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Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

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Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (B&W Version) 1994

Mariah Carey- All I want for Christmas I
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Michael jackson I saw mommy kissing santa claus


Last Christmas - Wham!

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Merry Christmas Darling - Karen Carpenter


Voltage and Health Coast to Coast AM 1〜16


Date: 07-21-10

CTC SU = cosmicpreachers

Host: George Noory

Dr. Jerry Tennant, Dr. Mark Starr, Catherine Austin Fitts

Dr. Jerry Tennant talked about how he developed a method of using voltage to diagnose and treat a variety of health problems. A successful eye surgeon, he came down with encephalitis, and it was during this period that he correlated lowered voltage in specific body areas with illness. Pain is actually a symptom of abnormal voltage, and "all you have to do to get rid of it is insert enough electrons to get the voltage back up into the operating range," he said. Dr. Tennant has developed a device called the Biomodulater which can transfer the electrons to cell membranes.

Many ailments referred to as auto-immune are not caused by the body attacking itself, but from bacteria releasing digestive enzymes that get into the bloodstream and attack low voltage areas, he explained. Dr. Mark Starr, who has studied with Dr. Tennant, joined the discussion to talk about how he was successfully treated with the Biomodulater, and how hyothyroidism (previous show recap) is often associated with low voltage. A lot of the hypothyroidism is due to fluoride exposure, Tennant added.

He also pointed toward root canals as a source of health problems-- one infected root canal can shut down 63% of the immune system, he cited. Another cause of having low voltage is not having enough stomach acid (sometimes brought about by a deficiency of iodine and zinc), he detailed.

New Finance Regulations
First hour guest, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts shared her critical reaction to the new financial regulations just signed into law. "We have a couple thousand pages of legislation from the federal government" that still doesn't account for the $4 trillion missing from federal accounts. And the new regulations will essentially increase the amount of centralization, and give vast new powers to the Federal Reserve, she cautioned.

•Healing is Voltage

Secrecy, Sightings, & Exopolitics Coast to Coast AM 1〜12


Date: 07-26-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael E. Salla, Clif High
ctc am su- cosmic preachers

Pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics', Michael Salla discussed disclosure, secrecy, and changes in the way science and religion views ET contacts. He also shared details on the recent China UFO sightings. Major Chinese newspapers such as China Daily, Peoples Daily, and Xinhau News announced the UFO sighting near Hangzhou's airport, which was reported to close down for a period after the sighting. After the story was picked up by international media, unrelated UFO photos and videos got mixed in, and analysis labeled the incident as a hoax, he detailed. A research team from Shanghai concluded that the UFO was a misidentified airplane, but Salla suggested there was no way air traffic controllers would have confused a plane with a UFO.

He talked about the Washington Post's recent series of articles on US government secrecy, and suggested that classified UFO technology is being handed over to corporations, taking it out of citizen oversight. He commented that Stephen Hawking's recent pronouncement that we should be wary of making contact with aliens was a positive development in that it turned the subject into a legitimate scientific debate. Salla believes the next window for govt. disclosure will be after the 2010 elections, and it may take the initial form of something far from Earth, such as related to exoplanets or a SETI signal, rather than a direct admission of ET visitations to our planet.

Salla reported on the video testimony of Henry McElroy, a former New Hampshire legislator, who claimed he was shown a briefing document that President Eisenhower was told about benevolent ET life, and a newly released interview with the late Col. Philip Corso in which he states he personally briefed Atty Gen. Robert Kennedy in 1962 about the UFO phenomenon. Salla also spoke about the revelation from the Governor of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who said he was taken aboard a UFO and met with ETs in 1997.

Web Bot Predictions
In the first hour, Clif High shared a recap of some his 'web bot' hits, as well as presented some dire predictions for the future. He foresees a strong earthquake possibly hitting the West Coast in the next few days. He predicted economic collapse over the summer orchestrated by "the powers that be," and increased censorship of the Internet. During this same time frame, "sun disease," or solar flare-ups will impact life on Earth, he said. High also issued a warning over the dates November 8th through the 11th, 2010 in which he said an Israeli attack on Iran/nuclear war could occur that will have 9/11-like consequences.

-Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life
-Exopolitics: Political Implications Of The Extraterrestrial Presence

Web Bot Update 7/26/10 - Clif High on Coast to Coast AM - August to November 2010 Predictions (1〜3)

New predictions include a mega earthquake on West Coast, also talk about March predictions which came true: Oil Volcano / BP Oil Spill, High ranking military General being removed and lots more...

Thanks to user/webbotproject for the original upload:

Video Game Addiction COAST TO COAST AM George Noory 1〜11


Date: 07-08-10
Host:George Noory

Guests: Ryan Van Cleave, Carmen Boulter


Author Ryan Van Cleave discussed the growing epidemic of video game addiction, and shared his personal addiction and recovery story. He got hooked on the multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft, which attracts millions of users and has no set ending. The game is so popular that a $10 billion cottage industry of "gold farming" has developed where players stockpile tools and game advantages and sell them to other players who don't have the time to earn them. At the height of his Warcraft addiction, Van Cleave was playing up to 50 hours a week, "stealing time" from his friendships, family, and teaching job (which he lost).

