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I made a website about 2012, the Maya and how to prepare for the coming events.

According to Carl Johann Calleman, author of "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousnes" the end date of the Mayan Calendar is October 28, 2011, not December 21,2012:

The pictures here are so magnificently beautiful. Just have a look!!
Maya End Date 

I completely agree with you. You need to ask the question who "benefits" from presenting 2012 as a predetermined “doomsday” when the world will come to an end. The media sells "fear" very well, just check the upcoming "Hollywood" movie about it, or "documentaries" like in the History channel. In reality it has nothing to do with it.

What's interesting to study about this particular Maya Calendar (they used at least 20 different calendars, based on the movements of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and several more celestial movements, including a Solar Calendar which synchronizes the Sun, the Moon and the Earth with the universe, more exact than the Gregorian calendar in use today) it's because unlike all other calendars we know, like the Gregorian, Muslim, Buddhist or Jewish, the Mayan calendar has an end date.

These last calendars are based on astronomical cycles and reflect continuous time. And same as modern physicists, view Time as being linear. Time according to modern precepts flows in a straight line, it can slow down, as per Albert Einstein, but it always flows in one direction. In contrast, the Mayas believed essentially that Time flows in a circle. There is a beginning and an end to things but there is a renewal at the end of the Time "cycle". So basically what they are saying is that every beginning has an end and every end has a "beginning".

Nothing to do with the end of the world

Nowhere in the ancient Maya sources we find evidence that the Mayan Long Count is based on any astronomical (or physical) cycle. They explicity say that the Long Count is based on the World Tree or what other cultures usually refer to as the Tree of Life (at the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque). The Maya did not base their calendar on physical objects, on rotations of planets around the sun, such as the Gregorian calendar. It's only when we learn that the Maya based their Calendar on the concept of the World Tree that we understand that their calendar expresses an entirely "different kind" of time than other calendars.

The Tree of Life as in the Celtic Culture, represents the connection to the earth, the spirit world, and the universe. It's a mystical concept alluding to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and the universe. We find Conceptual and mythological "trees of life" in ancient Egypt, China, Japan, India, Germanic paganism, Assyria, and among pre-Columbian Mesoamerican culture. Also are found in the Hebrew Bible, in Christianity, in the The Book of Mormon and in the Baha'i Faith.

The concept represented in the Tree of Life is what science is telling us today in the mathematics of the Quantum Theory, and in the proposition of a self aware multi-universe membrane(s) in the 11-dimensional M-Theory. The entire universe is connected and exists outside of linear time as in the Tree of Life. Science is telling us through quantum mechanics that consciousness can never be divorced from matter, that every aspect of the universe, and indeed the universe as a whole, has both an objective and a subjective nature. Thus, the Mayan calendar becomes a spiritual device that enables a greater understanding of the evolution of consciousness driving human history. The end date simply reflects the point in time when the Cosmic Tree of Life attains its highest quantum state.

An interesting video on the design of the universe:

As cwtnospam said above, peak oil is very close, not to mention the coming hyperinflation...

In my understanding, it’s going to be like learning to walk or live all over again in order to consciously co-create our experience.


George Smoot

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George Fitzgerald Smoot III (born February 20, 1945) is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate, and a $1 million TV quiz show prize winner. He won the Nobel Prize in 2006 for his work on COBE with John C. Mather that led to the measurement "...of the black body form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation."
This work helped further the big-bang theory of the universe using the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite (COBE). According to the Nobel Prize committee, "the COBE-project can also be regarded as the starting point for cosmology as a precision science."[2] Smoot donated his share of the Nobel Prize money, less travel costs, to a charitable foundation. [3]
He is a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2003 he was awarded the Einstein Medal.

Michio Kaku 加來 道雄


パラレルワールド—11次元の宇宙から超空間へ Michio Kaku

YouTube Michio Kaku Interview

Michio Kaku: Time Travel, Parallel Universes, and Reality
Fascinating interview with Michio Kaku. Speaking about his new book "Physics of the Impossible," Dr. Kaku explains with how Physics one day may allow us to go back in time. Humorous, enlightening... 

Michael Jackson - Oxford Speech March 1, 2001 (part 1~4) w/ full text(日本語翻訳)

Heal the Kids, Part 1 to 4. Beautiful and important speech by Michael Jackson to Oxford Union (Oxford University, UK) in 2001. Full text included in video. Michael was a kind and gentle person, intelligent and funny, warm and loving. And a true humanitarian. Here he pleads for us all to reconnect with our families, to forgive, to end the violence in schools and heal the hearts of the children, including our own inner child. He talks about his own childhood and the difficulties he faced in the relationship with his father. I wish everyone would listen to this. We miss you, Michael. I love you forever.


Heal The Kids - Oxford Speech

Oxford University, March 2001 by Michael Jackson

Thank you, thank you dear friends, from the bottom of my heart, for such a loving and spirited welcome, and thank you, Mr President, for your kind invitation to me which I am so honored to accept. I also want to express a special thanks to you Shmuley, who for 11 years served as Rabbi here at Oxford. You and I have been working so hard to form Heal the Kids, as well as writing our book about childlike qualities, and in all of our efforts you have been such a supportive and loving friend. And I would also like to thank Toba Friedman, our director of operations at Heal the Kids, who is returning tonight to the alma mater where she served as a Marshall scholar, as well as Marilyn Piels, another central member of our Heal the Kids team.


I am humbled to be lecturing in a place that has previously been filled by such notable figures as Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X. I've even heard that Kermit the Frog has made an appearance here, and I've always felt a kinship with Kermit's message that it's not easy being green. I'm sure he didn't find it any easier being up here than I do!


