33 “This Is It” clues that prove MJ faked his death: Help us find them

  1. Got_2_B_There 4 November 2009 at 8am
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    Hey Sweetheart,
    How are you? The movie was like seeing the “master at his craft”. It was just wonderful and gave me a chance to see “you” so to speak. I never could have afforded the London Concerts…oh wait…there were never going to be any concerts in the first place. This was all just a smokescreen for you to fullfill your dream of staring in your own movie. Captain Neo wasn’t enough? (just kidding).
    O.K. clue time…here goes MJ….Just for you baby I write this.
    First off though I have to say the stunt doubles did NOT do you justice in the movie. That said Mike….this post is just for you honey. I will list my clues first and then what I have to say about them. MJ…these clues are in no particular order. You will find there are 33 here as well.

    1. Use of the word simmer. (you used it four times). This equals that you were/are preparing something great.
    2. Use of the word sizzle: This indicates glamour/taking the stage.
    3. use of words such as: Bathe, nourish, nurture: Indicates your desire for love/wholeness
    4. Your Phrase to everyone: “We are a family. We are all one: Indicates your desire for healing/unity on earth and among people.
    5. Your use of it’s an adventure: This brings excitement to you. Thus you in turn want to bring excitement to others.
    6. The racing fire scene and your phrase “let it burn”: Represents life and destruction. Getting rid of the old before brining in the new. (old earth/new earth such as in the end times bibilical prophecy yet to be fulfilled),
    7. Black coat with cross on it in Black and White song: Again your desire to have unity, wholeness, love, oneness among people. You also have a strong belief in God.
    8. Use of 3 or sums of three.
    9. Clue 9: 3 shirts on at a time: could represent layered protection/protection (your desire to protect others and be protected).
    10.Clue 10: Penguin move: Indicates relocation
    11.Clue 11: Many times you make an indication of 4 walls with your hands: This shows several things: You want to escape, you will be separated from those you love, but be surrounded by walls of protection.
    12.clue 12: Gun shoot out in Smooth Criminal: Shows Power: Maybe someone has/had power or control over you. Someone or a group of people were controlling you.
    13.Clue 13: Your trouble hearing/ it feels like a fist in my ear: Again indicates aggression and power from these out sources.
    14.clue: 14: Your shirt in several scenes is 1/2 in and 1/2 out: This indicates confusion, double-mindedness about a situation, perhaps yours.
    15.Clue 15: The sunglasses on inside: Indicate you are hiding something or from someone. The scenes where you take them off show your coming out of hiding.
    16. Clue 16: Your dancing in circles. Alot of circular movements and motions were used in the dances. This shows you feel lost. Your life is in circles, chaos.s
    17. Clue 17: Several times you have black and blue on: Not only two of your favorite colors MJ. (didn’t think I knew that did you). But that breaks down like this. Black represents the darkness either you or your life or both are in at this moment. Blue equals a sincerity about returning again. (like true blue).
    18. Clue 18: Smooth Criminal Chase: Someone is chasing you.
    19. Clue 19: Clutching of the turquoise T-shirt: Again, someone or something has a hold on you and has forced you into hiding.
    20. Clue 20: Your use of the word escapism: You want to escape from the situation you are in and plan to do so.
    21. Clue 21: You use the phrase: “Look over your shoulders honey” Twice in I’ll be there and you have sung that song over 20 years. You know you only say it ONE time.
    22. Clue 22: Order of your songs: Trying to send a message to the world. people/perhaps a group of people.
    23. Clue 23: Facial expressions: Smiling indicates your joy at bringing people together. Spreading love. Healing, Hope. coming out of hiding and finally being free enough to set the record straight with your beloved fans and those who you need to.
    24, Clue 24: STEM of the plant in earth song: Shows new growth. Your desire to help put new life back into dead things. Alot of spiritually dead people walking around here Michael. Also, the stem means growth. New growth in your life and you has a person which “stems” from this cause.
    25: Clue 25: Blimp with words “All Air” on it in “The Way you make me feel:” You need to breath,to catch a break, and gain some renewed energy. Matter of fact You desire a new identity.