There's nothing wrong with video games, per se-- it's a question of moderation, said Van Cleave, who noted that the digital generation has grown up without role models on how to manage one's time with games and online activity. Further, the problem often gets out of control in college, when students have large blocks of unsupervised time.

A lot of therapists don't know how to deal with the issue because it hasn't been classified as a legitimate disorder, and typical addiction strategies don't work for video games because computers and consoles are so ever-present, he pointed out. Among the resources for people to get help are reSTART, a facility in Fall City, WA and Olganon—an online gamers anonymous self-help fellowship.

Egyptian Update
First hour guest, Prof. Carmen Boulter talked about a new discovery in Saqqara, Egypt of a 4,300-year-old tomb (see article below). Interestingly, she noted that a lot of the archaeological finds at this site are only 10 feet below the surface. She also talked about how the Egyptians must have had superior technology like antigravity in order to move the huge blocks of the Pyramids.

•The Pyramid Code
•Unplugged: My Journey into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction


Bill Ryan from Project Avalon on the Gulf Oil Catastrophe - CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD

A short presentation by Bill Ryan from Project Avalon, dated 10 July 2010, about the Gulf Oil catastrophe, how the alternative media have got so much so wrong, and what we can all learn from this.

He emphasizes the little-reported and almost totally overlooked 40-year oil spill catastrophe in the Niger Delta... and closes with a Ed Kashi's very graphic 8-minute film CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD.

Many thanks to Ed Kashi and Talking Eyes Media for their kind permission to include this wonderful short film.




Economic Hitmen

It is the choice of our civilization to favor the bad over the good and this is telling in corporate politics. "Traits like being a good listener, a good team builder, an enthusiastic colleague, a great communicator do not seem to be very important when it comes to leading successful companies. In other words, warm, flexible, team-oriented and empathetic people are less likely to thrive as C.E.O.s. Organized, dogged, anal-retentive and slightly boring people are more likely to thrive," writes David Brooks for the New York Times. What Brooks is saying is that we have created the conditions for the most ruthless humans to populate the top strata of civilization.
Because psychopaths can't feel emotions such as fear, they are well suited to executive decision-making. They can eliminate emotion from weighing the upside and downside of actions; there will be no sleepless nights for them because they have closed a plant and put thousands out of work.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Psychopaths, even those who are psychopathic killers, however, are not mad, according to accepted legal and psychiatric standards. Their acts result not from a deranged mind but from a cold, calculating rationality combined with a chilling inability to treat others as thinking, feeling human beings. We really have no idea how cold hearted even the medical profession is and how pediatricians insist on injecting more and more poisons into their young patients.

The medical response to the Gulf disaster is shameful, to say the least, for they are leaving men, women and children throughout the Gulf region vulnerable to severe contamination. They are not telling them anything about basic ways of treating airborne poisons. Several institutions are standing naked in front of the world during this disaster. In Russia they tried to help the people from the radiation and even used spirulina and chlorella but for some ungodly reason there seems to be little to none of that in the States.
Butoxyethanol is a major component (30-60% by weight) of Corexit 9527, an oil spill dispersant product. In the United States, the primary manufacturers are Eastman Chemical, Dow Chemical and Equistar. Corexit 9527 is being used in conjunction with Corexit 9500 in the oil spill disaster.
Psychopaths often seem completely normal to unsuspecting targets - and they do not always ply their trade by killing. Most people are both repelled and intrigued by the images of cold-blooded, conscienceless murderers that increasingly populate our movies, television programs, and newspaper headlines. But what we do not see is how these people and companies thrive by creating chemicals, foods, and many products, drugs, and dental products that poison and kill people without a trace back to the source, which are the boardrooms of these companies who make these products in the first place.

Psychopaths are fully aware of the consequences of their actions and know the difference between right and wrong, yet they are terrifyingly self-centered, remorseless, and unable to care about the feelings of others. They know their poisons are going to hurt us and our children but they just go ahead and enjoy their lives at our expense. God must see a reason for their existence. Could it be that they are here to teach us about the true nature of evil? Or the true nature of ourselves?
It is likely that at some time in your life you will come into painful contact with a psychopath. For your own physical, psychological, and financial wellbeing, it is crucial that you know how to identify the psychopath, how to protect yourself and how to minimize the harm done to you.

Dr. Robert Hare
Next time you see a child dying of leukemia (chemical poisoning) think about these psychopaths in their boardrooms who are causing a health disaster of truly sickening proportions. Reports of oil toxicity in Texas know no end and yes, go ahead and keep eating the beef from that polluted state. It's like playing Russian roulette; you never know when you are eating a steak grown right from the side of an oil pit.

There is so much wrong with our modern civilization it will be a miracle if we can ever make it right. We have accepted the madness of modern day life mostly because we have been addicted to promises and dreams of riches and comfort. Also because we are afraid to lose what it is we have. But what is it modern man has that is worth so much? Have our decades of wealth and comfort been worth so much that we have willingly sacrificed the future of our children and the carrying capacity of the planet?