As I looked around Oxford today, I couldn't help but be aware of the majesty and grandeur of this great institution, not to mention the brilliance of the great and gifted minds that have roamed these streets for centuries. The walls of Oxford have not only housed the greatest philosophical and scientific geniuses - they have also ushered forth some of the most cherished creators of children's literature, from J.R.R. Tolkien to CS Lewis. Today I was allowed to hobble into the dining hall in Christ Church to see Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland immortalised in the stained glass windows. And even one of my own fellow Americans, the beloved Dr Seuss graced these halls and then went on to leave his mark on the imaginations of millions of children throughout the world.

今日、このオックスフォード構内を見渡しながら、偉大なる教育・研究機関の尊厳と高潔さを意識させられました。これまで何世紀にも渡ってこれらの通りを闊歩してきた、傑出した才能と、明晰な頭脳に恵まれた偉人らに言及するまでもありません。オックスフォード大学は偉大な哲学者や科学者だけではなく、JRR トールキン(「指輪物語」の作者)からCS ルイス(「ナルニア物語」の作者)に至る、才能に満ちあふれた著名な児童文学作家達も送り出してきました。私はクライスト・チャーチ(Christ Church)のダイニングホールを歩き、ステンドグラスの窓に描かれたルイス・キャロルの不朽の名作「不思議の国のアリス」を鑑賞しました。子供達の大好きなアメリカの児童文学者ドクター・スースの絵もありました。彼は世界中の多くの子供達の想像力を養う素晴らしい作品を生み出してきました

I suppose I should start by listing my qualifications to speak before you this evening. Friends, I do not claim to have the academic expertise of other speakers who have addressed this hall, just as they could lay little claim at being adept at the moonwalk - and you know, Einstein in particular was really TERRIBLE at that.


But I do have a claim to having experienced more places and cultures than most people will ever see. Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink - it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiselled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche. And friends, I have encountered so much in this relatively short life of mine that I still cannot believe I am only 42. I often tell Shmuley that in soul years I'm sure that I'm at least 80 - and tonight I even walk like I'm 80! So please harken to my message, because what I have to tell you tonight can bring healing to humanity and healing to our planet.

しかし、私は通常、人が経験するよりも多くの場所に赴き、様々な文化に触れていました。人の知識は書物から得られたものだけではなく、心に描かれ、魂に彫り込まれ、精神に刻み込まれたものからもつくられます。私は比較的短い間に多くの体験をしてきたために、自分が まだ42歳であるのが信じられません。時々シュムリーにも言うのですが、精神年齢は80には達していると思います。今夜の私の歩き方さえも実際80歳のようです。わたしがこれから語るメッセージは、人間性とこの惑星に癒しをもたらすかも知れません。どうぞおつきあいください。

Through the grace of God, I have been fortunate to have achieved many of my artistic and professional aspirations realised early in my lifetime. But these, friends are accomplishments, and accomplishments alone are not synonymous with who I am. Indeed, the cheery five-year-old who belted out Rockin' Robin and Ben to adoring crowds was not indicative of the boy behind the smile.


Tonight, I come before you less as an icon of pop (whatever that means anyway), and more as an icon of a generation, a generation that no longer knows what it means to be children.


All of us are products of our childhood. But I am the product of a lack of a childhood, an absence of that precious and wondrous age when we frolic playfully without a care in the world, basking in the adoration of parents and relatives, where our biggest concern is studying for that big spelling test come Monday morning.


Those of you who are familiar with the Jackson Five know that I began performing at the tender age of five and that ever since then, I haven't stopped dancing or singing. But while performing and making music undoubtedly remain as some of my greatest joys, when I was young I wanted more than anything else to be a typical little boy. I wanted to build tree houses, have water balloon fights, and play hide and seek with my friends. But fate had it otherwise and all I could do was envy the laughter and playtime that seemed to be going on all around me.


There was no respite from my professional life. But on Sundays I would go Pioneering, the term used for the missionary work that Jehovah's Witnesses do. And it was then that I was able to see the magic of other people's childhood.


Since I was already a celebrity, I would have to don a disguise of fat suit, wig, beard and glasses and we would spend the day in the suburbs of Southern California, going door-to-door or making the rounds of shopping malls, distributing our Watchtower magazine. I loved to set foot in all those regular suburban houses and catch sight of the shag rugs and La-Z-Boy armchairs with kids playing Monopoly and grandmas baby-sitting and all those wonderful, ordinary and starry scenes of everyday life. Many, I know, would argue that these things seem like no big deal. But to me they were mesmerizing.


I used to think that I was unique in feeling that I was without a childhood. I believed that indeed there were only a handful with whom I could share those feelings. When I recently met with Shirley Temple Black, the great child star of the 1930s and 40s, we said nothing to each other at first, we simply cried together, for she could share a pain with me that only others like my close friends Elizabeth Taylor and McCauley Culkin know.


I do not tell you this to gain your sympathy but to impress upon you my first important point : It is not just Hollywood child stars that have suffered from a non-existent childhood. Today, it's a universal calamity, a global catastrophe. Childhood has become the great casualty of modern-day living. All around us we are producing scores of kids who have not had the joy, who have not been accorded the right, who have not been allowed the freedom, or knowing what it's like to be a kid.


Today children are constantly encouraged to grow up faster, as if this period known as childhood is a burdensome stage, to be endured and ushered through, as swiftly as possible. And on that subject, I am certainly one of the world's greatest experts.


Ours is a generation that has witnessed the abrogation of the parent-child covenant. Psychologists are publishing libraries of books detailing the destructive effects of denying one's children the unconditional love that is so necessary to the healthy development of their minds and character. And because of all the neglect, too many of our kids have, essentially, to raise themselves. They are growing more distant from their parents, grandparents and other family members, as all around us the indestructible bond that once glued together the generations, unravels.


This violation has bred a new generation, Generation O let us call it, that has now picked up the torch from Generation X. The O stands for a generation that has everything on the outside - wealth, success, fancy clothing and fancy cars, but an aching emptiness on the inside. That cavity in our chests, that barrenness at our core, that void in our centre is the place where the heart once beat and which love once occupied.


