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TUNING IN is a truly unique feature-length spiritual documentary, the result of 10 years of inquiry into the phenomenon of spirit channeling by filmmaker David Thomas. Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a spirit being. The "channeler" is then able to act as a dimensional go-between in bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well as interpreting messages from the entity.

For the very first time, six of America's prominent channelers are featured in the same film in order to gain insight into the phenomenon, as well as the information being received. They are Lee Carroll--channel for Kryon, John Cali--channel for Chief Joseph, Shawn Randall--channel for Torah, Darryl Anka--channel for Bashar, Geoffrey Hoppe--channel for Tobias and Wendy Kennedy--channel for the Pleiadian Collective.

The entities coming through—each with a strong and distinct personality—were interviewed at length by the filmmaker and the result is remarkable: across space and time it appears the entities are speaking as one, delivering a clear and profound message of empowerment for humankind.










pt.10 New Consciousness (Deleted scene from "Tuning In")

An Interview with the Creators of "Tuning In" Movie


While spirit channelings have been the foundation for many spiritual teachings, most metaphysical movies such as "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know" considered it a taboo to feature them.

The team behind "Tuning In" movie obviously felt otherwise and followed up on where others have left. The feature length documentary showcases six engaging American channelers and their non-physical counterparts: Lee Carroll - channel for Kryon, Shawn Randall - channel for Torah, Geoffrey Hoppe - channel for Tobias, Wendy Kennedy - channel for the Pleiadian Collective, Darry Anka - channel for Bashar and Cosmic Lighthouse's regular contributor, John Cali - channel for Chief Joseph.

Thanks to John Cali's connection, we 'tune in' to the film director, David Thomas and producer, Matthiew Klinck to bring you the story behind this revolutionary movie.

1. Whose idea was it to do this movie and why?

Matthiew: It was David's idea to do the movie. When he approached me with the idea last November, I had never heard of channeling. I was fascinated though, and he lent me an audiocassette of a channeling session. When I listened to it, I was really taken aback. The information coming through made a strong connection. I had felt it before, but never heard it put into words. I knew there were many like me who would greatly benefit from hearing it for themselves.

David: I stumbled across channeled material about 10 years ago and immediately felt a resonance with it. I found myself coming back to it again and again and getting deeper into it through Abraham-Hicks, the six channelers featured in “Tuning In” and others. I was struck that so few people, relatively, knew about this phenomenon and thought it would make a fantastic documentary. I nearly started it about three years ago, but for some reason didn’t feel completely aligned with the project, so put it on the back burner. Then, literally, I woke up one day in late 2007 and decided it was time. I’m sure I was getting a few nudgings from my non-physical friends that the time was right. And since then, it has all come together in amazing fashion — literally no stumbling blocks, and even very few hiccups.

2. Why did you choose to feature these six channels when there are many others? What is your decision process?

Matthiew: David chose the channelers based on his 10 years of research into the phenomenon. He wanted to feature the energy that felt most aligned to him. It's an amazing thing that happened once we started filming. It really felt like all the channelers were connecting to the same source and that they were completing each other's sentences. Communicating a message as one.

David: In the decade since I came upon channeling, I have probably read or listened to information from perhaps 50 different sources. The ones I included in the movie, simply, are the ones that spoke to me on the deepest levels, the ones I had the most resonance with. I just figured that if I connected so fully with these six, then others certainly would as well.

3. We understand that each channel was filmed without scripting and did not know about the topics beforehand. What are your experiences during the actual filming?

David: None of them knew the questions beforehand or even topics I would cover. Yet each of the entities that came through answered in cogent, in-depth and often profound manner. And they didn’t shy away from any topic I brought up—from the nature of God to proper diet to why Britney Spears is so popular (though we cut that from the final film).

Matthiew: I was amazed by how unflinchingly and unhesitantly each channeled entity answered David's various questions in ways that, while not exactly the same, really seemed to complete one another. It really felt like the same message was trying to come through, but filtered differently by each channeler.

4. What is the most interesting insight you have received from interviewing the spiritual entities?

Matthiew: By far the most interesting - and I would think controversial - is that "there are no victims." I had never heard anything like that before, and I'm still mulling it over in my mind. But there it is.

David: I literally find it all interesting. They all say we create our realities, but I am still somewhat confounded about exactly how this is so since so many of us would not consciously choose to go through some of the life experiences we draw to ourselves. So I’m still working on that one.

5. Do you believe that the spirit channelings in the film are real and what made you arrive at the conclusion?

David: I have no doubt, none, zero. I am a trained journalist and a natural skeptic, but after 10 years of delving into channeling, there is simply no doubt that this is real. Of course there are charlatans out there, but the six we have focused on are the real deal. The spirit entities explain that they are coming through more at this point because we as a species are evolving and before we incarnated we asked them to remind us of some of these Universal truths. They do so with love and compassion, never pressing, judging or fear-mongering.