Psychopaths are simply people without hearts. Sure they have pumps beating in their chests but the heart of man goes much deeper than a muscle. It is my opinion that there is just too little heart in this world, too little love. We are facing a doubtful future because we have not learned the lessons of love. Certainly the captains of civilization are not loving nor do they like to listen to anything that conflicts with their agenda.

The next effort at building a civilization will have to be fundamentally different. It will need to be built on love of our fellow human beings and that is not about to happen as long as those in power remain so. It's the elites that we have to be most careful about for they have sociopathic goals and have no compunction against using psychopathic means. They certainly have their hands on the power strings that control contemporary civilization so their lack of heart is crushing. Print



このニューズレターは著者デーヴィッド・アイクの承認を得て翻訳されたものであり、著作権は著者に帰属します。英語原文に興味がある方は、David Ickeのサイトから購読できます。
デーヴィッド・アイク ニューズレター、2010年6月27日号



あ る重大な出来事が起こるとき、私は、「それはこれだ」とか「それはあれだ」と飛びつく前に、どんな情報が明るみに出るかを確かめるために、じっと成り行き を見守りたいのである。初めにある情勢に見えていたことが、二、三日ないし数週後に、全く異なる何かになる可能性がある。
バズビーがマザー・ジョーンズに伝えたことは、この目撃者の話によると、ハーレルが次のように叫んでいたというのだ。『べらぼうにうれしいだろ? べらぼうにうれしいだろ? 掘削施設が燃えているぞ! これが起こるって君に話しただろ』」
私 の著作とウェブサイトの読者なら、ハリバートンという名前を熟知しているだろう。それは実に凶悪なディック・チェイニーがかつて率いていた、指の先までイ ルミナティの事業団のことだ。チェイニーは、九一一、「対テロ戦争」、アフガニスタンとイラクへの侵攻を私たちに経験させた、子ブッシュ政権を通じてホワ イトハウスの実質的な権力だった。
ハ リバートン社を巻き込む、あるいはハリバートン社に関係する何もかもが、ロスチャイルド家とそれに関係のある家系によって編成されたイルミナティという秘 密結社によって最終的に操られ、指示されている。彼らは、ハリバートン社、安全装置、株式、それに何百万バレルもの原油を所有している。
ゴー ルドマン・サックスはBPの四十四パーセントの持株、ほぼ三億ドルの価値がある計四百六十八万八百二十二株を湾災害の前の週に売却してBP株を急落させ、 BPの不名誉な最高責任者トニー・ヘイワードは、爆発の一カ月前にBP株百四十万ポンドを売却したと報告されている。 その利益によって、彼は自分のマンションに関する担保を清算することができた。なんと結構なことだろう。
九 一一事件前のアメリカン航空株下落に対する「プット・オプション」(賭け)と同様に、メキシコ湾においてこの惑星で最大のイルミナティ企業ブリティシュ・ ペトロリアムが運転する掘削施設から何が起きようとしているのかを一部の人々がわかっていた、という証拠を私たちは収集しつつある。
しかし、どういうことか? 原油で汚染した海洋と荒廃した沿岸の(そして潜在的にその他のはるかに内陸の、そして世界中の)共同体は、イルミナティ秘密結社とその完全な世界支配のアジェンダにどう利するだろうか?
科 学者によると、原油、有毒ガス、岩、砂の「噴出」は、原油とガスが流出するためのさらに大きな穴を絶えず作っていることになる、と伝えられている。言い換 えると、状況はさらに悪化し、改善することなく、ただちに影響を受けた人々にとって、それはすでに甚大な規模の大災害であり、被害は日ごとに急激に増大し ている。
彼 らは、その深さにおける約四百度という温度が、海水を圧力を発生させる蒸気に変え、そのことが海底を持ち上げるだろう、と述べている。彼らは、これが二十 から八十フィートの、あるいはさらに高い津波を引き起こし、汚染した海洋を岸へ運び、居住に適さない、生命のない広大な陸地を残すだろう、と予測してい る。
アメリカの調査ジャーナリスト、ウェイン・マドセンは、オバマ政権によって発表を控えられた衛星 画像が、「常に切迫した速度で原油を噴出し続ける大きく開いた溝は、エベレスト山程度の大きさと推定される洞穴である」ということを明らかにする、と書い ている。この情報は、国民からそれを隠すために、ほとんど国家安全保障レベルの機密種別を与えられたと、彼は言う。
現 在私たちは、これまでに具現化しなかった多くの状況の中の多くの終末シナリオを耳にしているが、たとえそのような衝撃的な予測がそれほど驚異的な規模で起 こらないとしても、ディープウォーター・ホライズン掘削施設が爆発した二〇一〇年四月二十日に世界は疑うまでもなく変化した。
し かし、私たちが見ているものの規模と可能性は、メキシコ湾さえはるかに越えている。私が先ほど挙げた科学者たちは、原油が現在メキシコ湾流に達し、メキシ コ湾自体においてより少なくとも四倍強い潮流を伴い、これが今後十八カ月のうちに原油を世界の至る所に向かわせる可能性がある、と言っている。
有 毒な原油とガスには、BPによって(理論的に、公共消費向け限定で)原油を分散するために使用される致死性の「分散剤」が添加されている。彼らは、非常に 有毒なため欧州で禁止されているCorexit 9500とCorexit 9527Aを使用しているが、欧州はどのみちメキシコ湾流を経由してそれを手に入れそうだ。
