Japan Joins Chinese Assault Against West, Vows To “Destroy” America


Russian foreign policy experts are becoming increasingly alarmed over the growing relationship between Japan and China after the historic election win of Yukio Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan (DJP) which, according to these reports, will enable the new Japanese Prime Minister to fulfill his long sought after goal of “destroying” what he has called the “stranglehold” the United States has long maintained on his Nation and its people since their defeat at the hands of the American’s during World War II.

In a statement Hatoyama released prior to his election win titled “Toward an even greater victory for the people” he stated the course his new government would take by saying:

“We would like to bring about policies that look 30 years or even 50 years into the future, and radically question the shape of the Japanese nation itself. Our national goal based on a spirit of friendship is to create an East Asian community. It goes without saying that the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty will continue to be the core of Japan's diplomacy. At the same time, however, we must maintain our identity as an Asian nation.”

And to Hatoyama’s growing anger against the United States over its current economic policies he recently raised fears in Washington by saying:

“The financial crisis has suggested to many that the era of U.S. unilateralism may come to an end. It has also raised doubts about the permanence of the dollar as the key global currency. I also feel that as a result of the failure of the Iraq war and the financial crisis, the era of U.S.-led globalism is coming to an end and that we are moving toward an era of multipolarity.”

[Not known to many American’s about the new Japanese leader Hatoyama is his families (who the Japanese people liken to the Kennedy Family of the United States) long-standing ties with the most conservative and radical elements of his Nation’s war making past, and whose grandfather, Ichirō Hatoyama, was tapped by the CIA to replace Japanese Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida whom they had planned to assassinate in a 1952 coup plot led by militarists and suspected war criminals who had worked for US occupation authorities after World War II.]

Equally concerning for the American’s is Hatoyama’s vow to remove all 8,000 US Military personal from their continued occupation of the southern Japanese island of Okinawa where they are branded as “sexual terrorists” due to their repeated raping of women and young girls.

But to the greatest fears of the American’s is Hatoyama’s joining with China in that Nation’s quest to destroy what is left of the now teetering Western economic system that has plunged our World into the catastrophic abyss of ruin for the sole benefit of a few elite European royal, US, and British banking families currently controlling our Earth’s wealth through deception, trickery and outright theft, and as we had previously reported on in our September 3rd report “China Shocks West With Threat Push US-EU Into “Dustbin Of History”.

And towards the American fears being realized, Hatoyama is now pledging to “increase social welfare, better protect workers and do away with American-style, pro-market reforms to lead the country out of its long slump” he has always blamed on his countries blind following of US dictates.

China, meanwhile, is continuing its assault upon the United States with senior Chinese communist leader, Cheng Siwei, now warning that because the United States Federal Reserve won’t stop printing worthless money, it will “compel China to redesign its foreign reserve policy” in a further move of Asia distancing itself from the US Dollar as a Global reserve currency.

China has also accelerated its shedding of US Dollars with new reports showing its Sovereign Wealth Fund is dumping the American currency in favor of gold and other strategic commodities while at the same time urging its over 1 billion citizens to begin doing likewise, and who in 2008 were the world’s largest gold producer, second-largest consumer and fifth-largest holder of gold reserves.

And in further fatal blow to the American economy, whose debt for this year alone is nearing the staggering toll of $11 Trillion, China has opted out of buying any more American debt and has, instead, purchased $50 billion in newly created International Monetary Fund bonds to protect their future worth.

To all of these moves against the United States by China many analysts and financial experts are now warning that the Americans are about to see the catastrophic collapse of their largest banks after their receiving letters this past week indicating that Chinese State Owned Enterprises would be given the “green light” to default on their derivatives owed to these Western “banksters”.

So dire has the situation in the United States become, and where over 6 million of their citizens have lost their homes, Russian Professor Igor Panarin is now warning that “events are continuing to confirm his doomsday prediction first made over 10 years ago, that the United States will completely collapse like the Soviet Union before the end of 2010, and warns that the chaos could begin to unfold in as little as two months.”

Professor Panarin, doctor of political sciences and professor of the Russian Diplomatic Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further warned the American’s by saying, “Today I received another confirmation that the collapse of the dollar and the US is inevitable. Japan’s Democratic Party won the election, and I’d like to remind you that its leader [Yukio Hatoyama] has the snubbing of the dollar among his economic plans. In plainer words, he plans to transfer Japan’s monetary reserves from US dollars into another currency.”

To the American people, of course and as always, the nightmare about unfold around them they continue to remain oblivious to due to their propaganda media organs failing to give them the truthful information needed so that these witless souls may protect themselves. And, perhaps, no greater illustration of how manipulated these Americans are can be seen then in their being whipped into a frenzy over the Islamic Nation of Iran’s flawed elections, but nary a one of them being told that the election their government created for their “ally” Afghanistan produced the absurd result of the Western backed President Karzai took 100% of the votes in his oppositions stronghold.

And saddest of all, those like us who continue to tell them the truth are the ones reviled, not the ones who continue to speak to these people like they are children. But then again, in truth this is how most of them act.

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