And it's not just the kids who are suffering. It's the parents as well. For the more we cultivate little-adults in kids'-bodies, the more removed we ourselves become from our own child-like qualities, and there is so much about being a child that is worth retaining in adult life.


Love, ladies and gentlemen, is the human family's most precious legacy, its richest bequest, its golden inheritance. And it is a treasure that is handed down from one generation to another. Previous ages may not have had the wealth we enjoy. Their houses may have lacked electricity, and they squeezed their many kids into small homes without central heating. But those homes had no darkness, nor were they cold. They were lit bright with the glow of love and they were warmed snugly by the very heat of the human heart. Parents, undistracted by the lust for luxury and status, accorded their children primacy in their lives.


As you all know, our two countries broke from each other over what Thomas Jefferson referred to as "certain inalienable rights". And while we Americans and British might dispute the justice of his claims, what has never been in dispute is that children have certain inalienable rights, and the gradual erosion of those rights has led to scores of children worldwide being denied the joys and security of childhood.


I would therefore like to propose tonight that we install in every home a Children's Universal Bill of Rights, the tenets of which are:

1. The right to be loved without having to earn it

2. The right to be protected, without having to deserve it

3. The right to feel valuable, even if you came into the world with nothing

4. The right to be listened to without having to be interesting

5. The right to be read a bedtime story, without having to compete with the evening news or 'East Enders'

6. The right to an education without having to dodge bullets at schools

7. The right to be thought of as adorable - (even if you have a face that only a mother could love).


1. 自ら求めずとも「愛される権利」

2. 値すると主張せずとも「守られる権利」

3. 何も持たずにこの世に生まれたとしても「かけがえの無い存在だと感じられる権利」

4. 大人には面白くない話でも「話を聞いてもらえる権利」

5. 夕方のニュースや『イーストエンダー』(英国の家族ドラマ)に時間を取られることなく「寝る前に読み聞かせをしてもらえる権利」

6. 学校で縦断に怯えることなく「教育を受けられる権利」

7. 母親でしか愛せない顔かたちであっても「可愛いと思ってもらえる権利」

Friends, the foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love. Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know of what religion you are a part, you have to know that you are loved.


About twelve years ago, when I was just about to start my Bad tour, a little boy came with his parents to visit me at home in California. He was dying of cancer and he told me how much he loved my music and me. His parents told me that he wasn't going to live, that any day he could just go, and I said to him: "Look, I am going to be coming to your town in Kansas to open my tour in three months. I want you to come to the show. I am going to give you this jacket that I wore in one of my videos." His eyes lit up and he said: "You are gonna GIVE it to me?" I said "Yeah, but you have to promise that you will wear it to the show." I was trying to make him hold on. I said: "When you come to the show I want to see you in this jacket and in this glove" and I gave him one of my rhinestone gloves - and I never usually give the rhinestone gloves away. And he was just in heaven.


But maybe he was too close to heaven, because when I came to his town, he had already died, and they had buried him in the glove and jacket. He was just 10 years old. God knows, I know, that he tried his best to hold on. But at least when he died, he knew that he was loved, not only by his parents, but even by me, a near stranger, I also loved him. And with all of that love he knew that he didn't come into this world alone, and he certainly didn't leave it alone.


If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can he dealt with. A professor may degrade you, but you will not feel degraded, a boss may crush you, but you will not be crushed, a corporate gladiator might vanquish you, but you will still triumph. How could any of them truly prevail in pulling you down? For you know that you are an object worthy of love. The rest is just packaging.


But if you don't have that memory of being loved, you are condemned to search the world for something to fill you up. But no matter how much money you make or how famous you become, you will still feel empty. What you are really searching for is unconditional love, unqualified acceptance. And that was the one thing that was denied to you at birth.


Friends, let me paint a picture for you. Here is a typical day in America - six youths under the age of 20 will commit suicide, 12 children under the age of 20 will die from firearms - remember this is a DAY, not a year - 399 kids will be arrested for drug abuse, 1,352 babies will be born to teen mothers. This is happening in one of the richest, most developed countries in the history of the world.


Yes, in my country there is an epidemic of violence that parallels no other industrialised nation. These are the ways young people in America express their hurt and their anger. But don't think that there is not the same pain and anguish among their counterparts in the United Kingdom. Studies in this country show that every single hour, three teenagers in the UK inflict harm upon themselves, often by cutting or burning their bodies or taking an overdose. This is how they have chosen to cope with the pain of neglect and emotional agony.


In Britain, as many as 20% of families will only sit down and have dinner together once a year. Once a year! And what about the time-honoured tradition of reading your kid a bedtime story? Research from the 1980s showed that children who are read to, had far greater literacy and significantly outperformed their peers at school. And yet, less than 33% of British children ages two to eight have a regular bedtime story read to them. You may not think much of that until you take into account that 75% of their parents DID have that bedtime story when they were that age.


Clearly, we do not have to ask ourselves where all of this pain, anger and violent behaviour comes from. It is self-evident that children are thundering against the neglect, quaking against the indifference and crying out just to be noticed. The various child protection agencies in the US say that millions of children are victims of maltreatment in the form of neglect, in the average year. Yes, neglect. In rich homes, privileged homes, wired to the hilt with every electronic gadget. Homes where parents come home, but they're not really home, because their heads are still at the office. And their kids? Well, their kids just make do with whatever emotional crumbs they get. And you don't get much from endless TV, computer games and videos.


These hard, cold numbers which for me, wrench the soul and shake the spirit, should indicate to you why I have devoted so much of my time and resources into making our new Heal the Kids initiative a colossal success.


Our goal is simple - to recreate the parent/child bond, renew its promise and light the way forward for all the beautiful children who are destined one day to walk this earth.