Corexit は、かつてはエクソンモービルの部門であったナルコ(Nalco)という事業団が製造していて、現在の首脳部はエクソンとBPから経営陣が参加している。 欧州連合タイムス(The European Union Times)は、Corexitについて次のように書いている。
「ロ シア天然資源省がメドヴェージェフ大統領のために用意した緊急のレポートが今日警告していることは、メキシコ湾に漏出したブリティッシュ・ペトロリアム (BP)の石油とガスは、北米大陸の東半分全域が『全滅』する恐れがある全人類史上で最悪の環境大災害になろうとしている、というものだ。
ロ シアの科学者は、BPが使用するCorexit 9500として知られる何百万ガロンもの化学分散剤のために黙示録的破壊が起こるという評価の根拠としている。Corexit 9500は、メキシコ湾の海面下1マイルを超えるこの油井の先端における漏出の中へ直接ポンプで注入されていて、この報告によると、米国の大衆には秘密に されており、この最大限で悲劇的な漏出は、現在、一日に二百九十万ガロン以上であると推計されている。」
米 国環境保護局(EPA)が承認する約十二種の有毒性のより少ない、より効果的な分散剤があるのに、Corexitを使用するのは明らかにおかしい、とあな たは最初に聞いた段階で考えるかもしれない。EPAのリスト上の分散剤のうち二種は、「メキシコ湾の原油に百パーセント効果的だと分かっている一方、 Corexit製品二種の効果は五十六パーセントと六十三パーセントと評価されている。」
なぜ、BPは可能な限り大きな環境荒廃を意識的に引き起こしているのだろうか? この質問に対する答えは、以下のことに対する答えと同じである。
そ れはさておき、惑星地球上のここに戻ると、彼らが、湾岸地域の観光業や漁業などの沿岸共同体にとってはそれがすでに終わっていると知っていたように、生命 は打ちのめされ、ないしは破壊されたのだ。人々は現在、自分の生活と家族にこの大混乱をもたらした同じBPのために、「汚染除去」に取り組んで生計を立て ることを強いられている。
そ のうえ、「市民を動揺」させたくないので、人々は衝撃的な水準の毒性の中で呼吸用マスクなしで作業しなければならない、と、この情け容赦ない事業団によっ て伝えられた。そのような状況を見れば、それは、最大限で恐ろしい範囲の災害とその世界規模の可能性が明るみに出るのを止めるために、その地域でBPが基 本的に彼ら専用の戒厳令を導入したのと同じ理由である。
すでに防護なしでこの深刻な毒性の環境にさら されている「汚染除去」作業者たちの健康への影響は、私たちが見るように、すでにものすごいことになろうとしている。しかし、BPは気にすることなどまっ たくできなかった。ちょうど九一一事件後の有毒な世界貿易センター跡地において、米国政府とニューヨーク当局が救助要員のことをまったく気にすることがで きなかったように。
そ れにハリケーン、潮汐の高波、その他の気象現象が加われば、岸から二百マイルに至る陸地が、人間社会は言うまでもなく、生命を支えるにはあまりにも有毒に なりつつあることを、それらの匿名の科学者たちがなぜ書かないのかをあなたは理解できるだろう。本稿末尾のナイジェリアに関する記事を見れば、原油汚染が もたらすいくつかの結果がわかるだろう。
調 査ジャーナリスト、ウェイン・マドソンが提供した報告書は、米国政府、連邦緊急管理庁(FEMA)、米国陸軍工兵隊の内部の「情報源」が、掘削施設の二百 マイル範囲内にメタンとCorexitを含む有毒な雨の組合せに起因する「デッドゾーン」を予測している、と引用しているが、湾の海岸線にある町や都市を 再び見ると非常に考えさせられる。
「ニュー オリンズ、バトンルージュ、マンデビル、ハモンド、ホウマー、ベルチェース、シャルメット、スライデル、ビロクシ、ガルフポート、ペンサコラ、ハッティズ バーグ、モービル、ベイミネット、フォートウォルトンビーチ、パナマシティ、クレストビュー、パスカグーラの強制的な避難のための計画が導入されてい る。」
そのたくさんの人々、そしておそらく湾の海岸線ないしその二百マイルの範囲内で暮ら している何千万以上の人々を避難させることを想像してほしいのだが、それこそがまさに災害と強制の規模であり、私の著書や他の人々が詳しく述べている統制 システムの主要なアセットであるFEMAが、莫大な数の人々に念願の戒厳令を押し付けることを可能にするのである。
FEMA と軍隊は、長年にわたって、まさに原油汚染を伴うそのような状況のための訓練をしてこれに備えていたが、このすべての記録は、ディープウォーター・ホライ ズン爆発の前の週にFEMA関連のウェブサイトから抹消されている。アメリカにそういった規模で影響を及ぼす何もかもが、世界中の経済に波及効果を持つこ とになる。それは、地球規模の問題が世界の政治的、軍事的な独裁という世界的な解決を提供するように扇動するためのあらゆる見せかけの上に、最大限の混乱 を引き起こそうと模索する秘密結社のためのもう一つのボーナスである。
「海 底から原油を採ることは、地球内部を不安定にしている。地球の中心は動き、極は変化するだろう。海の聖霊たちは立ち上がり、人間たちが原油を採るのを止め させるだろう。海は陸地を再生するだろう。そして人類は自分たちがこういった恐ろしいことをできないと知るだろう。彼らは、諸要素を濫用することができな い。それらは敬意をもって扱われなければならない。」
こ のすべてには非常に多くの水準があり、起こっていることについて知るべきことがもっとたくさんある。ある水準では、イルミナティの家系がこの原油災害のよ うなアジェンダを遂行し、もう一つの水準では、他の事象が展開している。そして、ある水準において起こっているように見えることは、他から見ると、非常に 違って見える。
私 は、二、三日前、偉大なズールー族の高位シャーマン、クレド・ムトワと話をしていた。そして彼は、「世界の終わり」までの行程で海が血に変わることは彼の 文化におけるひとつのテーマだったと言っていた。彼は、こうも言った。南アフリカのサンゴマ(シャーマン)は、血のように降っている雨と海岸に押し寄せて いる血の大きな塊のビジョンや夢を見ている、と。
こ れは、「世界の終わり」の伝説と予言に関して非常に多くあるテーマだ。それは、「古い世界」、周期、ユガないしエポックが新しいものに置き換わるために姿 を消しているのを見る一連の事象である。ヨハネの黙示録では、これらの事象は「封印」として象徴化されているが、ホピ族の予言はそれらを「兆候」と呼んで いる。ズールー族の伝説と予言は同じテーマを持ち、それらは注目すべきことに、さまざまな点で互いに一致している。
こ こで強調したいことは、「世界の終わり」とは生命の終わりではなく、単にひとつのエポック、ひとつの時代の終わりを意味していて、それはつまり、私たちが 現在多くの深刻な難問が起こることで経験しているのである。 しかし、もし古い「世界」が瓦解しないならば、新しいものは出現できない。なぜなら古いものは、その統制のシステムを通して、そうした変化を押さえ込み、 押しつぶそうとするからだ。



