Lawyer: Police seek Jackson manslaughter link DEA officials searched Dr. Conrad Murray’s Houston clinic

Dr. Conrad Murray's office raided in Michael Jackson Case. Dr Joshua Prager comment about Propofol

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LA: DEA raid on Michael Jackson's Doctor - Manslaughter Evidence?
DEA LAPD SearchMichael Jackson Doctor 'Con' Office - Wed 22 July 2009 - 12:32 PM

DEA and Los Angeles police have searched the Houston office of Dr. Conrad Murray for evidence of possible manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. In a statement on his site late Tuesday, Chernoff said investigators from the Los Angeles County coroners office have asked for medical records in addition to those already provided by Murray. Although Chernoff has said the doctor didnt give the pop star any drugs that contributed to his death, Murray has nonetheless received attention from those angry over the singers death. Dr. Murray was the last doctor standing when Michael Jackson died and it seems all the fury is directed toward him, Chernoff said. Dr. Murray is frustrated by negative and often erroneous media reports, he has to walk around 24-7 with a bodyguard. He cant go to work because he is harassed no matter where he goes.


Lawyer: Police seek Jackson manslaughter link DEA officials searched Dr. Conrad Murray’s Houston clinic

updated 6:45 p.m. ET July 22, 2009
HOUSTON - Dozens of police and federal agents descended on the Houston clinic of Michael Jackson’s doctor Wednesday in what his attorney said was a search for evidence of manslaughter, thrusting the doctor back under suspicion in the King of Pop’s death.

Dr. Conrad Murray was with Jackson in his final moments at the singer’s rented mansion in Los Angeles and accompanied him to the hospital. He has cooperated with investigators and the search was the clearest indication that authorities are looking for signs of possible wrongdoing.

Police have said little about the probe, neither confirming nor denying the possibility of criminal charges. The Los Angeles Police Department said he was still not considered a suspect, though the raid shows investigators are intensely scrutinizing the doctor.

It’s still not known what caused Jackson’s death at age 50. The pop star went into cardiac arrest in his bedroom and Murray performed CPR while an ambulance was called, according to Murray’s lawyers.

Los Angeles police and agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration went through the Armstrong Medical Clinic on Wednesday for about 2½ hours. Authorities said they were searching for documents.

“The search warrant authorized law enforcement to search for and seize items, including documents, they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter,” Ed Chernoff, Murray’s attorney, said in a statement posted on his law firm’s Web site. The Harris County warrant remains sealed and unavailable to the media.

Chernoff said agents left with “a forensic image” of a computer hard drive and 21 documents.

Search for records
About three dozen officers and agents participated in the raid with Houston police surrounding the building as the investigators went inside at about 10:30 CDT. DEA spokeswoman Violet Szeleczky said about 20 people were in the Armstrong Medical Clinic, including employees.

A neighborhood crowd gathered to watch the raid until agents left after 1 p.m. and Houston police told reporters and the onlookers to leave the clinic’s property

Search for Jackson manslaughter link
July 22: The DEA and Los Angeles police have searched the Houston office of Dr. Conrad Murray for evidence of possible manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. NBC's Janet Shamlian reports.

Szeleczky said the agents were looking for Murray’s records, not drugs, but wouldn’t specify further. She declined to say how the search related to Jackson’s death.

The search of Murray’s office hard drive indicates authorities are looking not just for patient records but also for e-mails either between the doctor and Jackson or orders for prescription drugs, said Harland Braun, a prominent Los Angeles defense attorney who has represented doctors in cases involving administration of drugs.

Meanwhile, investigators in California also sought more information from Murray, according to Chernoff.

In a statement on his site late Tuesday, Chernoff said investigators from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office have asked for medical records in addition to those already provided by Murray.

“The coroner wants to clear up the cause of death; we share that goal,” Chernoff said in his statement. “Based on Dr. Murray’s minute-by-minute and item-by-item description of Michael Jackson’s last days, he should not be a target of criminal charges.”

An autopsy was conducted but results are not expected until next week. The Jackson family had a second autopsy performed and those results also are pending.

Braun said of Wednesday’s raid in Houston that by stating they are investigating what they believe is manslaughter, authorities don’t need to worry about patient-doctor confidentiality — the right doesn’t exist in criminal cases.

To prove a charge of manslaughter, authorities must prove there was a reckless action that created a risk of death or great bodily injury. If a doctor is aware of the risk, there might also be an issue of whether the patient was made aware of that risk and decided to take it. A patient’s complicity in taking the risk could reduce the doctor’s culpability, Braun said.

Investigators have found the powerful anesthetic propofol in Jackson’s home, according to a person with knowledge of the investigation. The person is not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity. The officials are working with the Drug Enforcement Administration and California attorney general’s office to determine how the medications got there.

Another subpoena
Also Wednesday, the coroner’s office subpoenaed the records of former Jackson nutritionist Cherilyn Lee for information on her treatment of the singer, Lee’s spokeswoman said.

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Belinda Foster says Lee is cooperating with investigators but required a subpoena because the records were protected by law. Lee treated Jackson between January and April, when she says he began persistently asking her for the anesthetic.

Police detectives have already spoken to Murray twice — once immediately after the singer’s death and again two days later. Police investigators say Murray is cooperating in their investigation. The Las Vegas-based doctor is also licensed in California, Nevada and Texas.

Sevcik, Chernoff’s spokeswoman, said the interview with coroner’s investigators might happen Friday. Murray is currently in Las Vegas and Chernoff would be speaking to investigators without the doctor being present.

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There was no sign of activity Wednesday at Murray’s medical offices in Las Vegas. Doors were locked and curtains drawn at his practice, Global Cardiovascular Associates.

There was no immediate record of a search warrant for Murray’s medical office or his Las Vegas home, said Esther McElhaney, a Las Vegas court spokeswoman.

But she said police would have 10 days to provide a report to a judge in Las Vegas Justice Court about any items or documents seized if they had searched either location recently.

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The DEA has assisted in probes into other celebrity deaths, including the 2007 overdose death of Anna Nicole Smith as well as that of actor Heath Ledger.

Jean Rosenbluth, a University of Southern California law professor, says the agency’s involvement in the Jackson case suggests authorities are looking into whether drugs came from out of state.

Federal drug regulations include controls over whether and how frequently a doctor can write prescriptions over the phone, and DEA agents could be looking to see if these rules were broken, Rosenbluth said.

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Lawyer: Police seek Jackson manslaughter link
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Police Search Office Of Michael Jackson’s Doctor (July 22, 2009)


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