But since this is my first public lecture, and you have so warmly welcomed me into your hearts, I feel that I want to tell you more. We each have our own story, and in that sense statistics can become personal.


They say that parenting is like dancing. You take one step, your child takes another. I have discovered that getting parents to re-dedicate themselves to their children is only half the story. The other half is preparing the children to re-accept their parents.


When I was very young I remember that we had this crazy mutt of a dog named "Black Girl," a mix of wolf and retriever. Not only wasn't she much of a guard dog, she was such a scared and nervous thing that it is a wonder she did not pass out every time a truck rumbled by, or a thunderstorm swept through Indiana. My sister Janet and I gave that dog so much love, but we never really won back the sense of trust that had been stolen from her by her previous owner. We knew he used to beat her. We didn't know with what. But whatever it was, it was enough to suck the spirit right out of that dog.


A lot of kids today are hurt puppies who have weaned themselves off the need for love. They couldn't care less about their parents. Left to their own devices, they cherish their independence. They have moved on and have left their parents behind.


Then there are the far worse cases of children who harbor animosity and resentment toward their parents, so that any overture that their parents might undertake would be thrown forcefully back in their face.


Tonight, I don't want any of us to make this mistake. That's why I'm calling upon all the world's children - beginning with all of us here tonight - to forgive our parents, if we felt neglected. Forgive them and teach them how to love again.


You probably weren't surprised to hear that I did not have an idyllic childhood. The strain and tension that exists in my relationship with my own father is well documented. My father is a tough man and he pushed my brothers and me hard, from the earliest age, to be the best performers we could be.


He had great difficulty showing affection. He never really told me he loved me. And he never really complimented me either. If I did a great show, he would tell me it was a good show. And if I did an OK show, he told me it was a lousy show.


He seemed intent, above all else, on making us a commercial success. And at that he was more than adept. My father was a managerial genius and my brothers and I owe our professional success, in no small measure, to the forceful way that he pushed us. He trained me as a showman and under his guidance I couldn't miss a step.


But what I really wanted was a Dad. I wanted a father who showed me love. And my father never did that. He never said I love you while looking me straight in the eye, he never played a game with me. He never gave me a piggyback ride, he never threw a pillow at me, or a water balloon.


But I remember once when I was about four years old, there was a little carnival and he picked me up and put me on a pony. It was a tiny gesture, probably something he forgot five minutes later. But because of that moment I have this special place in my heart for him. Because that's how kids are, the little things mean so much to them and for me, that one moment meant everything. I only experienced it that one time, but it made me feel really good, about him and the world.


But now I am a father myself, and one day I was thinking about my own children, Prince and Paris and how I wanted them to think of me when they grow up. To be sure, I would like them to remember how I always wanted them with me wherever I went, how I always tried to put them before everything else. But there are also challenges in their lives. Because my kids are stalked by paparazzi, they can't always go to a park or a movie with me.


So what if they grow older and resent me, and how my choices impacted their youth? Why weren't we given an average childhood like all the other kids, they might ask? And at that moment I pray that my children will give me the benefit of the doubt. That they will say to themselves: "Our daddy did the best he could, given the unique circumstances that he faced. He may not have been perfect, but he was a warm and decent man, who tried to give us all the love in the world."


I hope that they will always focus on the positive things, on the sacrifices I willingly made for them, and not criticise the things they had to give up, or the errors I've made, and will certainly continue to make, in raising them. For we have all been someone's child, and we know that despite the very best of plans and efforts, mistakes will always occur. That's just being human.


And when I think about this, of how I hope that my children will not judge me unkindly, and will forgive my shortcomings, I am forced to think of my own father and despite my earlier denials, I am forced to admit that me must have loved me. He did love me, and I know that.


There were little things that showed it. When I was a kid I had a real sweet tooth - we all did. My favourite food was glazed doughnuts and my father knew that. So every few weeks I would come downstairs in the morning and there on the kitchen counter was a bag of glazed doughnuts - no note, no explanation - just the doughnuts. It was like Santa Claus.


Sometimes I would think about staying up late at night, so I could see him leave them there, but just like with Santa Claus, I didn't want to ruin the magic for fear that he would never do it again. My father had to leave them secretly at night, so as no one might catch him with his guard down. He was scared of human emotion, he didn't understand it or know how to deal with it. But he did know doughnuts.


And when I allow the floodgates to open up, there are other memories that come rushing back, memories of other tiny gestures, however imperfect, that showed that he did what he could. So tonight, rather than focusing on what my father didn't do, I want to focus on all the things he did do and on his own personal challenges. I want to stop judging him.


I have started reflecting on the fact that my father grew up in the South, in a very poor family. He came of age during the Depression and his own father, who struggled to feed his children, showed little affection towards his family and raised my father and his siblings with an iron fist. Who could have imagined what it was like to grow up a poor black man in the South, robbed of dignity, bereft of hope, struggling to become a man in a world that saw my father as subordinate. I was the first black artist to be played on MTV and I remember how big a deal it was even then. And that was in the 80s!


My father moved to Indiana and had a large family of his own, working long hours in the steel mills, work that kills the lungs and humbles the spirit, all to support his family.


Is it any wonder that he found it difficult to expose his feelings? Is it any mystery that he hardened his heart, that he raised the emotional ramparts? And most of all, is it any wonder why he pushed his sons so hard to succeed as performers, so that they could be saved from what he knew to be a life of indignity and poverty?


I have begun to see that even my father's harshness was a kind of love, an imperfect love, to be sure, but love nonetheless. He pushed me because he loved me. Because he wanted no man ever to look down at his offspring.


And now with time, rather than bitterness, I feel blessing. In the place of anger, I have found absolution. And in the place of revenge I have found reconciliation. And my initial fury has slowly given way to forgiveness.