湾が毒ガスにやられた – ベンゼン






依然として沸き立つペンサコラビーチの波 – 奇妙な色

そして、それは唯一の原油災害ではない 。







デーヴィッド・アイク – 人類よ立ち上がれ







このニューズレターは著者デーヴィッド・アイクの承認を得て翻訳されたものであり、著作権は著者に帰属します。英語原文に興味がある方は、David Ickeのサイトから購読できます。



Max Keiser Reveals "Put Options" Ties to BP's False Flag Oil Spill Event on Alex Jones Tv 1〜5

Alex welcomes back to the show Max Keiser, a film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader. Keiser is the host of On the Edge, a program of news and analysis, and Keiser Report, a financial tabloid, that broadcasts on RT. Keiser formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. He invented Virtual Specialist Technology, a software system used by the Hollywood Stock Exchange.
part 1

Goldman Sacksはメキシコ湾BP原油流出事故(!?)の1週間前、まだ他石油株が高い時にBP株の44%を売却。この時のGoldman SacksのCEOはBPのCEOも兼ねていた。CEO自身もBPの自己持ち株の1/3を1週間前に売却。Halliburton社は事故の数週間前にメキシコ湾に活動拠点を持つ流出原油清掃会社を買収。
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Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover - PT 1〜2


Alex Jones breaks down the takeover by offshore banking powers-- newly empowered by Congress' banking "reform," expanded taxes worldwide, as well as accelerated moves towards ending the Dollar's reserve status, including urging from a recent United Nations report.

This Fourth of July, the United States is indeed in peril; it is not only the Gulf Oil Spill, Russian spies and threats of war with Iran which Americans must worry about. Instead it is the quiet but deadly conquest by private, central banks, who lobbied Congress to once again vest new powers in the Federal Reserve and, by all indicators, further weaken the U.S. economy through its future actions.

The financial crisis has indeed been developed in such a way that no nation can ever repay all the debt, and control by global economic forces is all but inevitable.

"This is as big as World War I or World War II," Alex Jones comments.
"What is happening now is bigger than the banking takeover of 1913... it is a worldwide financial coup d'etat."

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Alex Gives His Full Report of The BP Gulf Oil Spill "False Flag" Event on Alex Jones Tv 15

Alex gives his full report on the bp gulf oil spill, and reveals why he is now sure it's a 100% false flag event to usher in the global carbon tax talked about at the G-20 summit.

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Hopi prophecy 2012 Rare video part 1.avi

FROM THE ORIGINAL UPLOADER: Here are some videos I came across one day. They were taken in 1986 at an elementary school. I found it very weird to watch it 23 years later and see how much the world had changed. I'll bet the man is still alive. He can definitely understand it now better than in 1986.