Matthiew: It struck me that in trance, the channelers are able to give very complex answers, sometimes several minutes in length, without "thinking" about them. As soon as the question is asked, the entity is already answering. Another thing: I have been operating cameras a long time and I was holding one of the cameras during the shoot. When the channelers were in trance, I felt the energy in the room changing and sometimes I had trouble holding the camera without shaking. I had to lean against a wall to stay steady during the Kryon interview.

6. Can you briefly tell us about your backgrounds?

David: I was raised in Minnesota, worked as a journalist, then moved to Los Angeles about a decade ago to be a screenwriter. I have sold scripts, but Tuning In is the first movie I have directed.

Matthiew: I'm from Canada originally and now living in Los Angeles. I dropped out of school to actively pursue my dream of working in movies in 1995. Success came relatively quickly and I was soon making documentaries, comedy TV shows and music videos. In the last few years, I've refocused on feature films, both mass-market and message-oriented. My films have played in film festivals around the world and I continue to love what I do, and learn from it.

7. How did you first learn about spirit channeling?

David: I read the Conversations With God series which really ignited my interest in spiritual matters after a long dormant period. This led me to Abraham-Hicks, then Kryon, Bashar, and on down the line. I was raised Roman Catholic, but the Bible had long since stopped speaking to me… if it ever really had.

Matthiew: I had very briefly read about it in connection with Shirley MacLaine many years ago, but had not looked into it. David was the first to introduce me to real channeling. Of all the ways it could have happened, it was over a hamburger in Santa Clarita, California!

8. Could you share with us something interesting that happened during filming or during the production phases?

Matthiew: Many interesting things happened during the production. For one thing, this is the film that came together the most naturally and organically of any production I have ever been involved in. We never hit a wall, no one ever said "no", it was like a path had been created for this film to walk through without hindrance. From concept to delivery in under 9 months is unheard of for a feature-length documentary! Some of the spirit entities mentioned that we had been "targeted" to help bring this message out in this way.

David: During every single interview with the six entities, I could sense an energy shift in the room and in myself, but in slightly different ways. Bashar was so intense that I lost my train of thought a few times. The Pleiadian Collective (through Wendy Kennedy) energy was so loving and comfortable that I felt I was talking to an old friend. Tobias (through Geoffrey Hoppe) felt like a brother. And Kryon (through Lee Carroll) made my entire body feel very light, almost as if I was levitating. Then my body was sort of buzzing for hours afterward, so much so that I didn’t get to sleep until 5 a.m. It was a true pleasure to interview them all.

9. Are you working on any new projects that are similar in nature?

David: I have actually located five other channelers that speak just as deeply to me and hope to include them in Tuning In, Part 2. I also envision a channeling-based TV show - it really seems to me as if the masses are not only hungry, but starving, for this sort of fare. The Secret opened the door for getting this sort of thing to more people, but we believe that movie barely scratched the surface. Tuning In goes much deeper and broader than that film.

Matthiew: I'm just finishing a documentary about a trip I shared with my mother in the uncharted nomadic regions of Niger, Africa in order to find a well that she made for the dwellers of the Sahara desert. It's a very special and personal film. David and I are planning more Tuning In films, in order to delve even deeper into the information coming through. It's absolutely fascinating.

10. What is your favorite quote from the movie?

Matthiew: That's a hard one. There are soooo many! But if I had to choose my personal favorite... it's the one that ended up at the start of the trailer: "This is discovering the core issue. And that is you have always been, and will always be, in control of your life as a piece of God in this Universe." I still get shivers from it.

David: There are so many quotes I love, but my favorite is when Kryon says, “My definition of God is the ones I sit in front of, magnificent all. When you start suppressing what you’ve been told about God and open the door to what God really is, in will come God and it will have your face on it.”

11. Can you state one great reason why our readers should rush out to buy your DVD?

David: I don’t want to get hyperbolic, but this movie literally could change their lives. There is SO much profound, loving information presented in this film that, if they are even slightly open-minded, they will gain benefit. The movie actually isn’t so much about channeling itself, though that is no doubt interesting, but about this priceless information coming forth.

Matthiew: Anyone who wants a reminder of their true spiritual nature and power should definitely rush to buy the film. I've seen it dozens of times and I still pick up a new valuable insight each time I watch it. It's having an amazingly positive impact on individuals around the world and it feels like it could play a part in waking up a lot of people who have never asked themselves who they really are.

Note David and Matthiew were interviewed separately for this article.
To find out more about the movie, please visit www.tuninginmovie.com

About the Interviewees

Matthiew Klinck is a native of Canada, a passionate filmmaker and traveller. He gave up school almost 15 years ago to pursue his dream of making entertaining and inspiring movies. Within a year, his school board had hired him to make their promotional videos, and he had created a TV series which aired on the national Comedy Network. His documentary film work has brought him to five continents, and his latest fictional movie was purchased by Magnolia Pictures at the Sundance Film Festival. He now lives in Los Angeles.

Minnesota native David Thomas loves basketball, dogs, Bruce Springsteen, and a lovely sentence. He now lives in Los Angeles, where he writes scripts and plans on directing more movies.


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