Dr Bill Deagle (24 November 2009) H1N1 situation of D225G genetic change reported by the WHO identified in Ukraine, Norway, Canada and several other countries.

24 November 2009 - update 1
• A few hours ago we (Project Camelot) spoke again with Dr Bill Deagle: click here for a new 50 minute interview, much of which is about the H1N1 situation - following closely on the heels of our detailed Ukraine report below, relayed to us from a doctor in Kyiv and posted earlier today.
 24 November 2009
 As promised, here's an expanded report from our Ukraine update yesterday.
We've not communicated directly with our source, who relayed this report via an intermediary who spoke to her in depth on the phone two days ago. The source is a doctor and qualified nutritionist in Kyiv [Kiev] with recent hands-on experience of treating patients who are seriously ill with what the Russians are calling "Mutant Black Lung" - apparently an apt name for a horrific and often fatal set of symptoms.
The problem (corroborated by Dr Henry L Niman and others) is that the H1N1 virus has mutated and the new strain goes straight to the bottom of the lungs where it causes massive bleeding triggered by a cytokine storm. It's the patient's own immune over-reaction that kills them. This is what happened in the second wave in the fall of 1918 (click here and here for historical archives and photos). It's not pneumonia, and it's not pneumonic plague (which is a bacterium, not a virus - but more on that below in the final paragraph of this report). However, it's extremelynasty and can be a very fast killer of anyone affected.
Our source said that she had kept some one seriously ill patient alive with intramuscular injections of Vitamin D: up to 30,000 IU, twice a day. This was a surgeon who had suddenly collapsed in the operating theater 40 minutes after waking up one morning. The surgeon's colleague was not so lucky: he collapsed two hours later, and was dead the next day.
She personally witnessed aircraft spraying something that was slimy and smelly over Lviv. These were NOT chemtrails - it was more like crop-dusting. The altitude was about 1500 feet [500 meters]. They were large aircraft: the windows in her 4-story building shook when one of the planes passed. This was three days before the outbreak there. That report is matched by information she learned in Kyiv, where the same planes were reported and again the outbreak occurred three days later.
There are restrictions in travel: the source's husband had to bribe his way to cross one national border. In many villages one cannot leave. In larger towns, however, it's easier to find a way out. Taxi drivers are not permitted to leave a city without a military licence. The source reported on one occasion seeing several pick-up trucks traveling together between cities which had on them a sign to the effect that one should keep clear as there were bodies on board.
About 10% of patients are recovering quickly and discharging after a few days. The rest are still in hospital and if not dead are not recovering after even three weeks. She noted that they might still die, so it's impossible to establish the true CFR [Case Fatality Rate]. In the Kyiv hospital where she works 40% of the staff are ill and the 600 bed hospital - usually 2/3 full - now has 1200 patients and they have even had to move bodies out of the morgue to make room for beds. Many who did not fall ill are not reporting to work. The healthcare system is breaking down. There is nothing in the pharmacies except for Aspirin - if one is lucky. Locals are falling back on traditional remedies and some groups (for instance) were going into the forest to hunt for medicinal mushrooms because they had nothing else to use.
No-one in Ukraine has accurate statistics. But WHO officials have been seen in many locations. Her colleagues are baffled because they look to the western media for news reports... and they see nothing. They cannot understand this. But what's happening in Ukraine is now being well reported in Russia. Furthermore, this H1N1 mutation is now apparently being encountered in Poland, Turkey, Russia and the Czech Republic.
The source had encountered cases of bubonic and pneumonic plague professionally and was familiar with the symptoms. In this new epidemic, the severe lung damage was so similar to pneumonic plague that she said "it was as if someone had taken the bacterial component of the plague and shoved it into a virus". Please note that we are not medically qualified and cannot comment on this remark, which may have been meant descriptively rather than scientifically. We do understand that bacteria and viruses are very different, spread differently, affect the body differently, and need to be treated differently. Also please note an important interview with a Ukrainian Coroner here (a short, must-read report) - which seems very likely to be accurate. We await further information. We are also interviewing Dr Bill Deagle again within the next 48 hours.
Nobody has to fall into any VICTIMHOOD FREQUENCY, by the way. We can protect our physical body by consciously increasing our own immune system and simply refusing the acceptance of any viruses. If you are not confident enough to believe you can do that only by your consciousness, try any natural, holistic or whatever protection you decided to believe. Remember that whatever illness it'll be, without intentionally accepting it, you'll never be influenced by it.

This is pretty amazing. My second daughter was telling me the other day that almost all of her classmates were brain washed by the pharmaceuticals' scaremongering, influenza vaccines and drugs sales campaign. Except some of them, they just can't accept what she's been informing everybody about the truth, so she's pissed off by it. But she said "I'm not gonna get any influenza virus. Because I decided not to." Wow! She, son and I are usually the positive thinkers. My husband and my other daughter are the bit negative ones. She already caught the influenza(probably it was so) this autumn. She recovered without any medical treatment. Just resting for 3 days with 2 tea spoons of Silver Solution intake each day for 5 days. Just don't be so exaggerated or dramatic about the current trend. Don't buy any of those scare tactics then you'll be just fine.   

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