The following was taken from a description from the 5th video in the list:

The Hopi maintain a complex religious and mythological tradition stretching back over centuries. However, it is difficult to definitively state what all Hopis as a group believe. Like the oral traditions of many other societies, Hopi mythology is not always told consistently and each Hopi mesa, or even each village, may have its own version of a particular story. But, "in essence the variants of the Hopi myth bear marked similarity to one another." It is also not clear that those stories which are told to non-Hopis, such as anthropologists and ethnographers, represent genuine Hopi beliefs or are merely stories told to the curious while keeping safe the Hopi's more sacred doctrines. As folklorist Harold Courlander states, "there is a Hopi reticence about discussing matters that could be considered ritual secrets or religion-oriented traditions." David Roberts continues that "the secrecy that lies at the heart of Puebloan [including Hopi] life...long predates European contact, forming an intrinsic feature of the culture." In addition, the Hopis have always been willing to assimilate foreign religious ideas into their cosmology if they are proven effective for such practical necessities as bringing rain. As such, it is important to note that the Hopi had at least some contact with Europeans beginning the 16th century, and some believe that European Christian traditions may have entered into Hopi cosmology at some point. Indeed, Spanish missions were built in several Hopi villages starting in 1629 and were in operation until the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. However, after the revolt, it was the Hopi alone of all the Pueblo tribes who kept the Spanish out of their villages permanently, and regular contact with whites did not begin again until nearly two centuries later. The Hopi mesas have therefore been seen as "relatively unacculturated" at least through the early twentieth century, and it may be posited that the European influence on the core themes of Hopi mythology was slight.

[According to my knowledge (Lybertha's) they were recorded in 1976, but I won't claim to be right.]
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The SEVENTH SIGN of the Hopi Prophecy gulf of mexico bp oil leak


"Halliburton get messy" Daily Options Intelligence Report Options

Fri, Apr 30 2010, 04:42 GMT
by Andrew Wilkinson

HAL - Halliburton Co. – Making sense of options activity on oil company, Halliburton Co., this afternoon is difficult due to the chaotic and seemingly pattern-less trading taking place on the stock. Investors exchanged more than 200,000 contracts on HAL by 3:00 pm (ET), which represents approximately 37% of total existing open interest on the stock of 541,062 contracts. Frenzied options trading was catalyzed by news the firm is assisting in ongoing investigations regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as HAL reportedly provided a variety of oilfield services to Deepwater Horizon rig, which is the rig that caught fire and sank last week. Options volume and options implied volatility on Halliburton jumped while its shares slipped 6.3% to $31.26. The surge in demand for option contracts on the stock, coupled with uncertainty regarding possible repercussions stemming from HAL’s connection to the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, lifted the overall reading of options implied volatility 25.4% to 44.13% as of 3:25 pm (ET). Trading activity is heaviest in the May contract with decent volume building in both call and put options. Some bearish investors bracing for continued share price erosion purchased about 2,200 puts at the lowest available strike – the May $25 strike price – for an average premium of $0.16 apiece. Buying interest in put options was also apparent at the May $26 strike where 1,800 puts were picked up for an average premium of $0.20 each. May $29 strike puts were the most heavily trafficked as more than 16,700 contracts changed hands by 3:22 pm (ET), versus previously existing open interest of just 2,743 contracts at that strike. But, the put action was certainly not one-sided as investors took to buying and selling the contracts, with buyers gaining the right to sell the stock at $29.00, and sellers receiving an average premium of $0.81 per contract in exchange for bearing the risk of having shares of the underlying stock put to them at $29.00. Similar two-way trading traffic in calls took place at out-of-the-money strike prices as some traders threw in the towel on bullish stances expiring in May. Meanwhile, contrarian players purchased out-of-the-money calls, perhaps to prepare for a potential rebound in the price per share ahead of expiration next month.
IPG - Interpublic Group of Cos., Inc. – Advertising and marketing services firm, Interpublic Group of Companies, enticed bullish options investors during afternoon trading after revealing a narrower first-quarter loss of $0.15 per share as compared to a loss of $0.16 per share in the same period last year. IPG’s shares rallied 4.6% earlier in the session to an intraday high of $9.70, which is just $0.23 off the stock’s current 52-week high of $9.93 attained back on April 20, 2010. Options-optimists expecting continued bullish movement in the price of the underlying stock through May expiration purchased 4,800 calls at the May $10 strike for an average premium of $0.30 each. Interpublic’s shares must break through the current 52-week high and surpass the average breakeven point on the calls at $10.30 in order for call-buyers to accrue profits by expiration day in May.

Email from Don Nicoloff documenting Goldman Sachs short puts on TransOcean stock

The following is a copy of an email message from Don Nicoloff of Direct Light Productions, in answer to a request from A. True Ott to provide substantiation for our story: "No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico"


In response to my question about his usage below, Don Nicoloff wrote:
In answer to your question about the "DVD," it stands for "Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst," aka the remnant of the Nazis' underground "Abwehr" (S.S.) stationed at the Dachau concentration camp. Think of "Operation Paperclip."
The Dachau DVD is the equivalent of the CIA's black-ops division, Russia's GRU, and Israel's Sayaret Maktal. All three agencies work together and are major components of the congressional/military/industrial complex in their respective countries and wherever else they operate. They are funded by drug smuggling, bank fraud, and international Ponzi schemes.