Almost a decade ago, I founded a charity called Heal the World. The title was something I felt inside me. Little did I know, as Shmuley later pointed out, that those two words form the cornerstone of Old Testament prophecy. Do I really believe that we can heal this world, that is riddled with war and genocide, even today? And do I really think that we can heal our children, the same children who can enter their schools with guns and hatred and shoot down their classmates, like they did at Columbine? Or children who can beat a defenceless toddler to death, like the tragic story of Jamie Bulger? Of course I do, or I wouldn't be here tonight.

10年前になりますが、わたしは「ヒール・ザ・ワールド」(Heal the World) というチャリティー活動を始めました。わやしは心で感じたことをその名に託しました。よく知らなかったのですが、後にシュムリーから、Heal と Worldという単語は旧約聖書の預言の基盤となっていることを聞きました。みなさん、わたしたちがこの世界を、今日でさえ戦争と大虐殺に翻弄されている世界を、本当に癒せると信じているとお思いですか?わたしが子どもたちを本当に癒せると考えているとお思いですか?コロンバイン・ハイスクールで起きたように、銃を持って学校へ行き、クラスメートを撃ち殺してしまうような子どもたちを癒せると考えているとお思いですか?ーわたしはもちろん、そう思っています。そうでなければ、今晩ここに来ていないでしょう。

But it all begins with forgiveness, because to heal the world, we first have to heal ourselves. And to heal the kids, we first have to heal the child within, each and every one of us. As an adult, and as a parent, I realise that I cannot be a whole human being, nor a parent capable of unconditional love, until I put to rest the ghosts of my own childhood.


And that's what I'm asking all of us to do tonight. Live up to the fifth of the Ten Commandments. Honour your parents by not judging them. Give them the benefit of the doubt.


That is why I want to forgive my father and to stop judging him. I want to forgive my father, because I want a father, and this is the only one that I've got. I want the weight of my past lifted from my shoulders and I want to be free to step into a new relationship with my father, for the rest of my life, unhindered by the goblins of the past.


In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.


To all of you tonight who feel let down by your parents, I ask you to let down your disappointment. To all of you tonight who feel cheated by your fathers or mothers, I ask you not to cheat yourself further. And to all of you who wish to push your parents away, I ask you to extend you hand to them instead. I am asking you, I am asking myself, to give our parents the gift of unconditional love, so that they too may learn how to love from us, their children. So that love will finally be restored to a desolate and lonely world.


Shmuley once mentioned to me an ancient Biblical prophecy which says that a new world and a new time would come, when "the hearts of the parents would be restored through the hearts of their children". My friends, we are that world, we are those children.


Mahatma Gandhi said: "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." Tonight, be strong. Beyond being strong, rise to the greatest challenge of all - to restore that broken covenant. We must all overcome whatever crippling effects our childhoods may have had on our lives and in the words of Jesse Jackson, forgive each other, redeem each other and move on.


This call for forgiveness may not result in Oprah moments the world over, with thousands of children making up with their parents, but it will at least be a start, and we'll all be so much happier as a result.


And so ladies and gentlemen, I conclude my remarks tonight with faith, joy and excitement.

From this day forward, may a new song be heard.

Let that new song be the sound of children laughing.

Let that new song be the sound of children playing.

Let that new song be the sound of children singing.

And let that new song be the sound of parents listening.

Together, let us create a symphony of hearts, marvelling at the miracle of our children and basking in the beauty of love.

Let us heal the world and blight its pain.

And may we all make beautiful music together.

God bless you, and I love you.





"I love you"





1~11 David Wilcock - Coast to Coast AM - October 6, 2009

P L A Y L I S T http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list...

Prophetic Dreams & ET Disclosure.

David Wilcock discussed his prophetic dreams and confirmations of major social realignment beginning this fall, potential for an ET disclosure from the U.S. government, and new information that evolution is driven by galactic energy fields. His series of dreams depicted an asteroid being moved into position in order to wipe out part of the Earth's population, and then a huge apparition of the Virgin Mary stopping the asteroid with her hand. He views this imagery symbolically, and suggested that it represents the Illuminati's plan to reduce the world's population through economic collapse, Swine Flu, and war & conflagration. His "inside sources" have informed him that America is on the verge of a horrific set of economic events, including the dismantling of the Federal Reserve.

But the Illuminati's agenda could be halted by a full-scale disclosure of the ET presence, Wilcock asserted. His sources have told him that such a disclosure is planned to occur before the end of 2009, and a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world. Yet, a variety of ET species are visiting the Earth, including the Annunaki, who are reptilian in appearance, and a controlling force behind the Illuminati, he continued.

The entire solar system is undergoing change as a galactic wave or energy field comes in, making the planets hotter, brighter and more magnetic, said Wilcock. This wave is pushing humanity to evolve to the next level or frequency, he added. But according to his sources, a spacecraft was secretly sent out to study the wave, and it was determined it will lead to planetary cataclysm between 2012-2017. 













1〜7 David Wilcock Audio Blog October 10, 2009

Channel Icon
October 14, 2009
For more David Wilcock videos, please visit:

David Wilcock gives an update, including his recent interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory, upcoming book, Barack Obama, The Philadelphia Experiment and much more! Be sure to visit Davids website at: http://www.divinecosmos.com/ and keep an eye out for his book in 2010!









Project Camelot - Panel Talk On "The Shift" - 01/04

PROJECT CAMELOT PRESENTS AN OPEN DISCUSSION ON THE SHIFT, with Jordan Maxwell, Richard Dolan, Cynthia Crawford, Alfred Webre, Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, Rebecca Jernigan, George Green, Miriam Delicado, Robert O. Dean, and Audience Participation.




'Count Your Blessings - The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love' by Dr. John F. DeMartini **Capter 1**

'Count Your Blessings - from amazon.com

'Count Your Blessings - from amazon.co.jp

This book is dedicated to all individuals
who would love to heal 
their minds, bodies, and lives 
through the power of 
gratitude and unconditional love.