    26: Clue 26: 4 years to get it right: 4 means to restore order to things. you desire order restored not only to this world, but to peoples lives and love is the starting order. LOVE FIRST.
    27: Clue 27: “It’s all about love”: Taking care of something/someone/ or making sure things are taken care of.
    28: Clue 28: Picture of the World with “Heal the World” above it. This clue indicates either people in the world, or people in general/group of people. Healing through love of people and one another to bring order and restoration and hope. That is why you write these songs to give people a sense of hope. You are not wasting your time for nothing you are saying.
    29: Clue 29: LightMan: (Show first opens up) Michael is revealed piece by piece. This indicates what has been going on with you all this time MJ will be revealed. What is done in darkness is ALWAYS revealed in the light. People will see you either in a new light, or in darkness and anger. Probably a mizture of feelings amongst the fans.
    30: Clue 30: History Tour was the last one you did: This is it goes down as the greatest feat in history.
    31: Clue 31: excessive use of light or the word light: Ortega tells him many times on Billie Jean about stepping into the light. First of all Michael knows where the spotlight is on that song. He has done it many times. Secondly, in the second part of the song at the end where he puts his hat on and dances: He starts with his right foot, then quickly catches it and makes a switch. He again has done this dance for over 20 years. He knows which foot is first, and in “They don’t care about us:” While everyone else has there feet pointing straight, Mj has one straight–the left–and the right is turned outward a bit. Mike, you know better. you are a perfectionist.
    32: Clue 32: The drawbridge closing up at the end of “Thriller” This indicates a closing and ending of a process, phase, or event either real, imagined, or feared.
    33: Clue 33: Finally he gives hope to people by letting them know in the song “I’ll be there” as he says he has to rest his voice indicating he has to stay silent for now and cannot talk about things– but as indicated by NO death date in closing the film, he will be back with an even bigger vision.
    Now…How I see this whole thing and all these clues my dear Michael is this:
    You were in a creative process mode preparing your project. Your dream. your baby that you have carried in your heart for years. you were looking for this project of yours to “Restore” unity. oneness,and love among people and the world.
    However, you felt like you were going in circles. People pressuring and controlling you all the time. Near completion they were controlling you instead of the other way. You had to do something. You came up with your adventure project.
    Someone or perhaps a group has/had a hold on you. Your life was spining out of control. you felt like the 4 walls were closing in. Darkness set in for you. People were lying about you. They were cheating you. You were putting together a glamorous production with you at center stage. This was an exciting adventure and your project would have went down in history all while helping the economy to boost, or rather line those pockets of the ones who tried to control your money.
    Then-confusion set in and suddenly halted your plans. Those who are after you made you feel fearful. You had no choice but to escape. You were threatened. you feared harm. You had to go into hiding. Someone has/had power over you. They held something over you, maybe even threatened to expose you. In the midst of all of this you have a heavy heart MJ and a concern for the earth and destruction of not only the earth, but the heart as well. You have a great desire to see order restored to the world. You love the world, nature, and people–but the pressures were just to much. They are not listening. You want new life, new order, (hence new world order). You needed to breathe again and stop being suffocated by your life’s events. You are sad that it came to this-relocation and hiding. Your schemes and plans had to take place and you have helpers too. You desire protection. Your return keeps playing on your mind. Will people accept me? What will your thousands of adoring fans think? Will they hate you for deceiving them you wonder, or will they forgive and welcome you back with open arms. As you say Michael, it is all about love. Well here is the test. You shall see if those who claim they love you really do. Will people join you in your quest for a clean, whole, world, hope and peace.

