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Life on Maui #19 with Steven Freid


We are constantly attracting what's truly highest on our values, not what we think it is but what truly is.


Steve : What are few ways to create a long lasting love relationship?
Dr. M. : If you want someone to stick around with you, you have to have something to offer. Why would somebody be with you for your life, unless you're an amazing person that somebody wanna be with? In powering all areas of our life and becoming something extraordinary, which is what our birthright is, which is what we're really made of is the key.
A lady says,"What do you do if you got a guy who can't commit?" Obviously, that is the girl who's not packaged to him. "No, no, no, what do you mean? He's got the problem."
If a man runs into a woman that's got a tremendous things to offer, in all seven areas of life, Spiritually, Mentally, Vocationally, Financially, Familiarly, Socially and Physically, then men are on their knees. but if you're not quite sure if he thinks this is a good package and it's gonna offer something, he hesitates. so it's not that he's unable to commit, it's just that he has to have an extraordinary package.
If your own self image is low, lower than what he is looking for, he's not gonna commit. ... after series of questions to bring the truly valued image and empowerment of herself, (which is written in "The Breakthrough Experience"by Dr. John DeMartini) she really emerged from this self depreciating self image. If you start to treat yourself as extraordinary, people will start treat you that way. They wanna be around, they don't wanna go.
While Dr. DeMartini was working on her with the method, the energetic dynamic of the partner changed like the kind of a quantum effect change  and suddenly proposed to her with a $28,000 worth of diamond ring (because he suddenly thought that she might go).
Any area of your life that you don't empower, somebody else over powers you. and if you don't empower in your life  and acknowledge how much power you have, how much you have to offer, then why would somebody wanna be with you? ("The Heart of Man")
Steve : What's 'Communicating in Someone Else's Value'?
Dr. M. : ...... You have to ask, "How specifically is what their highest values are, the most dedicated to you, going to serve my highest values what I'm most dedicated to?" and it's not a matter of 'If it does' but 'How does '. You keep answering that and keep linking that, answering and answering and answering that will come up to the hundred links that's necessary. LINK is what they're dedicated to with what you're dedicated to.

We will always be betrayed whenever we project our values onto somebody else, expect them to live our values. Nobody's committed to you or me, they are committed to their values. We're in a relationship as long as we provide value to them.
You don't live in a fantacy that you're supposed to be happy all the time. This is a fallacy. There's no such thing as a peaceful family. There's a peace and war family, kind and cruel family, nice and mean... There's always a pair of the opposites. Because the reality is, you have two different value systems. You're gonna have conflicts and co-operations... (in which Dr. Demartini calls "Equilibrate"). You both are fantasizing that you both are supposed to support you.
The purpose for a relationship is not happiness but "Equilibration". Nobody ever gets happiness by itself. ...We are not here to be puffed up and be exaggerated. We are here to love each other and be ourselves. so, if you exaggerate yourself and get puffed up, They'll bring you down. If you go below and get really humbled and minimize youself, they'll lift you up. They are trying to make you authentic. If you go into a relationship knowing this, you'll have more expectation. 


Dr John Demartini at the Palladium Theatre London

this one's quite funny

The Physics of Human Emotions

Your consciousness maintain full quantum. Which means if you have an emotion of down and negative and depression, that mean you got a hidden elation.
If we see more positives than negatives in something, we become infatuated with it and be attracted.
If we see more positives than negatives in ourselves, we become more proud (self righteous) and have resentment or repulsion, shame or self wrong-tious-ness, so we minimize ourselves.

see more positives > negatives in ourselves = proud
see more negatives > positives in ourselves = shame
see more positives > negatives in somebody else = we become infatuated with
see more negatives > positives in somebody else = we become repelled

Anytime we're infatuated with somebody, that person occupies your space and your time in your mind, they matter to you and they have an emotional charge about them.
If you are resentful to somebody, they occupy your space and time in your mind, they matter to you and you have a charge on them.

Anything that you have a half quantum perspective on emotionally,  runs you (anything that infatuates or resent you, runs you).

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author


EARLY DAYS  Dr John Demartini was born on Thanksgiving Day 1954 in Houston, Texas. From an early age he wore hand and leg braces to correct a birth defect. At school he had difficulty reading, writing and speaking which was later diagnosed as dyslexia and a speech impediment. In first grade, his teacher announced to his parents that he would never read, write, communicate, never amount to anything, nor go very far in life. At the age of 14 Dr Demartini left school and headed for Hawaii where at 17 he had a near death experience as a result of strychnine poisoning. These early challenges set the scene for a remarkable transformation in his late teens.

INSPIRED BY A VISION Dr John Demartini was 17, a high school drop-out, unable to read or write when he met a 93 year old man called Paul Bragg who was able to catalyze a profound transformation by assisting him to awaken to an inspired vision of becoming a philosopher and a teacher. Dr Demartini made a commitment to dedicate his life to the understanding of universal laws as they relate to maximizing human awareness and potential. With focus and determined effort, Dr Demartini broke through his dyslexia and mastered reading and writing. He wrote his SATs and attained entry level into the University of Houston where he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in 1978. He went on to study Chiropractic at the Texas Chiropractic College where he graduated in 1982 at the top of his class with Magna Cum Laude. As Dr Demartini states, 'When you believe you cannot read or learn and you then discover that you can, it awakens an insatiable appetite for knowledge'. He has spent a total of 36 years avidly researching over 260 different disciplines such as psychology, cosmology, economics, sociology, biology, theology. Just as Paul Bragg had inspired him to breakthrough his perceived limitations, he dreamt of being able to do the same for others.  

TODAY Dr Demartini travels over 360 days a year to over 56 countries, where he shares his research and findings across the globe. He is the author of over forty books*, published in 14 different languages. He has produced over 50 CDs and DVDs covering subjects such as personal development, relationships, wealth, education, chiropractic and business. He has created over 72 different courses, the most advanced of them is a 21-year correspondence course. Each program is designed to assist the individual to empower and activate leadership and potential in all the seven areas of their life. *To see a full list of products: Books, DVDs and CDs, produced by Dr John Demartini, please visit the website or contact the Demartini Institute on info@drdemartini.com  

THE DEMARTINI INSTITUTE In 1982 Dr John Demartini founded the Demartini Institute, a private research and education institute located in Houston Texas. In 2006, the Demartini Institute expanded into Africa opening an office in Johannesburg South Africa. The Demartini Institute is dedicated to exploring and expanding human awareness and potential and its mission is to inspire men, women and children across the world to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated inspired leaders of others. Its focus is empowering individuals and organizations as well as transforming micro and macro social dynamics.

EDUCATION AND SOCIAL INITIATIVES In South Africa, Dr Demartini has worked in partnership with educational organizations in an effort to empower and inspire young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is done by either inviting students onto programs such as Young Adults Inspired DestinyT or by presenting workshops within community schools and colleges.

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