Chapter 1
Gratitude and Love Are the Heart of Healing

Do You Have the Heart to Heal Yourself?

We all have the healing power of unconditional love within us. But we sometimes unwisely believe that we can't be healed. When we're sick, it's easy to listen to our fears, and tempting to put all our efforts into tangible, physical remedies that we can see and touch. But if we want a more complete and lasting healing, we must take a step beyond what we can merely see or touch, and listen to the inner wisdom of our hearts and souls as well.

This inner wisdom, expressing itself through gratitude and unconditional love, is the most powerful healing force there is. No condition, illness, or disease exists that can't be helped by its pure energy. We can interpret incurable to mean, simply, curable from within! And when we're grateful for what is, as it is, our hearts open and speak to us with healing messages. These are the moments when we inwardly hear the guidance of our hearts and souls. Being grateful and opening our hearts to unconditional love is the essence of healing.

This same essence creates spontaneous healing - what some call miracles - when we intensify its power by being completely present and having total certainty that healing can and will occur. The most inspired healers know that that power that made the body can heal the body,amd they share this certainty with their patients. They also know that in numerous instances, internal forces have healed conditions and diseases that had been diagnosed as irreparable or terminal simply because there were no known externally administered, traditional remedies or cures. But when we limit ourselves to physical treatments and remedies, we don't reap the benefits of the unlimited source of healing that's within us.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share other people's personal stories of healing because they serve as reminders of what truly is possible. Believing that we can make ourselves well is a vital part of the healing process. Sometimes people block the healing power of unconditional love when they feel they don't deserve to heal, or when they hold on to anger or other unbalanced emotions. For example, Angie, a former chiropractic patient of mine, came to me after her neck and back were heart in a car accident.She was a gymnast and was on her way to a performance when a van hit the passenger side of her car. Angie spent several days in the hospital and several weeks resting at home, but she wasn't seeing any improvement in her condition. "I haven't gotten any of my flexibility back. I still can't turn my head, and my back feels as stiff as a board," she explained.

I asked Angie to tell me about the collision, and she began to describe the events as she recalled them. As she spoke, her voice became louder and faster, her face flashed with emotion. She said she was very angry, and she was afraid she was going to miss months of competition and performance. "Why did this happen to me?"she asked. As she spoke, I could see Angie's body tensing and becoming even more rigid. I realized that she might be blocking her own healing with her anger and ingratitude. I explained that if she balanced her emotions concerning the accident, she could open her heart and begin to benefit from the healing essence of unconditional love. "What do you mean, 'when I balance my emotions'?" she asked. "I can't help how I feel!"

I explained that our emotions are based on our perceptions. That fact that we can, and do,change our minds and our opinions indicates that we can also change our perceptions and the way we feel about things. "Okay," she said, "but what does that have to do with healing my neck so I can perform again?" I suggested to Angie that the anger she felt surrounding her injury might be creating a block in her healing and explained that by balancing her perceptions she could exchange anger for gratefulness and the healing power for unconditional love. She agreed that it was worth trying and said she would return the following day.

When Angie arrived, I explained the method I call, "The Demartini Method," which I developed to help balance perception and tap in to unconditional love. For the next few hours, Angie worked on balancing her perceptions of the collision, the driver of the van, and her injury.She eventually discovered that an equl number of negatives and positives were associated with the car wreck, the other driver, and even her own injury. She could see how she had done to other people the same types of things that she now accused the driver of doing to her. And she realized that she wanted to stop blaming and start healing.

When Angie completed the final step in the Demartini Method, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "Wow! I can help how I feel. I really get it. Blaming doesn't help anything. Right now, I feel really grateful just to be alive. " I asked Angie to step into the adjusting room and focus on her gratefulness and on her vision of the flexibility she was certain to regain. I then adjusted her and asked her to remain in a relaxed state for a moment or two after the adjustment to feel the unconditional love healing her neck and her back. As she sat up gradually and then stood, I could see that she already had regained some of her flexibility. She confirmed what I saw. "I can actually turn my head a little," she said with a big smile. I supported Angie's internal healing process with several more adjustments and exactly one month after her competition for a routine she performed on the balance beam.

All Complete Healing Is Activated 
Through Love and Gratitude
     ・ Unconditional love heals.
     ・ True, heartfelt gratitude releases unconditional
     ・ The power that made the body can heal the body.
     ・ No matter what healers or therapists do, they can
            only support you own natural or inheren healing

Certainty and Presence Intensify Healing
      Be certain certain that you will heal.
     ・ Visualize yourself doing what you love to do, and
            believe you will do these things again when you are
     ・ Fill your heart with so many grateful thoughts that
            no room remains for worry and fear.
     ・ be present to the healing energy of unconditional

The Truth Is...
Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.
In the first it is ridiculed; in the second it is opposed;
in the third it is regarded as self evident.
                   -- Arthur Shopenhauer


'Count Your Blessings - The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love' by Dr. John F. DeMartini

'Count Your Blessings - from amazon.com

'Count Your Blessings - from amazon.co.jp

This book is dedicated to all individuals
who would love to heal 
their minds, bodies, and lives 
through the power of 
gratitude and unconditional love.


I was a boy, my parents encouraged me to be grateful for my health, my life, and all the world's wonders. They would often remind me to count my blessings, and over time it became a part of everyday life. When I began studying and then practicing as a professional the principles of healing, I observed a strong link between gratitude. love and healing. I began focusing my research in this area more than 15 years ago and continue to be inspired by each healing principle I discover.

Each connection I find between gratitude, love, and healing is like a sparkling star of light, a perfect pebble in the stream of consciousness. And each day I awake with a sense of anticipation that I may discover another principle of health--another inspirational story of healing-- to share with others. That's why I founded the Concourse of Wisdom School of Philosophy and Healing.It's also why I created "The DeMartini Method," and why I've written this book.