    (Note to MJ: Keep reading… the second half is below).
    It is all here in black and white. These two post intertwine. That is why you have to read BOTH of them. When you understand these two post,(not talking to Mike here but to everyone else reading) Then you will fully see what MJ was trying to tell you and why he would have had to go, and this should explain it all. It could not be any simpler. The messge is clear. Will you accept it and board the train before it is gone?
    **This is the second part that goes along with my first post. You should be able to put this all together now and get the FULL PICTURE of what Michael is saying and please make sure you read this WHOLE thing. VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ BOTH POST TOGETHER ON THE SAME PAGE AND AS YOU READ EVERY BIT OF IT YOU SEE THE MESSAGE. WHEN YOU REALLY GRASP IT YOU CAN’T HELP BUT RUN WITH IT. GOOD JOB MJ.
    The whole point of the movie “This is It” is about the prophetic end times that have yet to be fulfilled in the bible.
    Michael, who obviously understands this has caught a vision of it and the urgency to get this message out to the world. Here are more things to ponder. OK this should help you with your clues alot now. Especially if you take the two POSTINGS INTO CONTEXT AS MJ MEANT IT TO BE.

    A. About half of this film represents fire. This in turn equals destruction as well as cleansing. The earth is prophised to be destroyed,(though no man knows the day, time, or hr. only God). It also represents cleansing. I believe Michael has had a purifying process/spiritually speaking in his life. He has had a vision of the end times and being creative as he is and allowing God to work through him….is able to express it in this film. This is a message he is trying to tell the world. The time is at hand.
    B. Notice how repeatedly he points upwards, downwards, and then like an image of a cross. This is in reference to an insightful perspective.
    C. *IMPORTANT*– When he is on the CHERRY PICKER this is indicating his creative process and that he will reap a harvest. Could be a harvest of people in the world for God. Spiritual harvest. Some could see it as a financial harvest, but the message MJ is trying to tell is NOT about money. I guarantee that.
    D. When he sings “Human Nature” and says apple (cobb). First of all the Human Nature is raw. It is sinful, unless it is changed by God. Now, apples/fruit indicate his desire for wholeness and perfection among people. Unity, and love in the world. They also indicate creativity. (His creative process came into play here as well, the use of the word cobb can throw you off but here is the icebreaker…a COBB is something you what? “You throw away”. He is telling you don’t throw your last chance away to get things right. Make things right. Time is at hand. The earth will soon be destroyed soon, and if people do not ban together through love now and love is the key that ties this all together then there will be no more chances. Time is winding down.
    E. When he and Kenny are looking at pics. Ortega asks him, Michael do you like this one and he answers, then he says look at the second one. It is all golden, full of light.–Again light represents perfection, love,
    F. Another clue–Michael himself says, It makes me angry–it bothers me. This is why I write these songs. I already stated in my other post he is trying to say he isn’t wasting his time in writing these songs, but he has a goal, a purpose. He is trying to tell you guys have hope. Things can change. We don’t have to stay an angry nation/nations.
    G. He then goes on to say he loves trees, leaves, and respects them. Trees represent Life. (being alive) A healthy tree is full of life and vigor, It bears good fruit and reaps a harvest. A dieased tree equals death and destruction and that your life could be out of balance.
    H. Left words out of songs–This was done on purpose. Why? Not because he forgot them. Because he cannot talk about the whole thing at this time. This is just to much for him, probably bigger then him and more then one man can handle. He needs help. He is telling you that over and over.
    I. Notice he said after the song “Beat It” That is me pointing to you. I was doing it for height….this tells you that his insight I would say given by God into this project is keenly tuned in. He has a very keen perspective about this. He has a passion. Someone or a group of people did not like the direction he was going with this. I will also say Kennys mention of church of rock-n-roll was not about rock and roll at all. The word “Church” was what you were to catch.
    J. During beat it again excessive fire. Represents destruction/purification. At the end where the jacket is to hot and he is stomping on it…indicating he is telling you we have to put out the fires of destruction. Things destroying people, the earth, each other, the world.
    K. Stomping and fighting in Beat it…indicates destructive acts. When he says let it burn….he is warning you again this world and all in it will pass away. Everything will be destroyed.
    L. When he says lights out..he is telling you total darkness is going to come/also some are living in darkness now/michael has been there as well.
    M. In the graveyard scene in Thriller3-D. (3-d) brings things closer, you feel like you are in the picture. Well, that is right because Mike was painting a picture right on that screen for you.
    N. Again in Thriller–notice the cemetery scene.–the graveyard means death and destruction. darkness such as is coming upon this earth….BUT…NOTICE in the middle of that graveyard is a CROSS.
    A CROSS represents a spiritual change, self sacrafice, maybe his self sacrafice for getting this message out.lt cost him alot not just money,but…time away from those he loves, and forced him to sacrafice his own life to get this message out. He had to go into hiding.