From: donnicoloff@...
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 11:04:39 -0400
To: atrueott@...
Subject: Re: need references if possible Fw: No Joke: Goldman Sachs Shorted Gulf Of Mexico

Hi, True.... First of all, I heard a FOX news report on mainstream radio (WTAM) allude to the e-mails which disclosed GS's short-put options on WTAM-1100 AM about an hour prior to Monday night's show. The article was forwarded to me by Christopher Holmes, Ph.D. during the show. I read the "(SATIRE)" claim next to the title, though I strongly suspect that the insertion was intended to downplay the whole affair.
Then there is Chris Story's piece on the matter (the entire article is worth reading), where he originally disclosed the overseas puts which began the day before the event. Similar puts were made prior to the Iceland volcanic explosion. Trust me---that was a 'Reptilian' event which involved nukes and excessive amounts of sulphur.

[... added to break up url from widening the page]
Just as our suspicions from the outset over the Polish air catastrophe at Smolensk proved to be justified, so do we and many others smell a giant rat concerning the explosion and fire at the BP oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. And the face of the rat bears an uncanny resemblance to the ugly physiognomy of George Bush Sr.

UPDATE, 3RD MAY 2010: Anecdotal evidence is indeed emerging pointing to sabotage. The lack of the usual press-frenzy interviews with survivors is also suspicious. But the main reason that we suspect sabotage is that this operation has coincided with key developments behind the scenes involving the British which has severely inconvenienced the evil American criminal kleptocracy. Seen in that light, this is a blatant sabotage operation tantamount to an act of war against the UK perpetrated as a revenge attack for the basest of motives. Unfortunately at this juncture we can't elaborate on what has been going on behind the scenes, but you can draw your own conclusions.

Further indications that this is a deliberate, malicious revenge operation against British interests (a very dangerous departure, if true, as there is such a phenomenon as 'tit for tat') are evident in the harsh, mafioso-style language emerging from the throats of US officials. 

For instance, Mr Kenneth Salazar, US Interior Secretary (i.e., the 'Minister of the Interior') is reported as having stated on 2nd May: 'Our job basically is to keep the boot on the neck of [BP] to carry out the responsibilities they have both under the law and contractually to move forward and stop this spill', even though it was almost certrainly a consequence of a revenge sabotage and provocation operation perpetrated by disaffected rogue revolutionary cadres within the US structures working to the CIA/DVD agenda.

For starters, the cement casing that blew up was installed by the corrupt Cheney-CIA operation called Halliburton. Apparently this is the second time in a year that a Halliburton casing has failed catastrophically on an oil rig.

It may be recalled from our earlier coverage that Halliburton operates a huge parasitical buying and ordering department within the Central Intelligence Agency and a parallel parasitical department inside the Pentagon, and that both these entities scam the opposite host on a routine basis, at the expense of the US taxpayer. Whether this unbelievable duplicated CIA scandal was investigated and wound up after we and others exposed it [see report dated 26th May 2008, excerpted below: ARCHIVE], we don't know. What we do recall is it became the subject of a Grand Jury investigation.

Horror stories associated with this colossal corruption op. included the faulty Halliburton gun manufactured in Saudi Arabia that routinely exploded and killed the gunner, which Halliburton continued selling long after the accidents in question (plus the despicably amoral cover-up of the reason for the gun operators' deaths); and the notorious delivery of 1,000 toasters which could be bought for $19.99 at any hardware store, but which Halliburton invoiced to the Pentagon for $1,891 a piece, on the spurious pretext that they were manufactured from a special metal.

Now the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico at 10:pm CST on 20th April 2010, was 'Deepwater Horizon' owned by Transocean Limited, based in Zug, Switzerland, with its principal office located in HOUSTON, Texas, and other offices in Zug and Vernier, Switzerland, and in George Town, Cayman Islands. Zug is where Marc Rich, real name HANS BRAND, the long-range Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) operative and East-West intermediary, is based.

The explosion occurred on the very same day that Transocean shares started trading in Europe, as is confirmed by the following Press Release dated 20th April 2010:

[SDA Note: This link apparently has been removed, dumping to an index of 2010 press releases now devoid of the April 20 listing.]

'ZUG, SWITZERLAND, Apr 20, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Transocean Ltd. (NYSE: RIG) (SIX: RIGN), the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, announced that its shares will begin trading on SIX Swiss Exchange ("SIX") today under the symbol (RIGN). Transocean's shares also trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol (RIG)'.

Following this sabotage, Barack Obama reversed course on offshore drilling, BARELY THREE WEEKS after he had publicly announced a revised domestic energy policy lifting the longstanding moratorium on certain offshore drilling. Specifically, on 30th April 2010, the controlled US 'State News Agency' Associated Press reported: 

'A top adviser to President Barack Obama said Friday that no new oil drilling would be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the rig Deepwater Horizon. David Axelrod told ABC's 'Good Morning America' that 'no additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what has happened here'. Obama recently lifted a drilling moratorium for many offshore areas, including the Atlantic and Gulf areas'.

'The oil slick could become the nation's worst environmental disaster in decades, threatening even the Exxon Valdez in scope'.