The many principles and stories I'm able to share with you create a foundation for living a healthy and fulfilling life just by tapping into the power of gratitude and love.When you apply these principles, you reap the benefits of healing you mind and body, following the wisdom of your heart and soul, and experiencing the most powerful force in existence--the power of gratitude and love.

Each principle and story will help you take another step toward healing those conditions in your life that you'd love to heal, and make quantum leaps in your personal and spiritual development, as you walk along your unique and special journey.


Michael Jackson - This Is It (Single)

Paul Anka gets 50% cut in Michael Jackson's 'This is It' single after rip-off claims
It must be one of the fastest-made deals in show business history.
Paul Anka started Monday saying Michael Jackson's new single "This Is It" is a rip-off of one of his songs ... and within hours the songwriter became a 50% partner in the publishing rights to the record.

Anka will get other profits as well, but the publishing rights are the big ticket item, and sources say Jackson's estate has agreed that  Anka will get half.
Earlier in the day, Anka told TMZ.com that in 1983, he wrote a song with Jackson called "I Never Heard."
After the demo of the song was cut in Anka's studio in Carmel, CA. he says he took the tape to a studio in Hollywood to put the finishing touches on it for Anka's duets album, "Walk a Fine Line." Anka claims Jackson then took the tapes from the studio.
Anka told TMZ that he called the lawyers who repped both singers and threatened a lawsuit if he didn't get the tapes back. Anka got them back, but believes Jackson made a copy and used the track with his voice from "I Never Heard" -- and simply retitled it, "This Is It."
Anka revealed that the people handling Michael Jackson's estate apologized Monday for the "rip off" and offered "anything you want" to resolve the situation.
Lawyer John Branca reportedly told TMZ, "We acknowledge that Michael and Paul wrote this song together."
According to Anka, John McClain, the co-Special Administrator for Jackson's estate, said Monday, "Michael couldn't have written this song alone. It's not his style."
Anka says McClain now acknowledges that "This is It" is really Paul's song, and said, "We'll give you whatever you want, whatever it takes we'll do the right thing."
Anka says he's not trying to hold the estate up but he wants them to be fair.
The estate certainly isn’t shy about acknowledging his involvement. Anka says McClain asked him to do promotion for the song.
An AOL poll on Monday found that 85% of voters love “This is It,” with Daily News Music Critic Jim Farber describing it as "vintage King of Pop."


THE TAKEOVER OF PLANET EARTH: Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell

Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell 12 October 2009

-- This is a long-awaited, long-requested blockbuster of an interview with one of the greatest alternative researchers of our time. Here Jordan Maxwell tells all: and builds, through the three hour video, to present his firm conclusions about what is happening on Planet Earth.

-- According to Jordan, the picture is not pretty: the Earth is not controlled by human beings; that the human race is currently being mutated; and, to put it mildly, we are all in some degree of trouble.

-- The dire conclusions Jordan has reached are mitigated by his own fascinating personal story: that he was groomed and prepared for his current role by nothing less than a group of benevolent ETs - one of whom he met in person in the guise of the father of a girl he met when he was just 19. He was explicitly told by this remarkable (but very ordinarily human-looking) man - who told him details of his life that no-one could possibly know - that he would have a very important job to do later, in years to come. It is very clear that he is doing that job right now.

-- In this video Jordan goes places in his testimony that he has not spoken about publicly before in any venue. The reptilians are real, he states: to support this, he recounts a fascinating and extraordinary story told to him of one woman's first-hand experience as a young girl on a US Air Force base. He talks about the reality (and return) of the Anunnaki. And he cites Masonic symbolism, that is to be found in ancient texts, the former USSR, Nazi Germany, and the Obama administration - as well as in the forthcoming TV remake of the classic Sci-Fi series 'V' - that shows the interconnectedness of all these themes and cultures: that something or someone is expected to return, and that this event may or may not be in humanity's best interests.


Jordan Maxwell website

I love the way Jordan says, "Dan Brown is nothing but a whore who's kissing the enemy". He is reeeeally angry.
Looking forward to Jordan's latest 3 hours video to show the whole world for the first time an information, nobody revealed before (about the "Dawn of the New Day", the concept of it is the "Rising Sun between two mountains". Their agenda is to take over the planet Earth by mutating the human race).

With my opinion, the people who are clearly aware of the agenda behind the screen might actually be genetically different with the sheeple of the mass.
I'm not a eugenicist but with watching the way general people react to what they've been fed and can become so excited that easily, I have to believe so.    

Be aware that there is a war for your soul.
Are we  a spiritual body in a physical body or, are we originally a spirit which is taken on by a physical body?
There is a war going on against somebody out there in the outer space who originally created us, by diabolical enemies. 


