Ian Halperin talking MJ on Howard Stern 1~7

Michael Jackson's Fans Can't Face the Fact that they are also Responsible of Killing Him...which is MY OPINION and not Ian's.
Apart from the whole bad comments done on amazon.com or YouTube and so on, to me, Ian Halperin's explanation about Michael actually fits the closest to my view. This man, except with some parts, seems to have the most accurate information among all the critiques....although, I've never met Michael Jackson in person, my opinion is just based on all the information gathered on the internet, books, magazines, radios and analysis from my personal religious, spiritual, or everyday experiences. Totally personal.

Ian Halperin talking MJ on Howard Stern 1~7
July 19, 2009


Ian Halperin is an investigator, an undercover journalist (obviously, now he's too famous so, he should always put his dark glasses on..) who's been working in this field for 20 odd years, the only guy who info-traded the church of Scientology. He paused as an undercover gay actor in the church, they let him film everything, telling them that he wanted to be cured with his alleged homosexuality, they let them in for months, told them his uncle invented, had all kinds of dough, wanted to invest 50~100 million tax right off... and wrote a book about that. Thats why Michael became interested with Ian. What made you believe that Michael wasn't a child molester? Michael was acquitted on 2005, he thought it was going like an O. J. Simpson trial, and was out to nail him. After 4 years of investigation, unwaveringly thought, Michael Jackson was not a child molester, even if he did look like the classic pedophile profile to the public. You can never judge a book by it's cover here, and the fact is that Michael Jackson never had a proper childhood, Joe Jackson beat the hell out of him, you can ask his high school principal about that. By all accounts, he was a scumbag to Michael. In a video, Joe jackson was just interviewed the other day and told that once in a while he disciplined him but never beat him and said, " Although, Katherin beat the way more than I did", it's horrible. Also pointing out his words that if it wasn't for him, Michael wouldn't have made this successful. All these people are coming out of a woodwork now and rushing to Michael's defense after he's dead. Where were these people all these months when Michael had drug addictions, all kinds of financial problems? Like, La Toya Jackson selling her story on one hand, she's saying "I couldn't get access to Michael, he wouldn't let anyone near him by his handlers durling the last months of his life." on the other hand, she just sells her story to the News of the World, as if she's the closest person to Michael. Joe Jackson's keep saying, too, "I had a perfectly good relationship with my son, his handlers, his security people wouldn't let me near him". Now, everyone knows, if Michael Jackson's paying these security people, HE'S telling them who to keep out. His security people says "Michael told, 'Keep my dad away!'". His old man was an extortionist. Michael was a dough. He says, he loved Michael but the fact is, he burned Michael repeatedly, Michael didn't trust him and Michael was ashamed of how Joe raised him. Never gave him a proper childhood. Back to the Neverland, it looks like a perfect operation to run a pedophile but he wasn't. Michael jackson loved children, he only felt comfortable with children to communicate with, put trust in them. He brought cancer patients, impoverished kids. Michael Jackson wanted to bring people together in this world and he used Neverland as a medium. Michael Jackson is not a child molester. Let's go back to 1993, Jordan Chandler case. I dug up an official court document that says the insurance company forced Michael to settle. They demanded that he'll settle. Michael Jackson broke down in tears, he maintained his innocence and he insisted that he didn't want to settle but the insurance company forced him to settle. In my book, I detail this case. First of all, Jordan Chandler said that Michael Jackson was circumcised, he had blotches, spots on his penis, and there was a raid on Neverland. The cops decended on Jackson's house, this was the most meaning part, the moment of Jackson's life. He had to strip down and be photographed. Was he in fact circumcised? No, uncut. So Jordan Chandler's words didn't match. We all never got to know them all but it's all in the book.

On 24, Dec. 2008, Ian said "Michael Jackson has only 6 months to live", by a couple of sources explaining physical and mental (personality disorder like schizophrenia) condition. This was the reason he couldn't publish the book sooner. MJ was a closeted homosexual and usually the black community is homophobia. Also Jehova's Witnesses' faith don't accept that.

The marriage with Lisa Marie Presley was arranged by the Scientologists by pushing her, which was what the church members were claiming. They divorced because of their bed issues. Katherin told Ian that she presumed Michael had been a "faggot", so Ian went on like a murder investigation. Michael thought if he came out being gay, everyone would also think he was a pedophile. The other thing that he also said was "It's easier for caucasian entertainer". He was always envious of George Michael, Elton John, Boy George, Freddie Mercury... but because of the race fact, he couldn't.... then, going into more details about Michael's homo-lovers...which I already knew by watching THEM on YouTube somewhere, the other day...