According to Reuters [25th April 2010]:

'Swiss-based Transocean Ltd.'s Deepwater Horizon sank on Thursday, two days after it exploded and caught fire while finishing a well for BP Plc., 42 miles off the Louisiana coast.

Eleven workers from the rig are missing and presumed dead in what is the worst oil rig disaster in almost a decade. The Coast Guard on Friday suspended a search for the workers.

London-based BP, which is financially responsible for the cleanup, has deployed an armada of ships and aircraft to contain the oil slick.

The explosion came almost three weeks after President Barack Obama unveiled plans for a limited expansion of US offshore oil and gas drilling.... The explosion occurred as the rig was capping a discovery well pending production, company officials said. Some 115 of the 126 workers on board at the time of the explosion were rescued'.


The 'Deepwater Horizon' operation received a safety award in 2009.

Has British Petroleum at last realised that it is just as hazardous to do business adjacent to US waters as it is to do business in the Soviet Union? 

If BP had had the wit to subscribe to 
Soviet Analyst years ago, we could have informed them that a primary purpose, from the Soviet perspective, of enticing foreign oil corporations into the 'former' USSR was to procure the necessary transfer of technology into Soviet hands, before the GRU-KGB-controlled 'oligarchs' would squeeze the Western operators out.

The Americans similarly use sabotage to destabilise the foreign competition.

As you can see, there is more than a passing indication that this sabotage may be a desperate Bush Crime Syndicate-related (i.e., DVD) operation, with the non-coincidental 'happy' outcome that British Petroleum, sabotaged again, bleeds financially.

In other words, yet another typically hardnosed US kick in the teeth for the Brits, not unassociated, we suspect, with concurrent forceful financial developments in the background.

The attack on the BP platform was similar to a false-flag event planned for Texas City, TX in early-2007. That was an MI-6/Mossad-planned event. It also reeked of G.H.W. Bush. I provided the Feb. 15th date as the planned date for blowing up the refineries there. That information stopped the event, which had been predicted to occur in late-January by Capt. Eric May's Ghost Troopers. I presumed May was working for Bush.
The sabotage in the Gulf was preceded by the following article on April 18, 2010. The article detailed an analysis of the SEC's civil complaint against Goldman Sachs. The SEC is being sued by CMLM/CMKX for selling 2.2 trillion phantom shares of their stock without prior knowledge.The SEC suit filed by the diamond mine shareholders amounts to $3.87 trillion before penalties.
I've been reporting on this since late-January, 2010. Atty. Al Hodges has said he expects the SEC (or possibly Goldman Sachs) to settle out of court to keep the story from going mainstream.
Here is Chris Story's disclosure of the civil complaint:
Lastly, I interviewed Lindsey Williams on my show last night for 2 hours. He asserted that the Gulf incident was sabotage and that the technology was too advanced for such explosions to occur. On Tuesday night's show, I referenced a caller on the Mark Levin radio show ("James") who claimed that "such accidents occur all the time." He also said that "drilling so deeply often causes unexpected pressure and natural gas to contribute to such explosions." It was obvious to me that he was told to offer that explanation. Lindsey, himself, said that they were drilling beyond a depth of 30,000 ft., not the 5,000 reported by the caller, nor mainstream media.
In closing, consider that EVERY false-flag event that has occurred has involved put options and PONZI schemes of one sort or another. The FED and the U.S. Treasury are upside down to the tune of $5.5 QUADRILLION. Lindsey was very surprised that I knew so much about the fraud in the markets---and within the oil industry. He devoted a major portion of his "The Elite Speak" DVD #3 to the fraud committed by the financial markets. He assured me, both on and off the air, that ALL of my information was !00% correct.  The event on April 20, 2010 has all the earmarks of a Bush-staged event done on behalf of Israel.All the connections are there, including Cheney/Halliburton, Marc Rich (aka Hans Brand) from Transocean, Ltd., Zug, Switzerland and Houston, TX. GS, the Treasury, and the FED all have motives. They are all one and the same.
All of the above is interconnected. Lindsey Williams agrees.
Let me know if any of this needs further clarification. It's just a summary.
~ Don

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    No joke: Goldman Sachs shorted Gulf of Mexico - It turns out that Goldman Sachs really did place shorts on TransOcean stock days before the explosions rocked the rig in the Gulf of Mexico sending stocks plunging while GS profits soared -- benefitting once again from a huge disaster, having done the same with airline stocks prior to 911 then again with the housing bubble. (PESN; May 5, 2010)

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    Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans - Imagine a pipe 5 feet wide spewing crude oil like a fire hose from what could be the planets' largest, high-pressure oil and gas reserve. With the best technology available to man, the Deepwater Horizon rig popped a hole into that reserve and was overwhelmed. If this isn't contained, it could poison all the oceans of the world. (PESN; May 2, 2010)
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    Deepwater Horizon debacle pushes alt energy - In addition to devastating ecological despoiling, the oil slick could shut down Mississippi River transport, effecting nearly half of U.S. import/export commerce. The damage to the tourism industry in Alabama and Florida could top $25 Billion a year for several years. Faced with this disaster the Obama Administration has just stopped all off shore drilling. (PESN; May 1, 2010)

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