Dr, John DeMartini

John Demartini from The Great Work DVD

Because everybody has a set of values and because it's dictating how they see the world and act upon the world, determining their sensory and motor functions, all decisions in any split second is been based upon those value systems.
So their life is completely demonstrating their values 24 hours a day.
Now what happens is, as they go through life sometimes they subordinate themselves and minimize themselves relative to people who they think have more than them.
Maybe they think somebody has more wealth in them, or more intelligence in them, or more spiritual awareness, or maybe they think they're more successful, or maybe they have a better relationship, or maybe they're socially connected, or maybe they have a better looks. Anytime they intend to minimize themselves relative to somebody else and subordinate themselves to them, they tend to inject other people's values into their life and try to be more like them.
Emerson said "Envious ignorance and imitation is suicide".
Because instead of being authentic to ourselves, we start to be somebody we're not. When we do, we consciously think I wanna do this. But our unconscious which is based on our real values keep making us do what's truly in our value system. It keeps making us make decisions, it keeps making us see things and act upon things. So anytime we consciously try to go off on a direction that's not matching our unconsciousness, there's an in-congruency.
Now, when the science of in-congruency is you hear yourself inwardly or even outwardly, vocally saying, "I should be doing this, I gotta be doing this, I need to be doing this, I'm supposed to be doing this", which are all languages of imperatives of outside authorities.
When somebody is congruent, they say "I love doing what I do. I'm inspired by it, this is what I've always dreamed of." Because now their values and their actions are congruent.
The word fulfillment is directly proportioned to how well those are congruent. So if you feel fulfilled and grateful for life, they're congruent.
Now, if all of a sudden you're setting goals and or objectives, or things you wanna create or manifest that are not, you get what you could call resistance. You start getting this part that makes you think, somehow I'm not on track, I'm keep going off track. I can't stay focused. What's wrong with me? I keep sabotaging, I keep not manifesting. Those are all signs that you're not congruent. The reason being is because whether you're conscious or consciously aware of it, you are constantly manifesting with the secret 24 hours a day. Whatever your values are.
Now, let me give you an example, something that just happened today.
I had an opportunity to have a drive with a lovely lady into this airport Todel, and which interesting is, as I was driving she was saying "You know, I would really wanna manifest a man in my life now. I'm ready for a man in my life.".  And I said "No". and she goes "What do you mean 'NO'?"
I said "No". "If you're truly ready to manifest a man in your life, you have a man in your life." She was saying, "What do you mean by that?" and I said "Because your unconscious is constantly creating your reality. and what you consciously think you want and what you're unconsciously or actually wanting are two different things right now." and she says, "What do I do about that? I really want a man." I said "NO, let's just look at that." I said "What do you think you are looking for in a man?" We made a list of things what she was looking for in a man, idomise some things. and I said "Now, where are those in your life right now? Let's go one by one and idomise those." "Where do you have somebody that's having deep conversation with you? Who's somebody that's giving you hugs? Who's somebody that's somewhat sensuous and has affection for you? Who's that the things you're attractive?" and we idomised each one of those things and found a dozen men in her life that were pulling in each of those pieces. Then we said, "What else are you looking for in a relationship?" "One that gives me freedom." "Well, who is this providing you freedom?" and we idomise everything she was looking for in a man and we found out that instead of having in one man, she had it dispersed between a dozen men. and then I said "Now, the last time you were in a relationship with a man, one man, what were some of the pains you had?" "Well, we sometimes would have arguments. He wanted to do sometimes I didn't wanna do. Sometimes he expected me to be doing  things I really didn't wanna do, it was not priority. Wanted me to wait on him sometimes." We went through all these different things and in her mind, there were more draw backs and benefits of being with one man. So even though her conscious self which is what she is injecting from all the friends says, I want a man, her unconscious was associating pains with her past relationships dealing with men. So as long as she had pains to associate with those men and unconsciously was avoiding them but yet still wanting all those traits, that she did want. She automatically was manifesting every traits she was looking for in a dispersement of men, that allow her to go home at night and have freedom. and not have to be attached, not have to wait on somebody et cetera and could call and say, "Look I have to go now" and do it just exactly in a time in a degree that she wanted it. She says, when she finally listen to that, saw that, she goes, "Man, this is amazing I realize now that I really done that, including my father, I'm connected to him, and he plays part of that roll, and I've got another guy who wants to buy me things, and I've got another guy who wants to do me things, and another guy who is really spiritual, wants to meditate." and I said "Can you see you never had a man, one man who's done all that? She goes, "Yeah, and I think I was expecting one man to do that." "Can you see that's a false expectation, it's not real? No human being's gonna do all those things for you?" She did and so she said "Can you see that you built up some anger of that and you married once and you see that some of the pain associated with that?" She goes "Yes", and I said "Let's go back and dissolve some of the pains, and put that in back into perspective which I have a method for I call 'The DeMartini Method' to help dissolve all that past delusions, baggage. Then as long as you have more associations that are beneficial over here and more pains over here, you're gonna move over here and take your so called 'soul mate' that you're looking for and disperse it into variety of mates.I would say the soul mate in every one's life is always present but either in one or many forms. If it's more painful to have it dispersed, we'll get it in one. If it's more painful to have it in one, we'll have in many.
So after we got through, she was now entreat. cause, she realized "Oh, my God, everything I am looking for is really in that form." and she said "I feel energized right now, I feel empowered right now". I said, "Can you see that you are a master creator, your unconscious motives are constantly creating your reality, You're not missing anything. Your real motives, not your fantasy motives were really manifesting this. Now, if you wanna change your values, I can show you, I can take them and go through the De MarTini Method and dissolve all the pains in all those past relations including her ex-husband. Now we can show up some pains and drawbacks on dispersing them like this, and we can literally shift your consciousness because we're shifting your values, and then you start manifesting one and you'll be amazed in how quickly you manifest a new relationship in your life. and then you'll get a one guy. But if you have an expectation of him providing everything with you, you're probably unrealistic. So the ideal relationship is that you'll have one that's very close and intimate and you'll have a variety of other male figures that allow you to take maybe intellectual conversation or other factors in your life. and the bounce between the one and the many as the Greek said many thousands of years ago is the wisest thing in life. and you'll have one that's very special and intimate and you'll have many that are friends.
and anyway, all I know is that she realized this, she had kind of a lightness feeling and she realized, "Wow, I really have the power and I have created that, and my values did that." and so again, we go back to the secret.
The law of manifestation, the law of attraction is we attract our inner most dominate thought. We dominate our thought in what's truly important to us. But the thing is as the most of us don't know ourselves. It goes back to the Dorific Oracle "Know thyself, be thyself, love thyself." So few people know who they are. They don't know what their values are.

 Dr John Demartini - Memory & Imagination is a lie!