In most part of the book, Ian's defending Michael. He'd wrote the whole book based on 5 years research when Michael was still alive. Only the last chapter was added after his death. About Michael's kids' parenting issue, Janet Jackson right now seems to be the closest to the kids among the Jacksons, and she even says that she'll give up her entire career to raise them....which is already gone, BTW. She is also the biggest star of the family, so maybe she can relate on that level. BUT, Ian thinks that the kids should be apart from the Jacksons. Then, why did Michael leave these kids in his 2002 Will, to a woman (Katherin) who didn't protect him, beat him and called him GAY? From Ian's other source, they think another Will exists and people are using the one for convenience. Why is there so much confusion around Michael all the time? With his huge financial entanglement which is actually a business cooperation, the accountant must have had an updated will. Ian's whole point is that you can't trust the people around Michael. Somebody will be brought to justice as a murder case, starting with the doctors. Having Deprovan in your basement is highly illegal. Also the police force investigating the case does not have the best track source when it comes to celebrity cases. Michael's mess, rise and fall of his success attracts people's attention. and then the NAZIs paraphernalia doesn't surprise us at all with his Nation of Islams handling his late years. It started with his Jew bitterness, the control over the music and entertainment industry business. He was an anti-semite. and then the hyperbaric chamber, plastic surgeries,.... Michael knew how to spin the media to reinvent himself apart from the Jacksons. Then with the accusation on pedophile, he wanted to blame somebody or everybody, starting with the issue especially with Tommy Mottola from SONY. Michael tried to isolate him from everything and got himself into blame game... totally unbalancing with also his extravagance with buying the antiques...

Michael firstly wanted to concentrate only with his creative works on music, let the others handle the business. Then gradually he became mature enough to do some business with the Beatles (Elvis, Eminem...) catalogs which kept his finance afloat till now. The recent financial situation was very bad, traveling basically as a backpackers with his kids, nomads. Just struggling to put the food on the table, one time he was camping in his friend's basement. He had assets but he was so far in debts that it just couldn't balance out. He was also living in Dubai, Bahrain and that was the reason he started to think about coming back. The only reason for this most famous entertainer of the world to come back was to pay off the creditors. The night Michael Jackson announced his big come back, Ian was at the biggest breakfast show in the UK at GMTV and said "I'm not booking my plane tickets, these concerts will never happen", and urged everyone to take it seriously.... and got everybody's blame after wards. ...then these guys start to argue about Michael's music and starts a dancing party....funny... The entire music scene was created out of black music, which Michael was always crediting on, instead of to himself.... Giving wine to the kids issue (JESUS WINE issue), several times rehab issue, Martin Bashir issue... the reason why Michael let him interview was that he was a big fan of Princess Diana... he was obsessed with her. Michael Jackson made an error of judgment, allowing people in his life who he shouldn't have and he suffered the consequences. He just wanted to invite cancer children to let them have a great time, allowing them to sleep on his bed while Michael himself slept on the floor. Ian interviewed 50 children.

Talking with the callers...
From the result of Ian's interview with 50 children, it was obvious that Michael did one thing inappropriate to any of them.
Don't blame the book without reading or watching the film. It is prejudice. When Michael died, the book was already on the press, so Ian had to add a chapter and change the title. Present a concrete evidence with due diligence, then blame me or whatever. Michael Jackson was a doting parent, he lived for those kids which was the last thing that kept him alive. Jackson was a junkie, unfortunately, but let's examine why. This man was gravely ill, without the drugs he would have been dead. He had to become dependent on these drugs, but the doctors went over board. They could have just stabilized or maintained him. When Michael Jackson announced his come back, as he always said, he didn't want to perform less than 100%. He did not want to rip-off his fans, he was an ultimate perfectionist and in less he could delivered the goods, he was unconfortable. That's what made him nervous the last few weeks of his life, he became desponded, he gave up, because he knew he could put off the gig. This outfit AEG that after he died criticize me, still saying the day after he died that he was completely healthy, that shouldn't have happened. Then they released this video because they want to make a lot of dough off his death. They videoed him from the get-go ever since he signed this, they will release the DVD. Michael Jackson is much more wealth than alive to them because he wouldn't done the shows. Jackson's choreographers examined the film, Jackson's experts saying that this was not Michael jackson in fine form, he was out of sink with the rest of the dancers, and they would say after the video was shot, Jackson went on record to say he felt like a marathon runner after crossing the finish line, after doing one song. He couldn't pull this off. Where were all these concerned people who would come out of the woodwork and expressed their deep sympathy to the Jackson family that they were such good friends with Michael? I got to him. Why couldn't they get to him? ... People are saying murder, what's the motive? They would have been bankrupt. Then, Howard standing on the media side and they all argue about the benefit or murder or motives... Ian hopes the authority got the act by now because they are having so many cases like Robert Blake, Phil Spector and O. J., ...hope finally they get it right this time.

Why did Michael jackson wanted the elephant man remain so badly? He felt in another life, that he had this whole connection to the elephant man. It is ironic, one of his heroes were Elvis, he fashioned his show after Elvis and yet he ended up like Elvis.... and the Grace Land, the Neverland that became a shrine, certainly will become a tourist spot but Jacksons don't maintain it, though Michael Jackson still retain ownership. He was bailed out by the spokesman he had by the name of Dr. Tohme Tohme which is his real name, got him capital to keep it going, to keep his name part now. This was the guy who was making every decision for Jackson for the last time of his life. I investigated Dr. Tohmw Tohme. First of all, called the American Medical Association but there was no doctor under that name. In fact the last interview that he gave at the memorial with Matt Lauer, he only said Tohme Tohme now. ....You've talked so much that no one's gonna buy your book anymore.... It's only the tip of the iceberg. ...It's unbelievable... Ian Halperin's book, again the name, "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson" is in stores now. He put 5 years of investigating this and he has a lot of information and the book is getting a lot of attention now.

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