    O. Then they say the Man is here: The man with the vision.
    This is so simple. Don’t you guys see this. How can you NOT. It breaks down like this. Michael has/had a vision. Either directly from the Lord Jesus or from reading the Bible or perhaps both. This vision has been in his heart for along time. He has had a heavy heart with this for years. The time had to be right for him to come out with this. ALOT, and I mean ALOT has went into this. The right people had to come into his life for him to be helped with this. Unfortuantely, like everything with GOD the enemy comes in as well and some wrong people came into his life too. Somehow in this message coming out he had to be out of the way when it hit the screen. This was all about timing. It had to be right. PERFECT TIMING.
    P. Notice also in Thriller the monsters and dead corpse-Indication of death and destruction. When the music changes in Thriller and it is raining from HEAVEN spirits. This is very prophetic. As when Christ comes back again all those who have accepted him will come with him.

    Q. Black and White shows us the hatred on this earth. Notice he says he made a mistake, there is no second verse and that is why we rehearse. He is telling you time is runing out. Rehearsal time for everyone and this world is winding down. Also, in black and white and I think I posted this in my other posting his coat has a black cross on the back.–This indicates oneness and unity among people in the world. The word of God says heaven and earth will pass away and he will restore and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. In the meantime untill then you have to take care of what is here. Now is the time because the time will be no more.
    R. Notice he points upwards alot. To heavens. Indicates make a change in your life., Get right with GOd now while you have time.
    S. Then he says to the girl playing the guitar it is your time to shine, WE will be right there with you.–He is telling people this is it, your time to be a light in the world. We will be here to help you along in your way and walk.
    T. Finally, you have Man in the Mirror and we know that represents making a change. The change has to start within yourself. A change of heart first….then together we can go out and change the world and make a difference. But is all has to start with changing your heart first. Changing your attitude and mind and of course the key to that is L-O-V-E.
    U. Finally and this is the most important. At the very end when he uses his hands and puts them over his heart and then extends them outward he is inviting everyone to join him in his quest. Over and over you see him extending his hands outward, palms outward, and in one scene Kenny, and others join him on stage and they are ALL extending their hands outward. Inviting those watching the film to join in the vision that Michael has just shared on the screen with the world. This was the ONLY way he could do it and reach as many people as were reached.Michaels heart is for everyone to catch this end time vision before it is to late, because people really, “THIS IS IT”.
    [Now, whoever is in contact with MJ please, please make sure he sees this. Michael, you owe me a date and a hug my dear. Be sure to make good on the deal:) It is all about L-O-V-E remember. Seriously, Mike please get back to me in confidence here at
    I have much more to share with you and you have my guaranteed word it will go no further then you and I. ~Got_2_B_There

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    To the one who asked YES movies have legal counsel. How do you think they protect their rights and investments? Also, Dr. Murray was hired as Michaels physician and YES they are or should be listed on the credits as well. Anybody having to do with the movie is listed….case in point the stunt doubles probably were as well you all just did not know it. Do movies have legal counsel what a question. can’t believe you did not know that.

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