a revised domestic energy policy lifting the longstanding moratorium on certain offshore drilling. Specifically, on 30th April 2010, the controlled US 'State News Agency' Associated Press reported: 

'A top adviser to President Barack Obama said Friday that no new oil drilling would be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the rig Deepwater Horizon. David Axelrod told ABC's 'Good Morning America' that 'no additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what has happened here'. Obama recently lifted a drilling moratorium for many offshore areas, including the Atlantic and Gulf areas'.

'The oil slick could become the nation's worst environmental disaster in decades, threatening even the Exxon Valdez in scope'.

According to Reuters [25th April 2010]:

'Swiss-based Transocean Ltd.'s Deepwater Horizon sank on Thursday, two days after it exploded and caught fire while finishing a well for BP Plc., 42 miles off the Louisiana coast.

Eleven workers from the rig are missing and presumed dead in what is the worst oil rig disaster in almost a decade. The Coast Guard on Friday suspended a search for the workers.

London-based BP, which is financially responsible for the cleanup, has deployed an armada of ships and aircraft to contain the oil slick.

The explosion came almost three weeks after President Barack Obama unveiled plans for a limited expansion of US offshore oil and gas drilling.... The explosion occurred as the rig was capping a discovery well pending production, company officials said. Some 115 of the 126 workers on board at the time of the explosion were rescued'.


The 'Deepwater Horizon' operation received a safety award in 2009.

Has British Petroleum at last realised that it is just as hazardous to do business adjacent to US waters as it is to do business in the Soviet Union? 

If BP had had the wit to subscribe to 
Soviet Analyst years ago, we could have informed them that a primary purpose, from the Soviet perspective, of enticing foreign oil corporations into the 'former' USSR was to procure the necessary transfer of technology into Soviet hands, before the GRU-KGB-controlled 'oligarchs' would squeeze the Western operators out.

The Americans similarly use sabotage to destabilise the foreign competition.

As you can see, there is more than a passing indication that this sabotage may be a desperate Bush Crime Syndicate-related (i.e., DVD) operation, with the non-coincidental 'happy' outcome that British Petroleum, sabotaged again, bleeds financially.

In other words, yet another typically hardnosed US kick in the teeth for the Brits, not unassociated, we suspect, with concurrent forceful financial developments in the background.

The attack on the BP platform was similar to a false-flag event planned for Texas City, TX in early-2007. That was an MI-6/Mossad-planned event. It also reeked of G.H.W. Bush. I provided the Feb. 15th date as the planned date for blowing up the refineries there. That information stopped the event, which had been predicted to occur in late-January by Capt. Eric May's Ghost Troopers. I presumed May was working for Bush.
The sabotage in the Gulf was preceded by the following article on April 18, 2010. The article detailed an analysis of the SEC's civil complaint against Goldman Sachs. The SEC is being sued by CMLM/CMKX for selling 2.2 trillion phantom shares of their stock without prior knowledge.The SEC suit filed by the diamond mine shareholders amounts to $3.87 trillion before penalties.
I've been reporting on this since late-January, 2010. Atty. Al Hodges has said he expects the SEC (or possibly Goldman Sachs) to settle out of court to keep the story from going mainstream.
Here is Chris Story's disclosure of the civil complaint:
Lastly, I interviewed Lindsey Williams on my show last night for 2 hours. He asserted that the Gulf incident was sabotage and that the technology was too advanced for such explosions to occur. On Tuesday night's show, I referenced a caller on the Mark Levin radio show ("James") who claimed that "such accidents occur all the time." He also said that "drilling so deeply often causes unexpected pressure and natural gas to contribute to such explosions." It was obvious to me that he was told to offer that explanation. Lindsey, himself, said that they were drilling beyond a depth of 30,000 ft., not the 5,000 reported by the caller, nor mainstream media.
In closing, consider that EVERY false-flag event that has occurred has involved put options and PONZI schemes of one sort or another. The FED and the U.S. Treasury are upside down to the tune of $5.5 QUADRILLION. Lindsey was very surprised that I knew so much about the fraud in the markets---and within the oil industry. He devoted a major portion of his "The Elite Speak" DVD #3 to the fraud committed by the financial markets. He assured me, both on and off the air, that ALL of my information was !00% correct.  The event on April 20, 2010 has all the earmarks of a Bush-staged event done on behalf of Israel.All the connections are there, including Cheney/Halliburton, Marc Rich (aka Hans Brand) from Transocean, Ltd., Zug, Switzerland and Houston, TX. GS, the Treasury, and the FED all have motives. They are all one and the same.
All of the above is interconnected. Lindsey Williams agrees.
Let me know if any of this needs further clarification. It's just a summary.
~ Don

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